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Judith Watts, B.A.

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All the Bright Ones who are playing roles in the ultimate vision:
Love and Freedom on Earth …


  Pandora Process Truth Blossoms

In the Greek Pandora allegory, Earth’s first mortal bride was told to avoid truth by not opening her unique present.  A possible reason why evils, ills and sins – tribulations neither gender should suffer – were blamed on the feminine existence?  In both genders, Hope, the energy sustaining optimism at the bottom of the gift box, was always ready to blossom in the future.  

It has provided the invisible power humanity needed to survive the basic stages of evolution.  Now, in our awakening 21st Century awareness, truth is becoming a personalized gift. We don’t respond to external voices.  We awaken, shift, setting in motion an inner luminosity we see and feel in all life. We know connecting with every heart was always the cosmic plan.  

Judith’s abnormal experiences, synchronous verification, extensive research and perceptive understanding are non-controversial. The shift of the cosmos in this emerging era is true.  Readers recognize personal signs and symptoms of their own awakening, radiated in the brilliant glow of self-forgiveness and love. The Truth Blossoming in the Pandora Process is your natural conduit to the ultimate Present! And far more than you could hope for!


Scientifically, we know light and dark can’t exist in tandem: photosynthesis changes everything. Progressing through the Pandora Process our hearts open to a fresh cosmic reality seeded in our DNA.  Evolving from a life heavy with fear and darkness – leaving behind the pain and sorrow – we are in transition between the 4th and 5th dimensions. There is even more “D-light” to come…eventually.  Global ancient wisdom traditions at the core of today’s natural healing are helping to transform body/mind and soul to individually fine-tune this new vital energy support system.  

Without knowledge, understanding or support, in January of 1980, I slowly began to stretch and yawn into a new consciousness form I could have never imagined possible. After a great deal of stressful, unanticipated seismic eruptions I’m the same…but different.  

I vividly remember so many outstanding circumstances of the disintegration of the “old me”.  And when I was introduced to the realities about what began shifting my life,  I sure needed help in that upheaval…which wasn’t available. Except in seemingly unorthodox coincidences and synchronous meetings that gave me courage and fortitude. Without them I wouldn’t have survived.  It all started January 21, 1980 in my 33rd year.  

From then on, everything about my “normal” life became unhinged: my 14 year marriage ended; my career shifted endlessly it seemed!  As a single mom, I became a university graduate, moved too many times to count, was miraculously offered jobs in administration and teaching, meeting just the right people for what I needed to discover about myself…and truth…travelling on my own extensively – the list goes on and on…

What would have happened had I shared even a few of the experiences I held with such guilt and fear inside my secret memory field over the decades? I would have been even more maligned and alone. And – had it all been part of a higher plan – highly medicated into silence and locked away. Because I’m meeting and reading about so many who share various aspects of my experiences now, I had to finally realize writing my story has always been my life’s purpose.  Because there are countless souls living variations of the misunderstood and misdiagnosed realities of the Pandora Process in the Present, I know our time has come to be seen and heard.

And although I have been heard constantly speaking about this book I have been “working on”, I suspect it was the unexpected heart attack I experienced in August of 2018, that enforced my promise…to myself.  If I didn’t pull together all the  pieces I’ve already created, who else would or could?   

So I repeat my silent response to a question from an invisible energetic companion who I respectfully admit has been with me for a very long time. Not fully aware this was the end of so much of the misunderstanding and agony I had gone through for nearly a decade, his question arose from somewhere within me in 1989, “Can you take any more?”  

My response today would still be the same: “If it is for the good of humanity…yes, I can take more.”  



In the 1990’s a great metaphor for human life kept coming to mind.  The slow, steady crawl of a turtle, head stuck out as it crossed a quiet road was an image that wouldn’t go away. Then words came through as one of those unexpected insights from what I will refer to as divine intervention. I was starting to learn such incredible lessons: everything in its own good time! 

Spurred forward with the primal instincts of newly hatched sea turtles, average Homo sapiens are being collectively swept into the evolutionary flow. We are never alone in our long predicted force field adjustment. A benevolent guidance urges us to respond to a divinely timed invitation from universal consciousness. Time to go home! 

