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Step Beyond the Threshold of your Fears and Limitations

Step Beyond the Threshold of your Fears and Limitations


Fears, pain, stress, sadness, remorse, phobias, worries, quarrels, confusion, injustice, judgment, depression and old assumptions don’t belong to you.  Open the door! Clean out your emotional closet! Then run…don’t walk…to the new world you have created for yourself.

“Emotional parts of consciousness which surface means moving toward wholeness” (Dr. Stanislav Grof)

Every soul is unique and precious. The desire for healing deserves to be respectfully recognized and encouraged. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual release is what my work is all about…what I call the Pandora Process

It’s an accepted fact. Facing fear dissolves the energy blocks we formed in early childhood. Attachments to certain beliefs and judgments create considerable pain and confusion. That’s not all. Many of us are becoming aware that what seemed to be a single human life span is actually part of a larger cosmic story unfolding now. That awakening can cause some of the most difficult truth to accept of all. It’s OK. You are not alone by any means!

TRUTH TALK – Worries shared – insightful discussion lead to relief and hope 

PROCESS SORROW – Healing Assistance in any Stage of Grief and Loss      

PAST LIFE REGRESSION – Discover the Root of fears, phobias, beliefs…  

PROGRESSION THERAPY – You already know the answers -   

AKASHIC RECORD READING -  Explore some of your Soul’s history. 

RELATIONSHIP RENOS – Are you Twin Flames or Soul Mates? 

Core healing can quickly occur beginning with an information sharing session I call Truth Talk. Emotional parts of your consciousness which surface will lead to perhaps just one further session – or sometimes the work is so liberating you may want to clear up many issues.  So many on the journey beyond the 3rd dimensional existence are feeling the changes in EVERY aspect of their lives.  I can help you feel safe and understood because of  a wide range of course knowledge, skills, and techniques I have studied since 1980:

Transpersonal psychotherapy;  Holotropic Breathwork for Spiritual Emergencies; BodyTalk Energy Healing; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique -Tapping); Reiki; Past-life regression; progression therapy, Akashic record readings, Family Constellation Systems, Peruvian Munay-Ki Rites.

This knowledge is integrated into private client sessions or workshop groups. SKYPE and ‘phone sessions are powerful too because the spiritual energy force field is limitless.

In Shakespeare’s words: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

In the role I feel I was born to play, I have dedicated my life to respectfully working toward the global advancement of consciousness, love and peace.



We each have an important Life Story. Our truth needs to be spoken…and heard. That is the present life. Where you live in your everyday consciousness. Sometimes we don’t see the entire picture. Heard from a different perspective, the ways we hold ourselves in pain can be cleared and completely left behind!

A decision to begin any sort of therapeutic healing means you have had enough of running around the same circles of hopelessness. You are wanting to be healed in mind, spirit, body, and emotion.  Your inner knowing is telling you the truth wants out.  You are starting to become aware our human beliefs were – and are still – projected back and forth – between each of us and those held most important in life. Every thought we receive and idea we perceive is a mirror reflection of what we have heard or accept to be the one acceptable truth.  It scares us away from feeling or thinking from our own internal wisdom.  It scars our centre of self-worth: our loving heart and natural joy.

The loss of basic self-worth can be traced to childhood.  Memories we suppress because we instinctively knew survival options were ‘freeze’ or ‘flee’. It didn’t take more than a few ‘fight’ attempts to know this was not a successful survival technique either.

One day a client was told, around the age of six, by her mother she would be sent to the “home for bad girls” if she didn’t do as she was told. The client recalls her mother calling and then she sat for hours in paralyzed fear awaiting the pick up – which of course was never to happen. In her mother’s Irish heritage a couple of generations earlier that sort of facility was run by the church where young unwed mothers were basically imprisoned without respect or care until the birth of the baby and then he or she was given up for adoption. One can only imagine the homecoming for the young mother, forever deprived of her baby and hope for a future rich in love and respect.

