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(Back cover)  Pandora Process

By Judith Watts, BA

Accepting the role of a bride as Earth’s first mortal woman, a minor goddess, Pandora, was warned to never open a boxed wedding gift – and look at the PRESENT.  One interpretation of this ancient Greek myth is humanity was thus denied truth for eons.  And the darkest of ills, evil, sin – tribulations no human should suffer – were perceived as the inherent fault of the female gender.  Historically, hidden knowledge included truths about reproduction, feeding, compassion, healing, feelings, support, and other natural core life  survival strength.

There was a final element at the bottom of the gift Pandora carried: hope. It has provided the invisible power humanity needed to survive the basic stages of evolution.  Now, in our awakening 21st Century awareness, truth is becoming a personalized gift. We don’t respond to external voices.  We awaken, shift, setting in motion an inner luminosity we see and feel in all life. We know connecting with every heart was always the cosmic plan.  

Judith’s abnormal experiences, synchronous verification, extensive research and perceptive understanding are non-controversial. The shift of the cosmos in this emerging era is true.  Readers recognize personal signs and symptoms of their own awakening, radiated in the brilliant glow of self-forgiveness and love. The Pandora Process is your natural conduit to the ultimate Present!


Scientifically, we know light and dark can’t exist in tandem: photosynthesis changes everything. Progressing through the Pandora Process our hearts open to a fresh cosmic reality seeded in our DNA.  Evolving from a life heavy with fear and darkness – leaving behind the pain and sorrow – we are in transition between the 4th and 5th dimensions. There is even more “D-light” to come…eventually.  Global ancient wisdom traditions at the core of today’s natural healing are helping to transform body/mind and soul to individually fine-tune this new vital energy support system.  

Without knowledge, understanding or support, in January of 1980, I slowly began to stretch and yawn into a new consciousness form I could have never imagined possible. After a great deal of stressful, unanticipated seismic eruptions I’m the same…but different.  

I vividly remember so many outstanding circumstances of the disintegration of the “old me”.  And when I was introduced to the realities about what began shifting my life,  I sure needed help in that upheaval…which wasn’t available. Except in seemingly unorthodox coincidences and synchronous meetings that gave me courage and fortitude. Without them I wouldn’t have survived.  It all started January 21, 1980 when I was 33.  

From then on, everything about my “normal” life became unhinged: my 14 year marriage ended; my career shifted endlessly it seemed!  As a single mom, I became a university graduate, moved too many times to count, was miraculously offered jobs in administration and teaching, meeting just the right people for what I needed to discover about myself…and truth…travelling on my own extensively – the list goes on and on…

What would have happened had I shared even a few of the experiences I held with such guilt and fear inside my secret memory field over the decades? I would have been even more maligned and alone. And – had it all been part of a higher plan – highly medicated into silence and locked away. Because I’m meeting and reading about so many who share various aspects of my experiences now, I had to realize writing my story has always been my life’s mission.  Because there are countless souls living variations of the misunderstood and misdiagnosed realities of the Pandora Process in the Present, I know our time has come to be seen and heard.

And although I have been heard constantly speaking about this book I have been “working on”, I suspect it was the unexpected heart attack I experienced in August of 2018, that enforced my promise…to myself.  If I didn’t pull together all the  pieces I’ve already created, who else would or could?   

So I repeat my silent response to a question from an invisible energetic companion who I respectfully admit has been with me for a very long time. Not fully aware this was the end of so much of the misunderstanding and agony, he asked me in 1989, “Can you take any more?”  

My response today would still be the same: “If it is for the good of humanity…yes, I can take more.”  

I am filling you in on the bigger story now. 


A line from Hemingway - I was learning quickly there at the end - flowed into my mind often during the first decade. So, beginning in early 1991, there were several mornings when – fresh and inspired – I faced the keyboard all geared up to write my story.  Although a daunting task, I never doubted I would complete it someday. On those mornings I’d work on a page or two.  Then, fortunately, it was time for lunch.   I’ve had a lot of lunches since then…


They Have Computers in the Evolutionary Sea

Barrie, Ontario, Canada 

February 9, 2003

My nine and a half year old grandson entwined his arms around my neck where I was seated at a computer desk in his parent’s bedroom. He must have been tuned in to my core struggle. School was closed because it was a snow day; buses were off the roads due to high winds and drifting. With his Mom and Dad at work I’d been called in.

I was in one of those determined writing modes – blissfully unaware it would be another decade before I had even a small fraction of the real story anyway.

In the simple way children always do of getting to the heart of the matter, he asked “Are you in this book, Nana?”

I hesitated for a moment before answering and gently caressed his hand. “Yes. It’s about experiences I’ve had.”

This was one of many challenges I was facing: finding the right ‘tone’ and ‘voice’. Deciding how much personal detail to include so the integrity of my experience were established – without destroying my credibility and coming across as “crazy”.

“What are you writing about, Nana?”

In two seconds he had identified the true core of my dilemma. Amazed, I looked up at the questioning expression on this face I loved so dearly. And mentally threw up my hands in frustration!

Not only was it going to be next to impossible to explain to him about evolution – in terms of what I believe is happening to human beings at this point in the history of the species. Telling you, my reader who will be a lot more set in your ways, would be even more challenging. Possibly even impossible!

Nevertheless, undoubtedly aware he could decide to deny any relationship to his maternal Nana I started to explain with a question for him first. “Do you know anything about animals that have become extinct?”

His face lit up. He had an immediate answer, “Like the Komodo dragon?”

I had just learned something new from him already! Without admitting my obvious lack of modern public school curriculum, as a recently retired college communications professor and corporate trainer, I knew how to shift to the core point. “Do you know how human beings first came to live on our planet Earth?”

He attends church regularly; so, not surprisingly he told me about Adam and Eve and how God had destroyed all the people, “…because they were bad… and then Noah and his family and two of every kind of animal got saved in an arc”.

An unexpectedly brilliant response came to mind. “Do you think the color of Noah’s skin was white?”

“Yes….” He replied, his brow furrowing thoughtfully.

“In that case, where did all the other skin colours come from?”

“Like you mean our peach colour?”