Nested on Earth, unconscious to the truth we would eventually merge with the source energy of the cosmos, we intuitively turn on our GPS signals.  An eternal light force invites us to merge with the prevailing tides of change. We land turtles – the genesis of Real People – are equipped to safely detach from our confining shells. 

I began saving some humorous turtle graphics – along with a few hundred manuscript pages I’ve written since then.  A synchronous event beautifully confirmed my metaphor in January of 2012 as I spent the first of several balmy winters, free of snow banks, continuing on my own to explore and question ‘truth’ from my growing perspectives about so many things. 


First evening: San Pancho (San Francisco), Nayarit, Mexico.

Tourists and locals began ambling toward the shore as the sun shed its last light over the Pacific. Always curious, I left the coconut water drink on my table and went toward the ocean to join the large semi-circle forming on the beach.  Across a patch of raked sand, a man quietly released a couple of hundred tiny, black turtle babies. Each wave opened the way for several to intuitively respond to the call to ‘home’.  Finding their sea legs as they were washed to and fro– then swimming for the first time – one by one they vanished under the ascending waves into the ocean depths.  

When the last one was gone, as the unimaginable majesty of what we had all witnessed sank in, a man standing beside me quietly spoke his truth in words I would never forget: 

“Imagine. Each one will be alone for the remainder of life.”

 I didn’t have it all together enough to respond as I would now.  

However we feel or understand it – we are NEVER alone.

I am filling you in on the bigger story now. 


A line from Hemingway - I was learning quickly there at the end - flowed into my mind often during the first decade I began to write my truth.  So, beginning in early 1991, there were several mornings when – fresh and inspired – I faced the keyboard all geared up to share my story.  Although a daunting task, I never doubted I would complete it someday. On those mornings I’d work on a page or two.  Then, fortunately, it was time for lunch.   I’ve had a lot of lunches since then…


They Have Computers in the Evolutionary Sea

Barrie, Ontario, Canada 

February 9, 2003

My nine and a half year old grandson stood beside me, his arms entwined around my neck where I was seated at a computer desk in his parent’s bedroom. Always sensitive, he must have been tuned in to my core struggle. School was closed because it was a “snow day”; buses were off the roads due to high winds and drifting. With his Mom and Dad at work I’d been called in.

I was in one of those determined writing modes – blissfully unaware it would be another decade before I had even a small fraction of the real story anyway.

In the simple way children always do of getting to the heart of the matter, he asked “Are you in this book, Nana?”

I hesitated for a moment before answering and gently caressed his hand. “Yes. It’s about experiences I’ve had.”

This was one of many challenges I was facing: finding the right ‘tone’ and ‘voice’. Deciding how much personal detail to include so the integrity of my experience were established – without destroying my credibility and coming across as “crazy”.

“What are you writing about, Nana?”

In two seconds he had identified the true core of my dilemma. Amazed, I looked up at the questioning expression on this face I loved so dearly. And mentally threw up my hands in frustration!

Not only was it going to be next to impossible to explain to him about evolution – in terms of what I believe is happening to human beings at this point in the history of the species. Telling you, my reader who will be a lot more set in your ways, would be even more challenging. Possibly even impossible!

Nevertheless, undoubtedly aware he could decide to deny any relationship to his maternal Nana I started to explain with a question for him first. “Do you know anything about animals that have become extinct?”

His face lit up. He had an immediate answer, “Like the Komodo dragon?”

I had just learned something new from him already! Without admitting my obvious lack of modern public school curriculum, as a recently retired college communications professor and corporate trainer, I knew how to shift to the core point. “Do you know how human beings first came to live on our planet Earth?”

He attends church regularly; so, not surprisingly he told me about Adam and Eve and how God had destroyed all the people, “…because they were bad… and then Noah and his family and two of every kind of animal got saved in an ark”.

An unexpectedly brilliant response came to mind. “Do you think the color of Noah’s skin was white?”

“Yes….” He replied, his brow furrowing thoughtfully.

“In that case, where did all the other skin colours come from?”

“Like you mean our peach colour?”

I felt my shoulders drop, overcome with a new wave of hopelessness about the task I seemed to have been assigned. It was one tiny word. Yet it established the depth of perceptual differences even when we imagine we are born into the same family, speaking the same language!

In the vocabulary of my Canadian Anglo-Saxon descended Baby Boom generation, I had never imagined – not for one instant – of referring to any skin colour as peach! 