These are the wounds from deeply felt anguish that will justifiably produce fear of a parental figure or anyone given power over us in societal norms.  A lack of  love and security from someone who has never been able to attain self respect can be healed! Combining various natural, simple healing techniques with my valued clients, the Pandora Process Truth comes through and liberates us from the myths and lies.


People are starting to understand life from a broader perspective. Many believe, for example, that each soul is called to follow a divine journey through countless incarnations. Your unique soul story is accessible in what some consider to be an actual written historical archive: the Akashic record.

Like any exercise I help my clients work through, the Process is simple, safe and rewarding.  All you need to prepare are a couple of questions – something like the following:

HOW…can I find out what I am best suited to do?

WHO…do I underestimate in my life?

WHAT…would be the outcome if I decided to _____?

Clients invariably report they make positive shifts as a deeper understanding of their current life purpose becomes available. Physical ailments, emotional pain, unexplained phobias and fears are gone.

In a quiet, undisturbed session an insightful Akashic Record reading can access your own soul’s story in person, via SKYPE or telephone.


Discover the past – change the future! There is a timeless part of us that subconsciously remembers and acts out in behaviours and entrenched thought patterns. We reincarnate to learn lessons countless times and as both genders.  We work out karma to feel deep forgiveness – for ourselves. This is the essence of divine love.

Regression is comfortable, deeply informative and beautifully freeing. The knowledge comes through your own words as you attain levels of deeper awareness. Fully conscious of your current environment, you allow your soul to show you sometimes seemingly small reasons why you are stuck in today’s life strategy. Within hours or days of a regression session, your new insights change everything.

We attract certain people into our lives – for a brief moment or for years – because there is something that is left unfinished. These relationships are a great blessing! Recognizing the power still existing between members of our soul family can immediately release jealousy, attachment, fear and anger. We reincarnate together to become each other’s teacher. Nothing is by chance…even a few words in a grocery line can clear something for either party. Holding back through fear to communicate our SELF is the only barrier to overcome.

With my professional guidance, you safely free the blocked energy, feel the joy of understanding and then let it all go. That’s what shifting consciousness means. (For a detailed example of the effects of past-life clearing see bottom of this page: Can’t Save the Boy – He Will Save Himself.)


Future potential can be discovered too. Many people are realizing they already know what is ahead. They sometimes think it is pure coincidence to think of someone and then they receive a call or text. Another term for this is a synchronous experience. The future is based on choice. Nothing is written in stone. However, there is no doubt we are opening the natural communications avenues always there within our human dynamic. The etheric energy locked into the spinal column, as the Kundalini rises, opens the seven basic chakras and we are gaining enhanced physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.

In a relaxed Alpha state my clients are gently guided to see what the heart and soul truly wants to manifest. They make wise future decisions with a sense of strength and purpose.

Family Constellation Systems

Also excellent workshop content…

As far back as seven generations, something that happened in your family could be blocking the natural flow of love through your chakra energy centres. Identifying the ancestral challenges, feelings or physical pressures or pains in your body today, opens the natural force field that carries humanity higher and higher in awareness and faith. If your four times great grandfather was imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread somewhere in Europe for instance, the shame and guilt for this brave action would be carried in the family as something too horrible to speak of or too painful to mention ever. And yet, the energy will be there in the stressful constriction of body, mind and spirit. Of course, when these sorts of repressed emotions are freed the entire blockage is removed, changing the generational energy on all levels.

This is precisely the sort of truth that has been locked in the Pandora Chest (heart) and is now being released on a world-wide basis. We can’t and must never hide the truth for the innocence and hope it actually represents in every heart. The time has arrived to let go of the repressions, precisely what is happening on the world stage in unimaginable events as the 2019 epic year moves forward.



