YOU KNOW THAT HEALING PLACE                                            Heart-Mind Connection 

I have attached an invitation for an experience that can change everything about your life in positive ways you could never imagine possible.  

 Although individual past life regression sessions are extremely powerful, I have discovered a group experience can introduce healing in immediate, unexpected and safe ways.
What does a group past life regression session entail?  When our individual energy is combined in a few relaxing breaths, each participant  finds him or herself open to experience an important memory from a former soul incarnation. At first some people think they are just making it all up…regardless…the outcome releases fears, phobias and blockages to creating the ultimate joy in life.
Your past life memory may be as simple as recognizing a different country and era while you are a ten year old minding some sheep. And you always wondered why today you seem to be addicted to stopping your car to hear the unique sounds they make in a field far from your home.”</p

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