Then, I felt my heart take some hopeful beats. This was an example of evolutionary thinking personified!! Wasn’t it? What’s more, the thought was voiced by my fantastic, sweet, loving grandson: a soul incarnating into the broader cosmic blend just before the New Millennium. It couldn’t help but be proof….Could it?



Hope is the dream of a soul awake….French Proverb

In ancient Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus, the sacred domain of Zeus, and gave it to mortal man. Prometheus had a brother, Epimethius, known as the Titan God of Afterthought and Excuses.  He ‘took the fall’ and married Pandora, destined to be the first mortal woman of Mother Earth. Other lesser gods and goddesses gave Pandora a wedding gift she was warned never to open. Unaware of what lay ahead, the new bride journeyed with her husband to Gaia. 

In uncovering the real truth of ancient myths, rumour and gossip are limitless. Some wisdom seekers put the entire blame on the groom for opening the gift – the forbidden box – on their wedding night.  While his blissful bride lay in the darkness, lost in the Eros of marital love.  And it is generally agreed the present Pandora had been asked to carry with her was a pithos – a type of jar…not a box. 

However the myth downloaded, it was the fault of the female that all the eventual evils and errors of mankind began to be “live streamed” in a plague of harmful daemons (spirits). However, personifying the vast realities of vast female intuitive wisdom, emotional strength and spiritual guidance, Pandora awakened just in time. Closing the jar, she managed to save one small seed: HOPE – the birth expectation to succor all future races on Earth.

In another allegory, Adam followed his rib-recipient’s lead and shared her suffering when they were forever banished from the Garden of Eden. When the sexual serpent energy became aroused between them, Eve, in her ongoing commitment to provide nutritional strength, must have decided an apple a day would be a healthy choice.  According to ancient and modern patriarchal Christian doctrines, Eve’s independent, high-heeled spirit has never quite toed the line of silent submission. In the last few decades, the natural feminine, robust, adventuresome courage is blessedly leading the way, “where no hu-man has gone before”.

In some ancient Eastern traditions, this serpent power or life force energy is called Kundalini (koon-da-lee-nee). Life is both a deep mystery and an open book of naturally occurring miracles, available on or off line, when we are awakened with the gift of truth in our being.  We receive directional signals through seven basic chakras (power points) in our physical body, running from ground zero, to the higher source cosmic expressway. The awakening of Kundalini energy is the change agent both genders are experiencing as humanity takes this critically timed and unimaginable evolutionary leap forward. It is what this golden age of enlightenment is all about. And we are all playing our parts.



The Pandora Process© is the Awakening of the Kundalini Energy…and Beyond!

By now I know it will not be surprising that you, along with perhaps millions of others on Earth, will recognize similar “signs” in your life. It might not be clear at first and yet with some new information I have to share you will gain new understanding, feel relief and be guided to the next phase of your own awakening.

I lived the 1980′s decade in what I now call “times out of time”, surviving countless mysterious, disturbing, distorted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual signs.  I had no understanding. Putting the pieces of a ‘normal’ life back together, repeatedly I found myself beckoned into more unimaginable experiences. During those ten years new source energy stretched my limited third dimensional consciousness.  Miraculously, my expanding personal paradigm continues to accommodate my unusual journey. A journey shared by unimaginable numbers of us who are awakening now.    

Unbelievably, looking back from this 2019 perspective, as difficult and alienating as the experiences were, I never believed I was losing my sanity. (Okay! Okay! There may have been brief moments??)  And it took many years before I could connect the dots and fully comprehend that I had awakened the Kundalini energy and all aspects of my ‘being’ were involved. As the saying goes, “It was all Greek to me!”  

Anyway, I didn’t tell anyone what was happening.  To be honest, I didn’t have the words or the understanding to describe any of it!  And even more strangely as these “times out of time” repeatedly overcame me for a few days or maybe weeks, immediately after the bigger picture was always sort of stuffed away: out of sight – out of mind. Until the evolutionary box slipped open again and more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were put in place for me. 

What I have learned through years of what could be seen as a lonely, expanding, and now identifiable paradigm shift, is that I am not alone at all! My research has brought to light the rising numbers of normal, average folks in this extraordinary time on Earth who are shifting into higher levels of consciousness.  Each in our own way and each according to our individualized timing. 

