Friday, May 24 – Sunday, May 26

Come to Midland, Ontario for a weekend full of fun and learning in the countryside.  You will have the unique opportunity to disconnect from technology and see what that feels like. Disconnect to reconnect with Mother Earth and with yourself and learn basic life-enriching skills.  Walk through healed soil, forest, and rolling hills, and feel nature at its best.

Presented by:

Alda da Silva

Founder of White Bear Haven, alchemist, researcher, provider of forums on global geoengineering and passionately focused on bringing humanity back into harmony with nature.

Robin Rose Bennett

 Herbalist, educator, and author of The Gift of Healing Herbs and Healing Magic, specialist in WiseWoman healing ways.

Judy Watts

 Author, editor and mind, body, spirit, wellness coach, with particular expertise on Kundalini energy awakening.​

All inclusive: room accommodation, Friday arrival snack; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sunday breakfast; all on-site activities, materials and workshops.

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for Male Clients

Experiencing the Symptoms of Shift

Start to notice how your feelings are manifesting in you.  Are you feeling physical pain?  Are you finding your thoughts going off on crazy tangents…to places you never imagined before?

Feeling that nothing makes any sense any more is typical…because the world into which we were born was not all that healthy in any way…we all know that but it was the best we had…the only one we knew actually.

So now the realities are hitting us hard that so many things are crazy and so many laws and ideals and problems we simply seem to need to deal with are NOT necessary.  We can move beyond that.

Write about what you’re experiencing.  Because men have been forever taught to not talk nor cry – in other words to hold in their emotions and feelings, they are the ones suffering the most in this opening to the inner heart.

Women have always been more able to jabber and talk to each other (We could be called Chatty Kathy! Haha!) Maybe because from the beginning we were there in the intimate moments and shared the pain – like giving birth.  Men had to always tough it up and go to war and face the horrible realities of negative, cruel threats of bosses, kings and commanding officers. And the hard stuff Mother Nature put out when a man provided a home and safety for his family. Men have suffered so much…seldom able to express themselves in a calm, caring way .

And getting beyond that fear of just being YOU with all the wonder and humanity and kindness and love inside is what is opening up now. Being YOU in a vulnerable fashion and also being willing to respectfully listen to what others have to say helps so much.

None of us wants to be weird or different and yet individuality is NEVER that.  We all have a different finger-print and a different way we apply it to our world. Always applying it with gentleness and respect in our actions and words, what goes ’round will come back to us a millionfold.

Call to learn more. Book three 90 minute Break Through sessions for the cost of two: 705-888-9767


Heart-Mind Connection


 This invitation creates positive change in everything about your life – in ways you could never have imagined possible. Your soul may have experienced an important life event  as the opposite gender. Or in a specific part of the world that you have either been attracted to OR have felt unexpected negative vibes toward.  When you find out why and release the emotional attachments it automatically leaves space in today’s psyche and ego for more love, compassion and joy.

Although individual past life regression sessions are extremely powerful, I have discovered a group experience can introduce healing through immediate, unexpected and safe awareness of experiences that helped form the person we are today.

What does a group past life regression session entail?  When our individual energy is combined in a few relaxing breaths, each participant finds him or herself open to experience an important memory from a former soul incarnation. At first you may think you are just making it all up.  The outcome releases fears, phobias and blockages to the belief you deserve the ultimate gifts in your life.  And now, as the world is going through such an amazing shift in cosmic consciousness, we can find our real truth.

Your past life memory may be as simple as feeling the connection with a different country and era when you are a ten year old minding sheep. And you often wondered why you need to stop your car to hear the unique sounds they make in fields far from your home. What you discover will change you conscious understanding of why certain karmic experiences have been yours.  And you don’t need to carry the load any longer in our awakening world.

Call for details and to book our next workshop. Group Past Life Regression fee is $20 for 90 minutes.  Individual Sessions $75.    705-888-9767

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