I felt my shoulders drop, overcome with a new wave of hopelessness about the task I seemed to have been assigned. It was one tiny word. Yet it established the depth of perceptual differences even when we imagine we are born into the same family, speaking the same language!

In the vocabulary of my Canadian Anglo-Saxon descended Baby Boom generation, I had never imagined – not for one instant – of referring to any skin colour as peach! 

Then, I felt my heart take some forward beats. This was an example of evolutionary thinking personified!! Wasn’t it? What’s more, the thought was voiced by my fantastic, sweet, loving grandson: a soul incarnating into the broader cosmic blend just before the New Millennium. It couldn’t help but be proof….Could it?



Hope is the dream of a soul awake….French Proverb

In ancient Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus, the sacred domain of Zeus, and gave it to mortal man. Prometheus had a brother, Epimethius, known as the Titan God of Afterthought and Excuses.  He ‘took the fall’ and married Pandora, destined to be the first mortal woman of Mother Earth. Other lesser gods and goddesses gave Pandora a wedding gift she was warned never to open. Unaware of what lay ahead, the new bride journeyed with her husband to Gaia. 

In uncovering the real truth of ancient myths, rumour and gossip are limitless. Some wisdom seekers put the entire blame on the groom for opening the gift – the forbidden box – on their wedding night.  While his blissful bride lay in the darkness, lost in the Eros of marital love.  And it is generally agreed the present Pandora had been asked to carry with her was a pithos – a type of jar…not a box. 

However the myth downloaded, it was the fault of the female that all the eventual evils and errors of mankind began to be “live streamed” in a plague of harmful daemons (spirits). However, personifying the vast realities of vast female intuitive wisdom, emotional strength and spiritual guidance, Pandora awakened just in time. Closing the jar, she managed to save one small seed: HOPE – the birth expectation to succor all future races on Earth.

In another allegory, Adam followed his rib-recipient’s lead and shared her suffering when they were forever banished from the Garden of Eden. When the sexual serpent energy became aroused between them, Eve, in her ongoing commitment to provide nutritional strength, must have decided an apple a day would be a healthy choice.  According to ancient and modern patriarchal Christian doctrines, Eve’s independent, high-heeled spirit has never quite toed the line of silent submission. In the last few decades, the natural feminine, robust, adventuresome courage is blessedly leading the way, “where no hu-man has gone before”.

In some ancient Eastern traditions, this serpent power or life force energy is called Kundalini (koon-da-lee-nee). Life is both a deep mystery and an open book of naturally occurring miracles, available on or off line, when we are awakened with the gift of truth in our being.  We receive directional signals through seven basic chakras (power points) in our physical body, running from ground zero, to the higher source cosmic expressway. The awakening of Kundalini energy is the change agent both genders are experiencing as humanity takes this critically timed and unimaginable evolutionary leap forward. It is what this golden age of enlightenment is all about. And we are all playing our parts.



The Pandora Process© is the Awakening of the Kundalini Energy…and Beyond!

By now I know it will not be surprising that you, along with perhaps millions of others on Earth, will recognize similar “signs” in your life. It might not be clear at first and yet with some information I am providing you will understand, feel relief and be guided to the next phase of your own awakening.

I lived a decade of what I now call “times out of time”, surviving countless mysterious, disturbing, distorted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual signs I has no way of understanding. Putting the pieces back together and then repeatedly finding myself beckoned into what I now know were such unimaginable experiences, throughout those ten years (1980-1990) so much energy was devoted to existence beyond my limited third dimensional consciousness.

Unbelievably, looking back from this 2018 perspective, as difficult and alienating as the experiences were, I never believed I was losing my sanity. (Okay! Okay! There may have been brief moments??)  And it took many years before I could connect the dots and fully comprehend that I had awakened the Kundalini energy and all aspects of my ‘being’ were involved. As the saying goes, “It was all Greek to me!”  

Anyway, I didn’t tell anyone what was happening.  To be honest, I didn’t have the words or the understanding to describe any of it!  And even more strangely as these “times out of time” repeatedly overcame me for a few days or maybe weeks, immediately after the bigger picture was always sort of stuffed away: out of sight – out of mind. Until the box opened again and more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were put in place for me. 

What I have learned through years of what could be seen as a lonely, expanding, and now identifiable paradigm shift, is that I am not alone at all! My research has brought to light the rising numbers of normal, average folks in this extraordinary time on Earth who are shifting into higher levels of consciousness.  Each in our own way and each according to our individualized timing. 

According to ancient wisdom sources, the release of the ascension energy via the seven chakras is a process often averaged at twelve years.  My belief based on the increasing numbers of spiritual pioneers finding their WAY is the journey is being made faster, with an elimination of former attachment to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental obstacles that were never normal, natural or necessary.  Our evolving enlightenment proves joy, love and peace are not the rewards for suffering, fear and misery. The truth is coming to light in ways we could not have imagined!  So many obstacles are magically eliminated when the “road less taken” becomes a well travelled freeway. 


 So, after this incredibly difficult decade when it was “all Crazy – even to me” I mysteriously found myself on a Greek island (Andros) for three months in the summer of 1990.  Maybe it was provided by the Universe as a time for me to just “chill” and rebalance on my own.  Given my current knowledge, I understand I was also returning to a location of one of many past lives where my “old soul” had reincarnated to progress on its journey of learning. The words rest, relaxation or holiday never seem to be part of my life plan!  

Back in Ontario, teaching at George Brown College in Toronto, in January of 1991, I unexpectedly heard the words “Pandora Process” in my mind.  I had no idea what it could possibly mean!  Yet, I accepted the gift and continue to immerse myself in situations that stretch and challenge me. There is no doubt: whether they are the good, the bad, and certainly the ugly, all things happen for an important reason.  Trust me on this one.  You just need to patiently and gratefully “wait and see….” 

I learned the Pandora Process is the way to the long promised freedom, the path to ignite the heart light always waiting to widely shine from within. You will see and feel the love glowing inside yourself first – and then become aware of its existence in every other living energy field. 

To begin to understand why I am even here in the first place, after so much change and confusion to those nearest and dearest as I lived the Pandora Process, my first realization in 1991 inspired me to action. “If I could only have read what I can write now – what a difference it would have made!!”