Being a Certified BodyTalk Access Technician Makes Me so Darned Grateful!
June 1, 2014

Seeing that smile of gratitude on someone happens frequently for me, even when I’m pulling up dandelion roots! A few days ago I noticed a neighbour I had spoken with only a couple of times walking heavy and breathing deeply as he clutched his right side. Enquiring, he painfully grimaced he had fallen a couple of hours earlier when he lunged for a baseball at a practice. He was sure he had given himself a hernia! I imagined he was feeling some self-recrimination. Something like…”I can’t play ball at my age!!”

Whatever his thoughts, his pain was obvious to me. I asked if he was willing to try a bit of natural healing I had learned about ten years ago: it was called BodyTalk. Because the body truly does know how to heal itself…if someone takes a moment or two to listen.

When he willingly agreed to my offer of help, “…because it can’t hurt you”, we found a nearby bench and I did the basic cortices technique only once. He breathed deeply throughout as I instructed, got up and thanked me and went on his way.

When I spotted him getting out of his car the next afternoon, he was all smiles! And so was I! I could see he was back in his normal healthy body mode. He told me with some surprise that as soon as he stood up, after the simple natural healing technique I offered the day before, the pain had vanished.

Of course I was delighted and explained my personal theory that BodyTalk is “simply too good to be true”!! It’s so fast, painless and permanent that many people can’t wrap their heads around the simplicity of natural healing quite yet. We didn’t know about meditation or yoga either much a decade ago.

Thankfully, consciousness is changing much faster these days. I’m so grateful to Dr. John Veltheim, the Australian founder of BodyTalk Global Healing, and his passionate dedication to spread the health and wellness ‘word’. I get to smile often…;

And I am particularly privileged to witness the amazing accomplishments of certified instructor, Cherie Carpenter, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI.  Our profoundly timed meeting in 2003 meant I have been blessed to write and edit her Body Talk Central web content, newsletters and advertising copy.   Read by thousands of clients and an extensively expanding group of trained BT natural healers in Ontario and beyond, Cherie’s dedication to spreading the natural healing benefits is simply beyond measure.  I love you, my dear friend.

Cherie taught one of her life-altering BODYTALK ACCESS TRAINING COURSES in WASAGA BEACH on NOVEMBER 11, 2017.  


This simple, effective and safe healing method is one of the most rewarding and beneficial gifts I ever gave myself. I took this initial introductory training in the BodyTalk System through Cherie in 2003 and have used it effortlessly and frequently to recover from health issues of all kinds ever since.  And, to do a fast aid healing on countless others…



That’s Just an Example

Using any or several of these therapeutic methods, the overall results are immediate, dramatic and permanent. The transformational growth journey has begun!  My clients access answers, lose negative tendencies, (including weight) and end pain and stress on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Because the Pandora Process techniques I use are so simple and fast, some clients sometimes wonder at first if the session actually ended fears, pain and worries they had carried for years!  Thankfully it is so easy to shift into positive, forward gear …by releasing the straps on your emotional backpack and letting it fall away…
I often need to remind them that when any pain is gone from our life we IMMEDIATELY forget it even existed. If you’ve given birth to a child, you know what I mean! Yet where would we be without the support and help through a challenging time.

What happens in a group?

Regression or Progression Works!! 

It is possible to conduct either of these sessions in a group setting of up to 10 individuals. When the Journey to Discover the Wonders of the Self begins in the informal and lovingly shared atmosphere of a friend’s home or quiet safe public room, the group energy actually helps accelerate self awareness.

Before either of these transformational group sessions, it is required that participants clearly identity two patterns in their lives which seem to be recurring themes they need to change.  Relationships, finances, self-worth, behaviours, or any issue may be addressed.

1. Regress: 15-20 minutes.
After a brief explanation of the process and its outcome, participants are verbally guided into a place of relaxation. This is a luxurious space where we have full knowledge of our normal external thinking. For a while, however, we can “silence that annoying monkey mind” and recognize greater truth that will be recognized as an internal healing guide.