According to some ancient wisdom sources, the release of the ascension energy via the seven chakras is a process often averaged at twelve years.  The increasing numbers finding their WAY are on a faster highway. Speed has accelerated because the environment has been undergoing a spiritual cleansing based on uninformed pioneers – often referred to as “Light Workers” or “Star Seeds”.  Born on Earth to welcome the higher realities: we are shifting fear-based attachments to the truth of love and light.  We all will eliminate physical, emotional, spiritual and mental obstacles that were never normal, natural or necessary.  Our evolving enlightenment proves joy, love and peace are not rewarded for suffering, fear and misery.  The real truth is coming to light in ways we could not have imagined!  Obstacles are magically eliminated when the “road less taken” becomes a well traveled freeway.  And it is! 


My Magic Lantern Show

December 28th, 2002: 10:30 A.M.

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

With no option other than to continue to obediently respond, I pick up my peach shawl from the chair back. I move a few steps and face the long pine-framed mirror on my kitchen wall. I don’t notice the obvious right away – yet at some point it registers that my face is magically lit. A soft, golden luminescence I’ve seen before – on faces here and there whenever my internal energy is high. And from my greater understanding now – December of 2011- undoubtedly the glow is a clear reflection of something I could never have imagined possible! Within my being, the divine love burning within all of us was shining forth – creating a magic lantern show I was forced to both enact and view.

With no preconceived notion – no intention of what I am about to do – nevertheless I begin.  Except…it isn’t really “I” who is directing my body as it goes through the motions.  At times like these, it is a very familiar, but at last manageable energy – or should I say a presence with which I have reached a rapprochement - working me.

It is this other…the decisive, invisible, silent director who has orchestrated my life through what I have called moments out of time in the past…since that opening to something that simply took over my life in January of 1980. Through all these years…all those profoundly disturbing and yet obviously transformational experiences….

I – no, we - begin wrapping the shawl around my head, my face, my shoulders.  I have no idea how many distinct and complicated styles we create over the next few minutes. Perhaps this mystical, mysterious energy and I shape 25 – perhaps we shape 30.  I am spellbound! The continuity, the precision of our team performance is miraculous!

Awed – yet totally calm – a human mannequin – I see my hands move without my willing them – deft, tender extensions that for that period of time aren’t owned by today’s body. While fingers effortlessly – and seemingly endlessly – form fashion looks it never dawns on me that I must be tapping into something else.  I am just aware that there is no way in the world that – anywhere in my life experience – have I picked up the techniques to build these creations.

I recognize some of them: paintings, lithographs and photos I have actually seen – the ancient and modern head-coverings worn by women in Persia and Mongolia, Indonesia and Peru, China and Mexico, South Africa and India.  But, there are others – wide, high, elaborate, complicated, multi-layered shapes – worn in tribes and traditions not familiar to me at all.

My formerly untried skills – to replicate them in North America – in an Anglo-Saxon 20th century culture – why would I? – continues to astound me today – especially when I’ve tried to repeat the precision and wound up in a humorous, tangled mess.

But that magic day, as though awakening each morning and mindlessly, habitually completing the dressing ritual by heart – I could have lived a lifetime of mornings in each head covering. I don’t know for sure – perhaps every cultural and historical era is represented in my seemingly never-ending fashion show of women’s head apparel. I am low born and high. Entrained in the routine, I have prepared my own head adornment for the day; I have been dressed and draped by servants.

Compounding this incredible gift, I started to be aware that for brief yet distinctly lucid moments I am the essence of these graceful women. I know – fleetingly – how each one thought, what it felt like to exist in her skin.  I watch the process unfold – serene, captivated – aware it is always my own face – the one I present to the world today – that reflects back that burnished inner light so that I find myself more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Of that I have no doubt.

During the sacred vignettes the light material flies together, adhering magically to itself in the final up-sweep – invisibly pinned and secured. A few seconds pass and I take in the full effect, on some bottom deep level – unable to verbalize the strands of recognition – I register the exact global origin of each costume.  At that instant, my hands begin to unwind – the era ebbs away and I am already sliding into the next time frame – as the process repeats itself again – and again.  Unbelievably, it is only now in October of 2004– as I am rewriting and reshaping the story to fit my greater understanding that I have the confidence to say I was flashing back to the past lives my soul once inhabited.