And later came the transpersonal psychology courses and workshops and intense learning from mountains of books I read.  Many unexpectedly given to me because I just happened to be “at the right place at the right time”. And for several years now, I stay current with YouTube interviews and audio programmes from various wisdom sources world wide.  

Being worthy isn’t something you earn.  It’s something you recognize.  You were born worthy. (TUT, The Universe)

So, by sharing my insights to confirm and support various stages of the That Pandora Process, I honour my purpose.  Just as virtually everyone I meet these days is doing – as Light Workers!  I never imagined that my own journey was so tightly tied into the larger global awakening in consciousness until I allowed myself to believe it. That took a lot of courage on my part, I must admit!  

Certain events were energetically woven into the fabric of my daily life. They weren’t just news stories; they became energetic ‘signs’.   In my era at least, we all remember where we heard the unimaginable news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They made the announcement over the intercom in my high school in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

As another personal marker for me, the news of Robert Kennedy’s assassination was delivered to my bedroom by my mother a few days before my June wedding in 1968. Change was obviously “in the air” and not just because I would be now moving to London, Ontario where I lived for the next 22 years.

More strangely, perhaps, I still remember precisely where I was standing in my home in the fall of 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and again early in 1990 when Nelson Mandela’s release from his South African prison cell hit the news. The impact on me was extraordinarily profound. It freed something so I could take a new direction in my own life. I cover all of these ‘awakening energies’ and more in this autobiographical account. 

When our souls are free to be all that is possible as a human being,  we are living each day in the wondrous light of HOPE.  Most of us never believed in this happening in our current life times.  A magic DNA button implanted to release us from our protective shells, in this Age of Aquarius, humans worldwide are feeling the symptoms of shifts and understanding life from a totally new perspective.

 And beyond any doubt, September 11, 2001 was the strongest soul trigger ever!  I have experiences from that time period verifying the existence of ‘synchronicity’ .  It begins with the ‘incredibly unimaginable circumstances’ that found me employed for three months that summer as administrator and one of two Canadian ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors at the newly founded Georgian College language school in Tehran, Iran. 

So, on levels which I’ve recently started to think of as cosmic, I have been tuning into the news of the moment and freeze-framing it. The incidents seem to be collected on a higher shelf in my mental library than the passing information I held so precious in books, countless research notes and personal journals I’ve kept for decades.

Frequently before then, however, still feeling the need to categorize and intently study everything that happened in my past, I wondered what really happened on that Friday in January of 1980 when my own Pandora Process journey began!  Twenty-five years later I read on an internet source this date – the winter solstice – the 21st of the month – was the official start of the Age of Aquarius.

Who knew what was really happening!! More specifically, who truly understands how every decision may be already planned in our individual Akashic Record?  My vantage point now shows me there were no choices for me on that date.  The setup of circumstances, the cast of characters from our beloved family of soulmates are agreed upon….apparently as we are relaxing between lives. (Ah!  That’s where we get to rest!)  

Reincarnated, we take on the tasks in order to learn various lessons. Sometimes we simply can’t do as we hoped. Some small or huge occurrence comes up that we hadn’t foreseen: a war or plague or other side-plots suddenly ruin the best laid plans or honorable intentions. I’ve learned it’s all meant to be. Nothing by chance! Nothing to regret! All things in their appropriate time and circumstance!


 The Sacred Union

I took my daughters on a holiday with our pop-up camper trailer to Quebec City in the summer of 1985 which was fun for all of us. It was during that trip that I have a distinct memory which, in retrospect, has often been a part of my spiritual awakening journey.  Like many of these hallmark events, I never recognized the significance for a very long time.  I believe now that as one continues to awaken from the density of limited third dimensional awareness, just as we graduate from lower academic grades into higher ones, the knowledge seems to suddenly just be part of us. Of course it has always been there, a component of the human higher consciousness field to which we are returning.

This particular awareness could be one of the most common ones shared in the daily lives of all awakening souls. And when recognized it is the turning point: disconnecting all egotistical beliefs that we are complete.  We realize a higher power source is beginning to make decisions for us. A dramatic example was when – without prior plans – I walked out of my home that January evening in 1980.  And the direction my life seemed destined to take vanished. 

A less dramatic example occurred in Quebec City which became a piece of that larger puzzle I so often refer to. What I’m aware is happening is that there is a tie-in between events which often don’t show up for decades. In other words, the complete concept arrives in distorted shapes and sizes and suddenly there is a link established and without at least one attachment from the past it remains invisible and often even quite senseless.  But we hear the truth all the time these days – “everything for a reason.” 

So, although I would never have imagined paying a street artist to paint my portrait without a strong, silent, logical argument inside myself: based on finances and ego…I lost the silent argument in my mind.  Ideas like this which are out of the common realm of time and place spring forth seemingly from nowhere – totally outside my usual thinking patterns. Sometimes when the idea occurs I have a moment or two to ‘give it a second thought’ and other times the energy simply takes over.

I could actually describe this as a split between my normal pre-action patterns and intentions and a mindless leap.  Except it isn’t mindless in the least!  The urge simply needs to be addressed in a particular circumstance so that a probable “set-up” occurs. The painting has become one of a few personal belongings I move and store and hang in incalculable numbers of bedrooms where for decades I have laid my head to immediately fall into blessed sleep.

Several weeks after the Quebec trip, responding to another internal prompting I was hopelessly incapable of ignoring, I was urged to open my eyes and look at the painting one night in my second story bedroom. The framed portrait was visible in the muted rays of a walkway light close to the condo my girls and I first called home. The stage setting where so many of the bizarre events occurred over the three years my daughters and I lived there.

The transformation in that full frontal portrait was startling! I don’t recall feeling fear; although I sure was stunned! Rather than a face forward representation, and taking up the same amount of canvas space, my face was painted from the side angle. More astonishing still, the side profile of the man I refer to as Joe had been creatively integrated onto the other side of my head: Janus faced!

A single masculine head equally divided into both profiles, facing the opposite directions, is interesting enough food for thought. When you introduce both genders into the complexity some significant questions are introduced into the Roman conventional wisdom. Let alone the ownership of the profiles in my particular space and time. Obviously this was a call for research to discover how such an improbable event became locked into my consciousness even after all these years.