2. Recapture: 15 minutes.
Using their own notebook or journal, participants will continue to allow the quiet of this space to come through in words or pictures depicting the internal experiences and insights. Capturing these insights is your gift to your awakening SELF.

3. Recount: 30-50 minutes.
Sharing our personal journey with the group (if one wishes) helps to make the Regression or Progression Works!! session clear. In my role as facilitator, I will also ask for possible interpretations from others. As we are all ONE in the loving energy of the universe, the powerful healing vibrations created as we focus on attaining a group synergy can usually be felt by everyone in the room.

Noting this special feeling of mutual resonance is always important. What isn’t obvious in the group time usually becomes quite a delightful learning experience in the days and weeks ahead. Major shifts in perception are clear signs that the Soul is awakening.

4. Social time with light refreshments. Laughter is mandatory!

(Fee structures are negotiable – basically set on number of participants with a minimum $150 fee.)  A certificate for a complementary one-on-one or ‘phone session is gifted to the organizer.



Release Time

Any of these techniques are incorporated into exceptional healing opportunities and a guaranteed change in your life direction when you sign up for one of our Relationship Renos© Retreats! (This picture was taken as the sun was setting on a Bermuda beach a few years back.)

Your personal healing journey can be offered in one week ‘Time Out to Be Me’ or ‘Time Out to be You and Me’ retreats anywhere in the world.

Hola! My favourite stretch of the Pacific Coast in Mexico has proven to be an ideal location for tranquility and personal growth.

A special offer for groups of up to ten spiritual seekers.
My expertise is highly valuable to a broad diversity of clients when I travel to conduct one week workshop intensives, private and/or relationship sessions (eight hour days).  My charge shared with the group will cover airfare, accommodation and a small per diem.


An Example of my Personal Experience in Understanding the Value of Past-Life Experiences in our current incarnation.

Can’t Save the Boy – He Will Save Himself

Gaining freedom from unconscious experiences means the end of the proverbial banging of our head against the same old wall. Fears, choices and complicated behavioural patterns holding us prisoner can be left behind in sessions with a qualified practitioner. The release often involves discovering soul connections with one or more people close to us in this life.

A soul permanently signed on to our team plays a broad variety of roles through both genders in various incarnations. Souls who play a primary role in global consciousness – for good or for evil – also have volunteered to be a mirror – for the larger human family. Celebrities, politicians, creative souls, some who only appear for their fifteen minutes of fame, fall into that group.

Aspects of Self we don’t recognize or accept are reflected back to us in the collective energy field. As we allow that part to be integrated into our being, we accelerate our transformational journey into light. It makes sense from both a positive and negative karmic viewpoint. As we rid our soul of the weight of tethering the truth, in bringing it to light our soul evolves into the higher spiritual realm.

This amazing gift of stirred self-reflective energy has been provided to me for over nine years by a man whom I met in such a uniquely synchronous way. In other words our meeting was no accident. That’s another story. Although I must admit mere days before I had stood in my yard and had a solid conversation with the stars and night sky. I was ready to meet the man I had been wishing and praying and hoping to have in my life forever! Bring him on…please.

From somewhere deep in our heart, we intuitively were born with the message that some ties are meant to be that life changing. When you understand the reasons why, that truth emerging from your soul really does set you free. What a wondrous dream leading us forward on the journey! The man around whom so much of my recent soul truth emerged successfully fought his addiction to alcohol in the months shortly after we met. Could our coming together then been part of the contract we made before this incarnation? Because he had travelled his own journey to where he was ready to move beyond the confines of fear and lack of self worth? That’s a definite YES!

Seeded in an alcoholic childhood, as many travellers on the road to freedom consenting to have major issues to overcome in this Emerging Era, there are common self-destructive personality traits. Manifesting as anger and guilt and an inability to see the goodness in the world at all they have major issues allowing love to bloom: they simply don’t feel worthy. So a ‘typical romantic relationship’ wasn’t part of our agreement and I floundered around for years wondering why. Why did I subject myself to these outbursts that were forcing me to eventually find the courage to speak up for myself? I didn’t like me when that happened but I sure learned to locate that level of dark emotions in our moments of rage.

