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Create Your Life Story or Memoir

A gentle, far-reaching growth and self exploratory tool is the creation of your life story.  Benefits include having a memoir for your family at the completion as the historical bits and pieces you witnessed will be forever documented.  Or, a family history with chapters from various members is a unique way to reach new levels of understanding.

My role is to encourage, outline and edit the work in progress. Since I love to see the world, I have also contracted to be the “Writer in Residence” for short periods of time in Mexico and Bermuda.

I truly enjoy the art of editing.  I tend to think of the terms, adjectives, and disciplinary content I’m offered as pieces of an absorbing jigsaw puzzle. The author’s unique image may be just a tad out of focus. So I adjust and re-arrange and voila!  It seems I’ve found a way to fit it all back together into the intended original framework. 

My passion recognized?  A recent client for whom I edited an extensive journey commented that I helped him by “changing stuff so that the meaning of my complicated ideas became so clear…and yet it somehow still sounded like me!”


Rates range from $25-$50 hour (or other agreement)

50% retainer required with contract


Professional Writing Examples

 Recent Work: Completed since January, 2013

The following is an example of a piece to be used in advertising copy for one of my long-standing clients.

The Sense of Smell – original copy sent by client via e-mail

Sense of smell is one of the special senses in that their receptors are complex and localized to detect specific stimuli both in the normal and subtle senses. As when the baby is placed on the mother the odor of her perspiration stimulates the sense of smell and comforts the newborn. (Trusting the senses are not impinged upon by the smell of antiseptics or bright lights and loud noises for example.)

Smell detects chemical molecules known as odorants floating the in air. The epithelial tissue provides a smelling zone, known as the olfactory epithelium located on the roof of the nasal cavity.

In humans smell is more sensitive than taste and can distinguish more than ten thousand odors. Less receptors than dogs however more sophisticated brain processing. If your nose is at its best, you can tell the difference between 4000-10,000 smells!

Smell is not only important for appreciating food and drink, the sense of smell as well has a strong connection to the limbic system which is most useful sense for survival…a pre warning signal! This intuitive sense is not only for finding food, but for a pre warning signal of danger, such as smoke and poisonous gas. We Humans use insect warning chemicals, called pheromones, to keep away pesky insects!

The sense of smell can guide us to our special mate and to people and conditions that are positive for us. A study out of the UK where subjects were asked to rate how attractive someone’s scent was by smelling shirts that had been worn by six different people. In every case, people accurately picked both the best and worst person to produce healthy children as determined by genetic testing – solely on smell!

Whether we are enjoying the sensuality of smell, a new born baby, our lover, a puppy, smelling the roses, fresh mowed hay or intuiting danger, smelling a rat or something fishy, we do sometimes take this special sense for granted.

The sense of smell may deteriorate with age so young people are able to experience smell more vividly than elderly.

From birth to death our beliefs dictate our experience and in turn affect our sensory perceptions of the world we live in. It is a lifelong process of clearing our lenses of these misperceptions.


The Sense of Smell – my edit returned to client the following day:

If your nose is working at its best for you, it can distinguish the difference between 10,000 smells!  That’s because our sense of smell operates from complex receptors detecting specific stimuli in both the normal and subtle senses.

 The smelling zone, called the olfactory epithelium, is located on the roof of the nasal cavity. We have fewer receptors than dogs; however, we benefit from a more sophisticated brain processing.  Chemical molecules, known as odorants, float in air making the sense of smell in humans more sensitive than taste.

 Smell is not only important for appreciating food and drink. It is strongly connected to the limbic system which is essential for survival as a pre warning signal. This intuitive sense is vital not only for finding and ingesting safe foods; it also alerts us to dangers like smoke and poisonous gas.

 The sense of smell can guide us to our special mate and to positive people and conditions.  A study out of the UK asked female subjects to rate the level of attraction to scents on six shirts, each worn by a different male.  In every case, the female subjects accurately picked both the best and worse person to produce healthy children – as determined by genetic testing.  

 A newborn placed on the mother identifies her odor, stimulating comfort and security. The sense of smell may deteriorate with age.  From birth to death our beliefs create our experiences, in turn affecting our sensory perceptions of the world. And smell is an important part of that process as both loving and disturbing memories are stimulated through smell.

 Whether we are enjoying the sensuality of smell with a new born infant, our lover, a puppy, roses, and fresh mowed hay – or we are intuiting danger, smelling a rat or something fishy, we sometimes take this special sense for granted. We really miss out when we do.


A Bio/Resume for Web Marketing

With my client’s permission, below are excerpts of an original e-mail copy and the bio, approved three days later, for submission to a professional website. After receiving answers to a standard list of questions, I enjoy speaking with my clients to enhance information they have provided. Wherever I may be living and working, using either magic jack or SKYPE, we devote 30 minutes of telephone time to this part of the project. I then have a greater sense of the way they wish to project their business image (first or  third person) and present their personal “voice” (we all have one) before I write the first draft.

Excerpts of Client’s copy – sent to me January, 2013

Philosophy:  Every Ending Leads to a New Beginning.

I am retiring this July 2013 after working in the Health care system in the community and Hospital for almost 25 years, I have worked as an ,Outreach worker, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and for the last 18 years as a Seating and Mobility Technician. I fabricate, custom complex seating on wheelchairs for severally  physically challenged children and Adults.  As challenging and physically  demanding  this type of work has been over the  years,  it has also given me the most pleasure and gratification of any work I have ever done.