However, I never took that step with a concentrated passion until I was truly convinced that the bi-polar illness diagnosis was totally erroneous.  The insights experienced by my mind, body and spirit were based on “something else”.  The years of stigma, shame, guilt and alienation I suffered resulted from a societal error deeply entrenched in third dimensional belief systems. And then it became clear the purpose for all of these years of a journey I imagined I was travelling alone was so I could uncover the truth and share it: It isn’t mental illness – it DEFINITELY is something else. And I’ve NEVER been alone.

We move from 3rd dimensional awareness to higher states of consciousness with the awakening of Kundalini energy in our human body. To help explain what I might call the Kundalini ‘miracle’ please refer to the website for the Institute for Consciousness Research ( and a particular articleTheir New Discoveries, Surprising Insight.

For more than 30 years, members of the Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about Kundalini – a discovery that could be the most important scientific breakthrough of our time.

What is Kundalini? The rediscovery of a hidden but powerful mechanism that is helping us solve the riddle of consciousness. Things are changing very quickly as the concept is starting to be shared and discussed.  YouTube has many resources available to read and there are many well written books on the subject.  I have one concern I need to share.  Kundalini energy has been a topic of conversation for a few thousand years in Asia. The awakening would normally occur after years of meditative practice, often while removed from social norms, living a cleansed and pure existence – often even without what would be considered basic nutritional support.

From what I can gather, anyone who chose to follow this path could/might awaken to love, compassion, and all ultimate gifts of internal human life.   When a similar desire is sought in the various religious traditions where only a few are considered worthy, the outcomes are vastly different…sadly so.  Judgments, based on so many ideals and unconscionable decisions have produced a history of suffering, pain and sacrifice all in the name of a higher power.  This is the time to expose and forget fear as the Kundalini energy – a gift implanted in every human body – awakens, rises up and unites Earth (Gaia) and Heaven (cosmic reality).    


That Pandora Process© has no choice but to expose the greatness of us all!

My own discovery that I had been experiencing a Kundalini awakening took many years to fully comprehend. If you put yourself in my place it would be easy to understand. Could you imagine being “worthy” of the eventual outcome? It would be like being naive enough to believe in your favourite fairy tale. And my personal sense of worth never measured up to such an eventuality.

Around 1990, it did start to happen though.  As I mentioned, my stunning realization I was ONE with the world as events like the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall and the 1990 release of Nelson Mandela impacted me to the core of my being: free at last! After three months blessedly resting in Greece and then surprisingly travelling to Ireland briefly in the summer of 1990, the synchronous events started to come my way. For instance, how I was connected with members of the Institute for Consciousness Research ( in early 1991 was such an essential key to the larger mystery. I didn’t get it for a long time!  However, I followed the yellow brick road to anywhere I was invited.  

That’s when I began to learn about Kundalini, the awakening I had been unknowingly experiencing for a decade by this time. And I was honoured to meet Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D. ( and at a conference after the 1990 publication of her seminal book Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process. Although to be honest, I hadn’t heard of her and knew nothing much about what was being spoken about at that year’s Conference. A few months later I was asked to provided information on a research questionnaire for people experiencing unknown symptoms which could prove the phenomenon was happening in greater numbers in the Western world. Of course I did. Perhaps only imagining I would be the one on the “non-viable” list.

And yet the signs kept coming up in my life and continue to with greater frequency today. I was already on a designated path when I much later awakened to the significance of my many conversations from the late 1970′s with my dear friend, Susan Maynard. Appreciating nothing about Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke and Cosmic Consciousness, another seminal book in the evolution of the human mind as he had experienced a flashing of lights as a passenger in a horse-drawn carriage in London, England.  As I have written in more detail elsewhere in this book, I had a similar experience in my own home in London, Ontario. 

I shared Susan’s delight when she received a Canada Council Grant to write the life story of Dr. Bucke. He opened the door to important changes in mental health care way back at the turn of the 20th Century in London, Ontario where Susan and I were neighbours. Now, how rare was that!!  Although I didn’t feel comfortable sharing what I was going through with Susan and her husband Jon (they opened the first yoga studio in London) I sought refuge in their home and garden sometimes. 

Just to be around people who I imagined wouldn’t judge me for recent experiences and their energy was so caring. I also must add that I was a student in the first yoga classes Susan taught and how that figures into my own Kundalini awakening will be covered elsewhere.  

Sadly, one summer day in 1992, after my second husband, Bruce, and I had opened a summer snack bar and ice-cream stand at Wasaga Beach Area One, I received a phone call from one of her daughters who was now living in New York City. Susan had passed away, a victim of cancer and I was deeply shocked and saddened. I was teaching at Georgian College in Barrie during the fall and winter terms and my world was already going through some amazing merry-go-round moves…something that has been a constant in my life ever since. 

As an example, I received the news around the time I made solid eye contact across the parking lot from our business at the Beach with a man who I had worked with in London a few weeks before I permanently left in 1990. We didn’t smile or wave or attempt to come together to chat. Just making the contact seemed all that was necessary. Coincidence? Not important information?  Perhaps…however, when one’s life is rich with these sorts of unusual, synchronous events it becomes impossible to ignore and pretend. 




Just Another Day at the office

 January 18, 1980.

It was just another day at the office. I was pushing the Start button on the copy machine in the small room adjoining the main Departmental Office. I looked up to see a man I had never seen before suddenly appear at the door. It probably doesn’t really matter when or where it starts. This was my moment in time -my instant to be caught up in something far greater than I understood – then.

Later on I wouldn’t be able to say if he was sent from heaven or hell. Wherever the ancestry – angelic or demonic – when he found me here he owned the right key – to open the intricacies of the outer lock of my immortal soul.

What did he say?  What did I first respond?  I don’t remember now – but there was that instantaneous comfort, a sharing of thoughts spoken in what I’ve since come to think of as the thin, distant voice of the soul. For I’ve spoken this soul dialect again – a seemingly illusive language – one that stamps truth on the playing field of awareness.