Somewhere in that crowning, I vividly recall accepting – physically sinking into the reality of what is happening to me. And it is then that I truly drop my guard – when I start to hover outside and watch what I am being shown.  In the bigger picture, I begin to understand. I see what I am learning.  In covering up, I am humbling – and sacrificing – all things beautiful represented in the feminine.  But there is much more.

In my unwinding ritual I had frequently hidden a brow, a cheek, a nose, lips, strands of hair, a neck, a shoulder – all naturally part of a physical structure for which women had felt shame or – if what underneath was particularly beautiful – had been forced to negotiate or trade into a warm bed and food where their physical strength lacked.  Wearing the guilt and wretched responsibility for the enticement of their female bodies, women have lived a shell-life, living on their rightful anger in the fight for survival – inward or outward.

In some distant cradle of civilization the pattern was established – most things feminine were deemed the original curse – most things masculine were deemed the ultimate. Two genders – the original separation of the soul – could be seen as the crucible in which all differences erupted. And in this era – with the mystery of the genome unraveled – with DNA unspooling us back through the loops to the beginning – back to source – a new species is evolving. A species I have termed Real People – because free of the patterns, the confining emotions and the limitations, there is nothing between the newly emerging soul and authenticity.

This insight so profoundly humbles me – with its weight of eons of female suffering and humiliation. I would ask by what privilege, by what rite of passage was I destined to experience this interplay of divine energy that manifested in my tiny kitchen.  However, perhaps what I have suffered and survived over these last years – not discounting what I – as every other soul must have suffered and learned – was simply enough.

Although I believe more than ever that I have many answers – somewhere inside – waiting for the right moment to surface – as usual when responding to these early impulses from the Multi-Mind as on that December day, I had no power to stop the action of the Magic Lantern Show.  Over the years, when the energy finished with me, when the back memory or the front memory had overlain my current reality until it played itself out, I would be released. It was obvious when it happened because my body relaxed – the emotional energy pent up in memory sacs that had been coursing through my spiritual pathways via the chakra viaduct system would stop.  Not with a startling conclusion, but gradually winnowing away until I would find myself again aware of my surroundings – grounding myself as one does coming into the sunlight after watching an afternoon matinee.

Back in front of the magic mirror on the wall, since there is nothing inherently sinister or frightening in what is happening this time I don’t repeat my silent mantra of many years, woefully and gratefully borrowed from baseball legend Yoga Berra: It ain’t over ’til it’s over.  It was the perfect phrase to buoy me when I would face those frequent places when I thought I couldn’t go on – when I was latterly drowning in the experience – even when I clearly understood that I couldn’t stop – I wouldn’t drown – that I was committed to this Way without any other recourse.

But frequently I needed something to draw me back to this world, to this reality and the grammar – or lack of it – was my personal point of amusement – what I required to feel the distinction – to identify where I was currently, versus where I lived usually – in a place where in my experience at least – all things really do come to an end.

Sometimes though, when the discoveries swelled over me in the lonely darkness where I encountered images and feelings that literally and figuratively paralyzed me, I would call for strength to the mate of my soul – his name, his smile, the shape of his hand, the back of his head – anything that I could simultaneously hold in my consciousness while the tides washed over me.

A significant role in my life – played for over twenty years by a man around whom I feel everything has revolved – whose reality steadied me – whose existence in fact was the only reason I was able to come back up from the depths.  Yet, perhaps whose existence at this time in our mutual journey was also the very reason why I visited the depths so frequently. Always only on the fringe – in the distance – he became my life’s lynchpin – there but not there in order that I could arrive where I am today – simply me: strong, alone and moving into a different world web for which I at last feel no fear.

With as casual and unheralded an end as its beginning then, this episode of the absurd, this particular experience stops where the energy abates. I notice the magic light illuminating my face in the mirror instantly dims away too.  I know it has only been mere minutes but my travels around the world and back again are stunning.  Adventures in the long, lost past converged with my current existence and the way we were.

Silently and deeply reverent, I am left standing on the shiny linoleum floor with the quintessential prop – a peach colored shawl – now lying limp and useless in my hands.