With the different stresses in my own life, I started to look for more natural ways  to relax and distress myself.  I started to take a class to learn how to meditate and from there learned yoga. In 2002 I was introduced to Reiki by a women who offered me a session. Shortly after that my sister called to tell me that she had been studying Reiki among other modalities and was soon to become a Reiki Master Teacher.  She offered to teach and mentor me…

My vision for my future practice.  Working with and serving people in and around my community helping others that want to improve their health on all levels. Mind, Body and Spirit. I enjoying studying and  will continue learning to be the best I can be, as a Practitioner. I plan on working in this field for many years to come, keeping in  Balance , work, family time, especially with my grandchildren and other hobbies that fall to the way side when you’re pulled in too many directions.


Excerpts of Bio approved by my client for submission to Webmaster (with some kind words about my work):  “Thank you so much Judy, I think this is great; you have captured what it is I need at this point and time….Once again I think you are a gifted Lady and I enjoyed our brief, friendly and productive connection. I recommended you to my sister who will probably be contacting you in the near future ….you can use your brilliance of wording….”

Linda Moore (pseudonym)

Every Ending Leads to a New Beginning

Linda is following her own life philosophy with a new career beginning that gives her pleasure and gratification. From the age of thirteen when she surprisingly began assisting an eighty year old woman with simple daily physical needs, Linda knew her future involved helping others.

In her work as an Outreach Worker and Seating and Mobility  Technician, Linda learned how severe physically challenged children and adults live with pain, stress and dependency.  Her responsibility to customize complex seating for their wheelchairs taught her much about helping others. Physical, mental and emotional pain can be naturally alleviated with the right combination of a different perspective, positive intention, and attention to detail.

In 2002 she began formal studies that would eventually change her own perspective on natural healing. Linda started with meditation and yoga but felt there was still a missing link. For the next stage of her own new beginnings, Linda speaks lovingly of the role her sister played in mentoring and guiding her as she became a Reiki Master and  teacher in 2008.

After twenty five years, Linda will be retiring from challenging and deeply satisfying work in the community health care system.  Along with family time, she intends to devote even more energy to helping her clients experience BodyTalk energy medicine and other complementary healing modalities.

Call and book an appointment and see how it feels to start a new healthy beginning in your own life….


Ghost Writing 

Working with a client’s original copy

The first excerpt of Chapter 20 is from my client’s original copy of a mystery novel. The second excerpt illustrates my skills as a ghost writer as I fill in essential story content, create character and scene development and maintain continuity.   Although plot changes were necessary to support the authenticity of the mystery, my intention throughout the work was to maintain the author’s ‘voice’  and perspective.

The plot for the 200 page manuscript was an actual dream my client experienced twelve years ago. She wrote the story, dealt with life changes during intervening years, and then in the spring of 2012 she contacted me to ‘make it real’. Originally intended for younger readers/viewers, we both realized the content had a wider market appeal as a book or the first manuscript for a television series.

We had several ‘phone conversations as various points as I worked on this project; however, my client and I have never met in person.

Ghost Dreams (Title Pseudonym)

Submission by Author

Chapter 20

 Eric, looking out of the window noticed that Arthur and the others had  found them.  They did not know they were in the house yet, but he saw Arthur heading towards the front door.  He did not trust Arthur at all.  It had almost cost his brother his life.  He ran to where Tim sat on the couch trying to catch his breath. “Tim, let’s go, they are on to us.”  “Ah man… not again, he got up reluctantly.  They ran out the back door and into the bushes again just seconds before the front door opened letting Arthur and the others in. 

Making their way through the woods the brothers heard noises and not wanting to give their position up they stopped dead in their tracks.  Holding their breath they heard what sounded like a woman’s voice calling out Tim’s name. The two looked around madly, trying to see where the sound was coming from.  “Tim”, came the voice again.  “Where are you Tim”?  It was taunting them, almost as if they were coaxing the brothers out of their hiding place. The sound of branches breaking had both brothers turning to the left. 

  End of Excerpt of original copy


 My Edited/Ghost Written Copy

Chapter 20

Eric was watching all of these actions from behind the window.  He didn’t have any great trust in the police officer, although he certainly didn’t want to see any harm come to the rest of the group who were hidden behind the line of evergreens.

He quietly turned to Tim who was sitting on the couch, breathing heavily.  He had obviously been very close to not surviving the trip down the rapids. “Tim, let’s go; they have found us here.”

“Ah…man!  Not again…” getting up reluctantly, Eric grabbed Tim’s arm and they headed to the back door and managed to dash behind a small shed as John charged through the front door.  He didn’t know what to expect and was ready for any possible trick on the part of the Harris twins.

The brothers weren’t about to stop for anything as they raced over more fallen logs and broken branches in the land behind the cottage that ran back down toward the river again. From here on down the river widened considerably until it reached a large bay. Surely somewhere they would find a small boat they would use to escape the immediate area.

They had reached a clearing with only a short distance to go to the river’s edge when from the vegetation to the left they both distinctly heard a woman’s voice. It had seemed to say “Tim…” They stopped, collecting some deep breaths and looked in that direction. It came again. “Tim. “Where are you Tim?” The female called in a taunting manner and then some branches cleared and they were looking at the owner of the voice. Stunned!

End of Ghost Writer Excerpt



See samples of my website and bio writing work – introducing a paradigm shift in healthcare I incorporate into my therapeutic practice with therapy clients at www.bodytalkcentral.com.  

Judy Watts, BA
Author, Editor
Founder – Emerging Era Communications
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

wattsjudy04@gmail.com (new email address)

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