He was clear from the first: he called what we had ‘friends with benefits’. I called it stress, tears, walking on eggshells and surrender of all I thought I knew about myself just to be in his presence. Why did he reject the love I offered? Why did I keep seeking his presence, forgiving and starting over as the pain and hurt played out between us? I have come to realize we acted our roles flawlessly….again. We each deserved a nomination for the Academy Award for strength, resilience and personal growth.

Friendships, family dynamics and work commitments are going through intense strains and breakthroughs because of soul plays like ours everywhere. This is how relationships are shifting global consciousness. Quality and equality are brought into awareness and balanced. Souls manifest their unique essence while respecting the sovereign right of every other soul to do the same. We don’t need to take anything personally….one of the Four Agreements by Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz. We just need to awaken to the fact that each and every one of us is a PERSON with equal rights and opportunities.

And nothing or no one in this Emerging Era is attracted to our destined energy opening opportunity by accident. When I was first magnetized to the quick to anger, negative attitude of the man who helped me learn to love myself, I didn’t recognize he would also be the catalyst for me to accept other gifts in my life. He is kind and thoughtful and courageous and creative and never gives up. Our first meeting was before my past life regression studies and recognition of my ability to transmit Akashic material for clients.

I had no idea how many incarnations our souls can share with another. I’ve heard the possibility of hundreds or even thousands. And perhaps we have more than one “soul mate” – as much as that sort of suggestion doesn’t feel right to the romantics amongst us. My hand has always been extended into the air to agree with that one!! The way I figure it now, it can take only ONE left over lifetime memory exposed to peel back that last fold around our sacred heart. A particular life-time where the relationship left one carrying a huge weight of shame and guilt and the other with an equal weight of lack of forgiveness… So in other words – don’t ever give up on yourself!

A couple of years back, in the quick insightful moments of a regression session with my friend, Debora Love, I shifted fear and confusion into understanding and forgiveness. For both of us. I can still go into that moment as effortlessly as I see the chair across my office. In another lifetime in the crucial incident that permanently imprinted my soul’s journey then, I was a young black woman. Frozen in shock, I was focused on my seven year old son, visible through the ground floor window of our home that was going up in flames. I could see him standing there looking toward me, as the wood structure burned around him. Surrounded by an amber glow he quietly stood – waiting for me to come to his rescue. Someone was grasping me, preventing me from moving again; I was imprisoned behind a low rail fence on the grassy street. I could feel the warmth in the dark night air – a small community in the southern United States in the late 18th century.

Looking down at my badly burned, bare black right foot was the first thing I saw in that regression session. The recognition of the boy in this life came immediately too. I knew him instinctively: the Caucasian man who I persisted in loving in this era – in spite of all the locked doors to his heart. I couldn’t save his soul in that incarnation…and I can’t save it for him now. Releasing me from that life’s maternal guilt, this regression session taught me much more. I am so grateful to both of our old souls who came together now to share the adventure, to do the work, and to move up the ascension path at our own pace.

I can only speak for myself. My persistence to stick with whatever promises we make before incarnation – to release negative thoughts and emotions and to embrace new insights – has strengthened me. To rise above that guilt, already encrypted on a female descended slave, has created deep soul healing. I have taken back my power, my sacred self. After living these levels of understanding I am able to recognize pain and fear – carried by strangers I offer a smile to on the street – and in clients who seek my help. Past life regressions are just one of the services I offer to help heal the emotional body, mind, soul and spirit. It is so powerfully freeing…

Cost of one hour session in person, or via ‘phone: $75.

Judy Watts, BA
Transformational Coach
Founder – Emerging Era Communications

That Healing Place
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

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