I had purchased the Magic Lantern Shawl in 2001 from a Gypsy – a street vendor in Granada. It was during a March school break from my college teaching load, a surprisingly inexpensive holiday my close friend,and I had booked at the last minute.  We each bought one of the inexpensive souvenirs as we wandered back to our hotel in the deepening shadows one late, cool afternoon.  The day had been spent leisurely as we’d toured in companionable silence – the haunting Alhambra, the Moorish palace and fortress – a rough mortar edifice standing prominent and proud overlooking this historical city in the rolling landscape of Andalusia, Spain.

Later – during the three summer months of that same year I covered my head with the shawl or other scarves I’d brought and wore as required by strict Muslim law. Whenever I was in public in Iran – in the streets of Tehran walking to the institution where I taught English and carried out administrative work – in the classrooms and offices and computer lab – I had often yanked at it in frustration, desperate to freely expose my neck – the breathless, hot air burned claustrophobically. When the long days were over I closed my apartment door and removed the ankle length manteau covering my clothing and thankfully untied my head scarf – free at last!

Entranced, bizarre moments out of time at the conclusion of my contract there too continue to dog me today – as they accompanied me on my less than auspicious return to Canada from Iran on August 26th. And so shortly after – I gasped deeply again – the shock of September 11th, 2001 – squeezed air back into my lungs as my knowing and the picture collided – forever opening the inner and the outer – doors to a different reality.  Instincts never quite rising to the light of day – nevertheless had resonated – with tuning fork accuracy the first time I saw the second plane, the burst of flames, the burning towers.

All of it – the paths taken since January of 1980 – when a greater energy field must have been stirring – crested in an epiphany of completion that December morning in the Magic Lantern Show – 2002. When once my fresh soul wept freely it has new resolve because I not only saw the whispers from the past – I breathed for a representation of women who had once walked the face of the Earth. Of that I have no doubt. I was carried back to the original sin: the Garden of Eden. The erroneous, heavy responsibility women have shouldered throughout the ages – their tears, their prayers are at last untangling the truth – the ultimate truth for all of us on the planet.

Women have suffered with such enormous dignity – for the greatest shame of all – being born female. And, in 2011, as my awareness and awakening continues to unfold, I know that all souls have lived countless life times as each gender. The greatest story ever told indeed!

Pulling out a kitchen chair, I sank onto the seat – at once overwhelmed by fatigue.  I hadn’t really slept for several days at this point. This had been a particularly challenging processing – lengthy and vastly different – and somehow I intuitively knew it would be the culmination of countless aborted cycles from years gone by.

Nothing I had gone through before in this lengthy history of energy release compares to this utterly captivating, sacred dance of my un-spooling DNA – backwards, forwards on the cosmic spindle. The hologram has never manifested itself so cleverly, so precisely before.

My guess is that through a great deal of puttering, tapping and tinkering – not to mention mortal fear, unbearable anguish and public alienation – my own personal receiving equipment kicked in!  Previously, sometimes I’d picked up frequencies – wavelengths from the past; sometimes I’d imagined I’d tuned into the future – in particular the future one with its drastic alterations in human functioning terrifying me – a panoramic reality where silence and mutations went beyond the fringe.   Perhaps, I’ll win ownership of the control switch for myself some day. My new awareness is weighty. Mother Earth has given me a remarkable gift.  She has imprinted my evolving soul so deeply that I can’t ignore the message.  I am charged to speak.

I don’t know it then, but this is the last curtain, closing a play that has run for almost a quarter of a century.  What I didn’t realize then either was that the orchestra was already beginning to warm up in a theatre next door.  There was another decade ahead at least. The curtain rose again. The Second Act of My Magic Show has opened. The story I write springs from a well that is mystical, deep and sacred. I am not writing this book.  It is writing me.

And it is here, after all of the travels and the paths taken and not – in my quiet home in Canada that my reptilian head at last extends forward – clear of its protective shell – a necessary protective covering until this time in the history of the species. After years of repeatedly being dashed against the shore, unable to float in the tidal pools, I am at last released – wobbly and inelegant, disoriented but swimming free from the sands of time. I am not alone.


So, after this incredibly difficult decade when it was “all Crazy – even to me” I mysteriously found myself on a Greek island (Andros) for three months in the summer of 1990.  Maybe it was provided by the Universe as a time for me to just “chill” and rebalance on my own.  Given my current knowledge, I understand I was also returning to a location of one of many past lives where my “old soul” had reincarnated to progress on its journey of learning. The words rest, relaxation or holiday never seem to be part of my life plan!