At times like these, what I later called times out of time, all of the everyday props somehow seemed to diminish – to lose their density.  That January day in 1980, we were the only reality that existed, breathing the invisible ether of our shared magic bubble. As we continued to chat, we seemed to float – down the long hallway of zoological specimen cases to my work area. Past the mounted fish, the stuffed birds, the mammalian embryos preserved in large glass jars.  Past the displays of pinned butterflies and beetles, the no longer slithering invertebrates, the skeletal remains of one nameless human and several immortalized monkey skulls.

It was noon and I had finished the few hours of weekly secretarial work I had taken on after Christmas for an associate professor friend.  Before the birth of my second daughter, four years earlier, I had been the full time administrative assistant to the chairman of this department at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

This stranger, who I learned was a doctoral student, invited me to have a beer with him at the grad lounge in Middlesex College. I had never imagined nor done such a thing before.  Yet, to refuse this invitation would have been as impossible as saying no to breath. I called my neighbor who was looking after my daughter, while her sister who was two years older was in school. I told her I would be a bit late and she kindly offered to give my daughter some lunch. The stage was set…

Our autobiographies spilled out in the next three hours over a glass of beer each as we shared a couch in the basically deserted lounge. I remember being caught up in the adventure of him, the excitement he had lived in his life.  The travel, the intrigues, following his dreams, the courage and the privilege he had been born with as a man. All things my male part would have loved to ‘get out there’ and try, but the female part of me had never been brave enough to attempt. I remember expressing the belief that one needed to live by a mountain or the sea to make one feel in proper perspective with life.  How idealistic, how naive I must have sounded!

Now, all these many years later, as I read some poetry fragments he inspired me to spill, I wonder what else he discovered in me.   A woman who, in her thirty-third year of life, breathlessly shared her truth: she couldn’t seem to feel love for her husband. That everything between now and death seemed like a huge wasteland with no excitement or reason to be.  Perhaps this world adventurer had just found another vulnerable, lumpy married woman waiting to soften her edges? I remember how handsome he was…..

And, unbelievably – which just shows how some basic facts are basically unimportant – it was at the end of our three hours together that we finally remembered we didn’t know one another’s name. He was sauntering at my side down the inclined road near the greenhouse to my car when he told me. I was rather surprised to hear his first name was the same as I had chosen for my eldest daughter. Let’s just call them both Sam.

He then said something else that mysteriously kept coming back to mind for years. I can still remember watching him taking long strides by my side as he suddenly asserted, “I’ll probably be the catalyst to make you leave your marriage.  That doesn’t mean I’ll be the one.  There are lots of people out there.”  When all is said and done, it was one of those conversation strands that seem to be permanently woven into the fabric of a life.


I never actually thought this sexual act would happen. Some more discussions between us seemed to be why I had agreed to meet again.  Gosh, I’m naïve! I was simply way out of my element!  I had never shared intimacy like this with anyone except my husband.

When Sam and I were talking later, facing each other across his compact kitchen, I felt a charge of energy extend between us.  It was a magnetic sensation like nothing I had ever experienced.  It registered in my consciousness; I didn’t mention it. You might say I was in more than a bit of shock from what had just happened anyway.

I don’t remember being self-conscious; my husband had been my first ‘official’ sexual partner.  There’d been some heavy petting and steamy car windows with a couple of guys I dated before. Yet, I was twenty when a week before our wedding, my twenty-two year old future husband and I finally “went all the way” in the quiet solitude of his family retreat cabin not far from our home town. If my daughters ever get around to reading this book I can already hear the comment and see the eyes rolling, “Too much information, Mom.”

 Nevertheless, from a new found sense of my own core strength now, I would respond that details are completely necessary. Bringing out the heart facts (sometimes referred to as the ‘hard’ facts) is what The Pandora Process is all about.  For centuries the individual perspective has been overridden and negated by the power and might of a non-compromising attitude. Every soul has a different perspective on certain aspects of truth based on personal experience.

When individual expression is denied we stifle our truth; emotional energy builds in the form of anger and defeat.  Ultimately it is all fear-based: fear that somehow we wouldn’t be accepted just for who we are if others knew the REAL Self….the REAL truth.  We must be respectfully heard; the simple wisdom that good therapists – and good friends – know intuitively.

Our ideas and thoughts need to be allowed to emerge into the light. This is what is happening now in this Emerging Era as the lid on the dark box holding suppression and superstition has been flung wide.  Surprisingly, that’s all that’s necessary for the individual soul to evolve into truth.. It’s not a stand-off: no one is right and no one is wrong.  We get it “off our chest”.  We remove the weight of ‘cover-up” from our sacred heart.  In this time of the universal energy shift we are progressing through, we become aware. We have carried the burden of fear, shame and anger inherited from generations of ancestors. Not any more….

From my current vantage point, I tend to believe there were no options on that date.  There never are really. We can speak about freedom of choice in many ways.  We can discuss this concept with friends and foes alike.  It’s one of those great subjects around which there have been and perhaps always will be two vastly different realities.  Or, is there?   Do we set up the circumstances, the staging and the cast of characters when our immortal soul is relaxing between lives?

Reincarnated on the Earth plane, do we take on the tasks we think we can handle in order to learn various lessons?  Then, sometimes are we simply unable to do as we hoped and intended?  Some circumstances come up that we hadn’t foreseen: a war or plague or other side-plots suddenly ruin the best laid plans of reincarnating souls.  We drive the human vehicle into the dirt…again?  And honorable intentions are left for the next lifetime…or the next?

That’s one scenario I’m working with in this book.  There are more.  Are we, in this life around the start of the 21st Century, changing up the story?  So did destiny or fate – something beyond the micro-management of even the most fastidious soul planners – move in to do the upgrades?   In which case, validating what happened back on that January date in 1980 was never a freewill choice for my human soul to make?

Could it be a superior plan, long circulating throughout the cosmos was in the birthing stage…or was at least in vitro.  On a personal note, destiny stepped on my life’s stage, clad in its timely, wondrous aura designed by the divine force field. In my third dimensional human style, I unknowingly accepted a script for an adventure drama that was scheduled to open that day.  And I was the only aspirant who could assume the lead role in my production. I was typecast and took my Gypsy show on the road for decades – as you will discover!

