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Uncovering the truth – or not – about the real purpose of life on Earth continues to be my passion. Travels near and far, research, wonder and speculation seem to be the necessary daily additives for a free thinking spirit.

A dietary need noted and sometimes stated in my presence by Percy Aaron Watts (1908-1998) my slightly frustrated father, “You can’t tell Judy anything!”

Dad, you got that SORT of right!  You can tell me anything – just don’t expect me to buy into it until I’ve asked my own questions and followed my intuitive tendencies.  Is it because I’m a Baby Boomer (born December, 14, 1947) the investigative urge grew deep within my being?

That I want to know the realities for myself: all the mysteries hidden and forbidden.  And to shine the light on uncovered insights with others sharing this remarkable ascension journey.

We ARE the World…


My Professional Credentials:

Early years:  Raised by parents who faced the persistent hard work and unique challenges of small business start-ups for almost 50 years, I began waitressing in our restaurant at the age of eleven. I have them to thank for my own willingness to go out on so many new routes to learn what life has to offer.

My own work life in banking, academic management and start-up entrepreneurial ventures emphasized respect, honesty and customer service. (A wee story to share: In 1966, hired as a bank teller at the age of seventeen, I became aware the young guy standing beside me, was being paid $10 more an hour.  Never afraid to bring my views to “the boss” – often an unpopular but never regretted decision on my part -  I walked to the accountant’s desk and asked why?  His answer has been imprinted in the sands of time: “Oh, he’ll be married someday and will need to support his family.” And naive as mud, I walked back to my cash drawer, feeling I totally understood the reasoning!!!  What societal conditioning can do to our logical minds!)

Received my Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, Western, London, Ontario at the age of 36. So – before and after that -

For ten years, administrative assistant to the chairmen of scientific and social science departments, Western, London, Ontario.

Twenty-five years sessional teaching at Canadian colleges: Georgian College (Barrie); George Brown (Toronto) beginning in 1991…
Written and verbal communications; interpersonal skills; group dynamics; core team building skills; media and public relations. Departments of Justice and Public Safety, Law and Security, Nursing, Hotel and Hospitality, Automotive Marketing.

Training Skills: Creation and delivery of over 150 corporate and government training workshops: Writing for Success; Technical Writing; Organizational Management; Coaching and Developing People; Team Building.

Specialized Core Training: The Ontario Fire College and OPP Civilian 911 Call Operators.

Some Other Professional Experiences:

* Founder, Executive Director, Teen Towns Canada Youth Centres, not-for-profit, Barrie, 1997-2000.

* Advanced English Instructor and Campus Administrator, College for ESL studies, Tehran, Iran, June – August 2001.

* Vice-President, Corporate Communications, VerXdirect, Barrie, 2007

*Founder/Organizational Manager, “That Healing Place”, Mind, Body, Spirit Natural Healing Hub, Wasaga Beach, Ontario.  2015-

* Editor/writer, BodyTalk Central, Whole Healthcare, Barrie, Ontario, 2003-

Author Tactical Interpersonal Communications: Skills for Justice Studies and Emergency Services Training, published by Thomson Nelson, Toronto, 2005.


Something came to light for me recently – something I now believe, along with the timing of our global ascension – triggered my own spiritual journey.  My mother, Elva Elizabeth McKibbon Watts (1914-2012) who I now realize had her own unique gifts, was told by a psychic that she would have a daughter with a musical talent, a gift she was to encourage.  And thankfully, she did!  Thanks, Mom.

For centuries the importance of opening our heart chakra -  the spiritual transcendent power source of love, compassion and joy has been recognized – in a limiting way. Without much proof it worked, reversal of human fear and feelings of worthlessness, was only sanctioned for those dedicating life to prayer and servitude. Actually tapping into the sublime energy of the cosmos magically removed the barriers. A truth those in power over humanity are trying to maintain.  But not for long!

Creative arts provide the essential energy to move us further along the evolutionary path. Expressing the powers within each of us is not limited to prayer and meditation practices. Write, dance, sing, play a musical instrument, act, paint, sculpt, knit, cook, craft wood, garden, golf, fish, swim, care for your pet, walk.  Anything that incorporates body, mind, emotions and spirit in your personalized meditative practice is your unique path to enlightenment. It is the way for the Kundalini – life force energy – to move through and align you with the cosmic energy bringing enlightenment to your soul.

We are each on our individual path. Personally, I can’t begin to count the hours of practice and performance added to the pure joy of driving through magnificent natural beauty, singing with my favourite artists, my heart and soul vibrantly expanding.

At the age of eight I began singing in a Junior Choir in Orangeville, Ontario and I had two years of voice lessons.  From then on I was a frequent soloist for weddings and church services, special school and social events. In my early teens my family felt the call to move to Anaheim, California for eighteen months where I was unprepared but thrilled to receive the grade nine music award. Since then, I have always felt deeply blessed to be invited to be a soloist, blending my soprano voice in countless chorus productions.

These included the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, West Side Story at Western in London in the 1970′s, and The Sweet Adelines Chorus for three years. I also founded George’N'Company in the mid-1990′s shortly after I began teaching at Georgian College in Barrie. For eight years I performed with the Ontario Provincial Police Chorus headquartered in Orillia, Ontario and have many cherished memories of our busy schedule each year. In particular? Each September the view from the Parliamentary steps in Ottawa where Canadians gather to honour officers lost in the line of duty across Canada.


My home and workshop area – That Healing Place – 2015.

When you turn on your heart light, dark tunnels of fear disappear.

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