Back in Ontario, teaching at George Brown College in Toronto, in January of 1991, I unexpectedly heard the words “Pandora Process” in my mind.  I had no idea what it could possibly mean!  Yet, I accepted the gift and continue to immerse myself in situations that stretch and challenge me. There is no doubt: whether they are the good, the bad, and certainly the ugly, all things happen for an important reason.  Trust me on this one.  You just need to patiently and gratefully “wait and see….”

I learned the Pandora Process is the way to the long promised freedom, the path to ignite the heart light always waiting to widely shine from within. You will see and feel the love glowing inside yourself first – and then become aware of its existence in every other living energy field.

To begin to understand why I am even here in the first place, after so much change and confusion to those nearest and dearest as I lived the Pandora Process, my first realization in 1991 inspired me to action. “If I could only have read what I can write now – what a difference it would have made!!”

And later came the transpersonal psychology courses and workshops and intense learning from mountains of books I read.  Many unexpectedly given to me because I just happened to be “at the right place at the right time”. And for several years now, I stay current with YouTube interviews and audio programmes from various wisdom sources world wide.

Being worthy isn’t something you earn.  It’s something you recognize.  You were born worthy. (TUT, The Universe)

So, by sharing my insights to confirm and support various stages of the That Pandora Process, I honour my purpose.  Just as virtually everyone I meet these days is doing – as Light Workers!  I never imagined that my own journey was so tightly tied into the larger global awakening in consciousness until I allowed myself to believe it. That took a lot of courage on my part, I must admit!

Certain events were energetically woven into the fabric of my daily life. They weren’t just news stories; they became energetic ‘signs’.   In my era at least, we all remember where we heard the unimaginable news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They made the announcement over the intercom in my high school in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

As another personal marker for me, the news of Robert Kennedy’s assassination was delivered to my bedroom by my mother a few days before my June wedding in 1968. Change was obviously “in the air” and not just because I would be now moving to London, Ontario where I lived for the next 21 years.

More strangely, perhaps, I still remember precisely where I was standing in my home in the fall of 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and again early in 1990 when Nelson Mandela’s release from his South African prison cell hit the news. The impact on me was extraordinarily profound. It freed something so I could take a new direction in my own life. I cover all of these ‘awakening energies’ and more in this autobiographical account.

When our souls are free to be all that is possible as a human being,  we are living each day in the wondrous light of HOPE.  Most of us never believed in this happening in our current life times.  A magic DNA button implanted to release us from our protective shells, in this Age of Aquarius, humans worldwide are feeling the symptoms of shifts and understanding life from a totally new perspective.

And beyond any doubt, September 11, 2001 was the strongest soul trigger ever!  I have experiences from that time period verifying the existence of ‘synchronicity’ .  It begins with the ‘incredibly unimaginable circumstances’ that found me employed for three months that summer as administrator and one of two Canadian ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors at the newly founded Georgian College language school in Tehran, Iran.

So, on levels which I’ve recently started to think of as cosmic, I have been tuning into the news of the moment and freeze-framing it. The incidents seem to be collected on a higher shelf in my mental library than the passing information I held so precious in books, countless research notes and personal journals I’ve kept for decades.

Frequently before then, however, still feeling the need to categorize and intently study everything that happened in my past, I wondered what really happened on that Friday in January of 1980 when my own Pandora Process journey began!  Twenty-five years later I read on an internet source this date – the winter solstice – the 21st of the month – was possibly the official start of the Age of Aquarius.

Who knew what was really happening!! More specifically, who truly understands how every decision may be already planned in our individual Akashic Record?  My vantage point now shows me there were no choices for me on that date.  The setup of circumstances, the cast of characters from our beloved family of soulmates are agreed upon….apparently as we are relaxing between lives. (Ah!  That’s where we get to rest!)

Reincarnated, we take on the tasks in order to learn various lessons. Sometimes we simply can’t do as we hoped. Some small or huge occurrence comes up that we hadn’t foreseen: a war or plague or other side-plots suddenly ruin the best laid plans or honorable intentions. I’ve learned it’s all meant to be. Nothing by chance! Nothing to regret! All things in their appropriate time and circumstance!






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