We are the Light Bringers

Clearly, the predicted changes we are experiencing throughout this particular March 20, 2015 weekend is deeply significant. The rare overlap of spring solstice, a lunar eclipse and intense solar flare activity translates into higher energy emitted from the Earth’s photon belt. Whether aware or not, most physical, mental and emotional changes people are experiencing are leading to a grand purpose! A vibrant pressure on every aspect of our being is the sign that the space/time necessary to make transformational shifts has arrived.

Something an American-born friend living in Mexico said last evening struck me with some force. Probably as it was meant to since I think that was the moment of one of our ‘phone disconnects! Combined over recent days with computer shut-downs, physical body aches, long nights of deep sleep and irritating radio static when I had to simply shut down the news and views of the world.

All of this, while still feeling the most cold, wind-blown Arctic winter weather here in southern Ontario in my life’s memory, accompanied me to my creative computer space this morning. Then, in these last few minutes – so around 11:00 AM Eastern time – deeply annoying, sharp little pinpricks began striking into my mid-back.

It bothered me so insistently and intensely, I shrugged my shoulders in angry irritation and reached around to readjust my bra. And after a few more minutes with no let-up, I thought changing it would help…to no avail. Whatever the source, the irritation persisted. And as I sat on my desk chair again, I considered getting a different top and then began to realize these energy stabs are all over me!! My head, my arms, legs and along my spine!!

And there are those loud, growling, grumbling sounds from inside my lower diaphragm again. Invisible, odourless gas that is often rudely and loudly expelled. I’ve had this symptom for several months now. Ah! It’s all bringing back memories of so many strange Kundalini energy risings over the years. I’m still here!! I have not only survived but am feeling my own sense of love and gratitude and joy more intensely each day.

I truly believe this intensified energy is re-introducing itself to me from that higher cosmic Source field….BIG TIME!!! And it is a sure sign of something quite wondrous in flux! It only gets better all the time!!

What my friend had mentioned on the ‘phone was something that came to her while walking on the Pacific coast beach earlier in the evening. She realized she had been “internal” for a long time. So as a caring member of our shared aging 60′s and Baby Boom generation, I imagined she was sharing a message to ‘rock and roll’ while we still resonate to the internal music.

After hearing for a few years that the new 60 was the old 40, the latest positive prompt is the new 70 is the new 50. At that rate the new 100 will be the old 80! And I do believe that to be the truth! Multi-dimensional possibilities certainly exist for those of us who have been carrying the Light and are ready to enter swinging-door portals. Our bodies can do great distances with the right might and spirit.

And speaking of spirit, I too often feel a preference in people to suffer versus taking an offered ‘easy out’. I suspect we have been so entrained in multi-generational beliefs that we imagine our worth is limited. That surely comes from the various long indentures to serving a higher power as ‘lesser than’. And not expecting anything from that bountiful source – based on our ‘lack consciousness’ – we continue to mire ourselves in the same old grief and darkness. We are long dedicated to doing things the hard way, thinking that being valiant and noble means to suffer!

And now, thankfully, we are being offered a different truth. One that was always inside us and too grand to feel we had the right to expose. When the universe/God lends a hand because we specify only the best outcome, things just happen that way. Wonderful things!

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