How utterly complicated, surreal and out of control my life became from that one moment in time. My universe expanded and I was sucked into the vortex!  Entangled with guilt and shame and lack of awareness of an unimaginable power, I suppressed my truth for decades.  Unknowingly, I stepped into the cosmic abyss: the mythical mirage – what looked like the lure of a romantic love – packaged in a single sexual union. It was far, far, far more than that!  I would never be the same again.


Proof that I simultaneously operated at another level of awareness was demonstrated clearly. One particular evening drive in August of 1987 occurred during the Harmonic Convergence – a term that was meaningless to me until perhaps fifteen years later when I recognized the coincidence and did some research. If you are not familiar with the concept either, check various sources of information. Researchers in a growing number of scientific fields are learning to trust ancient prophecy and predictions. Keeping in mind how language can be interpreted and seemingly biased in various societal and religious paradigms, the larger truth is still there.

The shift in time as we know it includes a switch to fourth dimensional consciousness and beyond. The change in the mathematical proportions of the harmonics of the universe is creating a rapid decrease in the energy fields surrounding the planet. That potentially means the biorhythms between human life on Earth and countless cosmic neighbours are mating.  It’s never been about travelling for months on NASA produced transport vehicles or a race for superiority between nations.  This has been a good diversion – to draw interstellar interest down a totally wrong road. Unsuspected shifts in the cosmos and new black holes are being reported by astronomers to an intrigued world audience via the internet. The eventual consequences of all that is happening now needed to be figured out by enhanced capabilities more in the Star Wars variety. For what we would consider decades of Earth time, the changes on Earth – the Milky Way’s fantastically beautiful ‘Blue Marble’ was about to materialize. Understanding that ‘all time is present’ allowed this sort of future preview to be worked and reworked by loving galactic neighbours who have been partnering with our planet.

One night drive through farmlands southwest of London proved to be one of those memories I could not quite get out of my ‘tiny’ mind as the years went by.  I had reached a crossroads on a dirt concession line and suddenly out of nowhere I found myself yelling in absolute delight. I banged my hands repeatedly on the steering wheel, exclaiming with news I had just been given on a different wave-length.  ‘WE DID IT!!!  WE DID IT!!!”

My immediate response was to look into the rear mirror and of course there was no one in sight on the dark road to hear my outburst of a joyous truth so deep there was no denying it.  Nevertheless I felt a bit of guilt for letting a cat out of the bag for some reason. The most mysterious part of this little solitary drama scene was obvious. Who were “we” and what “did we do”? I didn’t have an answer for years.


In the human lifetime which my soul entered in late 1947, I never imagined I’d leave my marital home and comforts in the way I did. No warning!  No packing!  No planning!  No next destination in mind.  I had about thirty dollars in my purse. But, after six years of so desperately trying to ignore the unhappiness I felt as I awakened each morning, I made my break. If my life had been satisfying on every level it might have been possible to ignore my spirit calling. Maybe it was all precisely planned exactly as it happened….

During the previous months, as a passenger beside my husband at the wheel, my throat frequently broke into a gulping reflex. My body was acting out emotions it couldn’t swallow any longer. And so the stage was set.  Being a ‘burden’ or a ‘nuisance’ is a commonly played role by both genders.  Inherent fear of intolerable anger, bullying and insensitivity are trauma complexes adopted in early childhood. Feeling like “home”, from cradle to grave, we keep attracting this brand of ‘comfort’ until we manage to rebirth ourselves and discover all the love we need is within each of us anyway. That wisdom only took me about three decades to discover!

How many generations do we actually need to go back to find the original scripts?  Well…definitely to lifetimes in cultures where daily threat of starvation, forbiddance of personal sovereignty, and unconscionable judgments that could instantly turn into death sentences were common.  It seems to me that pretty much covers the entire globe…from the beginning…and into today FEAR REIGNS SUPREME.  We’re working on it, though!

In retrospect, it is not surprising the red flags were flying at full mast in the two years before my marriage. When you live in a climate with cold winters and you tentatively ask if the car heater could be turned on and the guy says “Nah.  You don’t need it on.  It’s warm enough.”  I should have “got it” as I shoved my gloved hands deeper under my armpits and continued to shake.


This incredible evolutionary potential in our DNA is now developing according to a plan the universe seeded untold incarnations before.  Both here on Earth and in places with strange sounding names and even stranger appearing landscapes in the larger cosmos.   And living the experiences gave me power…to realize we all deserve love and joy and happiness.  And it was the awakening to far more than that.  So what could be just another story of a woman leaving her husband in an era where a high percentage of marital contracts break, I heard an internal clarion call. Wake up!  I never knew I had been sleeping on the job. I have been feeling that wake-up message ever since!


Where Does the Turtle Crawl Free of the Shell?

And…!! My daughters!!  Oh my!!  There was no possible way I could even allow the reality of their existence to cross my mind. I somehow pulled down a dark shade over my heart because I loved them both so intensely. That deadness inside must have been similar to stroke symptoms.  If I had seen them at all I can’t imagine what would have happened.  Doing what I was doing had nothing to do with them or anything else in my life by that time.  All I can compare it to was being called to service and not questioning it. There was nothing I could do to change my orders.  I knew they were totally safe and cared for by their father. And they had a comfortable, familiar home life with all their ‘things’ and routines and friends. I can only imagine how utterly shocked and frightened they were that I wasn’t there for them for the next few months.

Yes, on one level, I had no financial support for them.  More importantly, though, having found the courage or whatever it was to leave, I could never at that point consider returning. I have thought about the possibility that my guilt over the affair stood in the way of going on with the life I had left. As the years have passed, I know that possibility wasn’t it at all.  My leap into the Pandora Process was dramatic and I landed precisely where I must have known I would…into an awakening consciousness I never knew existed in those early years.


I’ve discovered these seemingly fast decisions are ‘out there’ waiting for the perfect moment to materialize. Things are just meant to be!!  The pieces all fit together and that old door closes – with or without a lock – and a new one opens. Throughout our marriage, I wish I could have spoken my truth with strength and courage – rather than lowering intimidated eyes and crawling away like a hurt puppy.  I wish I could have found the way to express my own anger so that internal strength was ignited. I don’t like to use it; but the pilot light is lit now and I have discovered that is all that is necessary.  That secret about owning one’s anger stood behind a locked door that took a few decades for me to have the courage to open….

Although I recalled teary-eyed glimpses of lovers embracing on street corners and longing to have even a few moments of the gentle display of affection, at some point it became too late to allow my husband the right to be the one to give it to me. My one regret for many years after was that if I had left him when I still had feelings – a warning amber light – perhaps we could have kept it together. Obviously for the sake of the children and others who were upset by our eventual divorce.  I came to realize, as I mentioned already, my life script obviously wasn’t written that way.

I can chuckle now remembering some of the dramatic acts we played out.  Early in our marriage his idea of foreplay was to wrestle me to the living room floor in our first apartment. He’d get me locked into what I guess they call a “half Nelson” with my arm twisted behind my back.  And then, because I was obviously defeated on the mat, he’d say, “Do you want a roll in the hay?”

Should he have been surprised if I cried a few tears in pain and gulped out, “No”?   He would let me go, be rejected and angry for a week or so and I would be afraid to get too close in case I was back in the match again. And should I be surprised looking back that I let all this happen without insight or complaint?  Not at all! Neither of us knew how to ask for what we really wanted or needed.  We had both been raised in an era where “to spare the rod was to spoil the child.”

He learned to wrestle his younger siblings on the living room floor. If I had a brother I might have learned the right techniques on the mat. Maybe I could have put my amorous husband into a whole Nelson…does that exist???

As we eventually moved toward divorce over the next two years, even though it must have been a horribly difficult time for him, my former husband accused me of very little. I don’t know if he knew about the affair; the topic never came up. He probably did as the professor I was working for and his wife had been casual social friends.

We had a large network of quite close friends too. Professional couples who we’d begun to travel with to summer cottages and holidays in Jamaica and Europe. Of course, as usually happens at the break up of a marriage, they soon disappeared from both of our lives – except for an occasional Christmas card.  I believe I can honestly say that, as far from perfect as I obviously was, I had always done my best to support, encourage and care for him…my children and my household responsibilities.  I held full time jobs, cooked, cleaned, shopped, drove the kids here and there, prepared birthday celebrations and took care of my own personal appearance.

Based on what became a five month leave of absence from my former home starting in January of 1980, one action he accused me of in his anger and pain helped me realize something else was happening.  He scathingly told me that for several months before I walked away, if I was out for an evening (presenting a Tupperware party somewhere), I never went to kiss our daughters goodnight when I returned. Pulling up the blankets on their bunk beds, kissing and caressing cheeks and nuzzling the very distinctly different scent of their hair, was something I treasured each night.

Now, I realize I was assuming emotional protective mode because on some level of consciousness I knew they would be absent in my life for a time. My inner joy sensor was shutting down so I could be without one of the few love sources I could count on. This was the first time I was getting ready to ‘go someplace’ – without knowing why or where. It’s that feeling or intuition when something is about to radically shift in our lives.

It might be a relationship or a particular job or a move to a new part of town. Somehow inside we start to know we are facing imminent completion of the current phase of our journey to wholeness. There is simply no energy left to carry us forward so we begin to prepare. Personally, when I start to look at my belongings and without any prior ‘knowing’ I find myself mentally packing boxes or suitcases, I know I’m there!  Oh no!  Where am I headed this time!!  And over these past few years, if I’m looking at the contents of my fridge and cupboards I’ll need to give to friends or neighbours, I know it’s going to happen really fast!

So, the first time this ‘moving on’ inclination came into my awareness, I must have known I was acclimatizing myself.  Being temporarily without the sweet honesty of two loving hearts is the greatest loss a mother can suffer. The eldest of two daughters myself, and lovingly introduced in my early years as “the son” my father never had, I’d been a bit of a tomboy in my childhood. I followed after Dad and learned to run an outboard motor, squish worms on fishing hooks and catch a ball without giggling or backing off in fear.  He took me to war movies and adventures to the dump with the trailer behind the car when he was renovating and we listened to Burl Ives on the eight track. I played street hockey or baseball rather than dressing dolls.


One afternoon in 2012, as I was working on this manuscript, I was searching through some old files of memorabilia. Unable to count all the moves over these decades, and the recent total purging of all my stuff, this small folder had somehow escaped the donations to second hand shops or garbage bags left at a curb.

Immediately I started to weep and then cried deeply for some time. I held a wee card, two ragged pieces of paper secured by a staple, created by my youngest daughter. Today at forty three she is in a strong marriage and a mother of three.  In large red crayoned letters spread over two pages was written To Mom.  I love you.  You’re Nice. Love Sara

If something  so extraordinary had not been awakened – what became the guiding, non transferable force in my life since then – I know I would not be the woman I am today, nor the Nana. It’s not an easily digested excuse…even today. However, it is the reason…and my only defense.


Time: Mid April, 1983

Place: my condo townhouse in London, Ontario

I am relaxing in my favourite chair – a flowered navy blue wingback – gazing across the living room toward the sidewalk running through the condo development. The girls are with their father on the alternative weekend arrangement we agreed upon in our formal separation agreement eight months earlier.

Within the next few days I will be writing my final exams to complete my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature which I had been enthusiastically studying since the fall term of 1980 after my return from Edmonton. I am feeling quite content as I listen to a tape of one of my all time favorites: The Carpenters.

As well as several courses in English Literature I had chosen philosophy, classical studies, anthropology, political science, American literature and world history as some electives each term and had been required to take French courses as well during the three years of study.

After several hours of writing the last essay for any course, I am recharging my batteries. I had never imagined how literal that phrase could be! Because, suddenly, quite literally – I am zapped! Charges of narrow light cylinders suddenly begin to flash across the room. I am targeted like a human lightning rod from a completely invisible source on an internal wall. Filling a circumference beyond my body, I am repeatedly, painlessly stabbed by a silent, concentrated energy.

The attack of white, invisibly powered slender elongated shafts lasts perhaps 30 seconds or maybe a minute. For a mere matter of seconds, I recall feeling absolutely dumbfounded. Not frightened – not harmed – just totally amazed! Since it happened in bright daylight, I wasn’t alarmed as I might have been seeing those lights streaking at me in the black of night.

And, as crazy and unusual as the incident was – something we might share with others who would find it equally incredible – something to be wondered about for years … I told no one.

Virtually immediately my everyday conscious mind filed away the peculiar incident in an untitled mental storage file. It was a long time before I remembered and even longer still before I gradually started to appreciate how and why I could forget such extraordinary experiences.

I started to see how things were happening each time I walked (or crawled) away from the natural shock treatment my body withstood. Miraculously I had lost a part of my personal baggage. The shadow parts hidden in the big bag of masks continue to diminish. I had learned to wear them to trick myself and everyone else. Gradually, over many involuntary journeys into the void, I started to see how much healthier my attitudes and perspectives became. And then some other new realities began to emerge….

When we take a moment to really get in touch with our own inner truth, we intuitively know a world of love, peace and joy is ahead. In the miraculous Pandora Process, dormant brain cells connect expanding physical, mental and emotional boundaries beyond third dimensional consciousness. Divinely scheduled to begin in our current lifetimes, the essential core of our SELF is freed now as we awaken to magic beyond any conceivable dream.

Cut in Twain

It was the fall of 1983 and I was in bed in my new home in the condo where my children and I each had our own rooms. They were with their father that weekend. It was three am and after about four hours of sleep I was suddenly awake, lying on my back.

This time of awakening became the norm for anything unusual for many years. I was immediately aware that I was totally immobilized, but I could open my eyes. There was a street lamp not far outside my window that always provided some light in the room, even with the blinds closed.

Although I couldn’t see with my normal sight, I could see with an unfamiliar inner sight that there was a large drill coming down toward me from the ceiling. Although I have never read the book or seen the horror movie “Turn of the Screw”, it may have been based on a similar occurrence.  Images that are inherently similar in every social, racial and religious background are called archetypes. Dr. Carl Jung, who experienced a spiritual emergence at the turn of the 20th Century, established the concept of the collective unconscious.

He adopted the word synchronicities to describe coincidences that are simply too meaningful to be discarded as mere happenstance. There is a bountiful energy source available to us all. Personally I couldn’t begin to count the number of wondrous synchronicities in my daily existence.

Countless others are telling me in these last years how specific numbers turn up repeatedly on digital clocks or licenses etc.  We are becoming aware this is a sign from a higher universal power that our mind/body consciousness is being supported. And when the time is right – according to a divine calendar that few access in this reality as yet – an amazing shift will occur.

Back in the early 1980′s, when no one was writing about or making public such “far out” ideas, needless to say, when they started to happen in my life I was absolutely terrified!  Here I was awakened that night – realizing a gigantic screw apparatus was twisting its way down through the air toward me.  This was no dream or nightmare!! I tried to move out of its path but my body was immobilized.

I was unable to free myself.  Then I was somehow being told that I was part of a human experiment. I felt the presence of five entities or spirits of some sort around my bed as though I were in an opportunity room.  I typed ‘opportunity’ there rather than ‘operating’ which was what I wanted to say…however, ‘opportunity’ is exactly right.  Because there was a sense that I was somebody’s opportunity – to serve as a human guinea pig. The drill was cutting me in two: in the middle of my chest, just above my heart. There was something about the female and male sides being separated.

I recall having a frantic, screaming scene with these entities – silently in my head. Now I would call it telepathic communication. Part of the argument was their willingness to be seen. I was hysterically begging them to NOT let me see them!! The thought of having visible entities in my bedroom was absolutely beyond anything I could tolerate.

I was so terrified! I didn’t consciously think I would see little grey ETs and I still don’t believe this was the sort of physical intruders in my bedroom. There was no physical pain but the mental anguish of pending pain was excruciating! I must have won that bit of the argument about not being able to tolerate seeing them.  However, for three or perhaps four hours, I was taken apart and dissected. I was conscious during the entire time.

When it was over, I was suddenly released! I needed to use the toilet and shaking with fear and with my body painfully aching, absolutely exhausted, I managed to make my way to the washroom across the hall. When I stumbled back to bed, I realized two things: I was alone now.  And it was almost time for the alarm to go off. And somehow I managed to pull myself together and go on with the day.

How and why was that possible?  Because again, once the incident occurred it was swept into another area of my mind – what I would now call the super-consciousness.  I didn’t remember it and my everyday body didn’t seem to suffer fatigue or strain.

These middle of the night intrusions on my normal life existence occurred several times over the next years. Each one was a different involvement of my conscious and subconscious energies. Throughout the Pandora Process I have integrated these experiences into what I now can refer to as transformational shifts in my human awareness and I have written the details in this book.

Throughout the manuscript some names have been changed to respect privacy. Some fascinating twists and turns were made with someone I thought of as an “average Joe”- who was first introduced to me as a Shaman. In the 1980’s, due to the paranormal experiences around his essence, I started to wonder if he was my Soul Incognito Mate – or as I dubbed him SIM. The definition of incognito is one whose identity is disguised or concealed.

Depending on your contacts and undeniable experiences, Shamans, Gurus, Spirit Masters, Angelic Forms, Avatars and human-looking helpers from galactic neighbourhoods are absolutely real. Sometimes, since energy manifests from the darker part of the etheric plane – the awareness that positive, loving beings of light are here to help us ascend – can be experiences we don’t care to acknowledge.

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) in global cell phone lingo unlocks a code. I recently realized this concept perfectly explains the experiences I encountered with my SIM. In various packaged SIM models over three decades, I was gradually unlocking my master code. To discover who I always had been. And in uncovering the truth in my own Pandora Process, I could share my discoveries. And so I am…


And when I journeyed deep into those recesses of my soul and I was so lost in my dark places, feeling the psychic pain when my breast was cut off as an Amazon woman – or the battle fields when swords and lances pierced my armor and I watched the life-blood spill from my wounds – SIM was always there…in spirit, his essence filling my being with hope and reassurance.

It was this man who walked into my office and straight to my desk one morning after another one of my three night hospital stays. He simply said, “It’s not manic depression. It’s something else.” I never asked him for an explanation. He never offered one. However, from that day forward those few words were enough to keep me on track. I simply believed it and even as I continued to live through some indescribable horrors, that reassurance kept coming into mind – somehow holding me safe.


 It was author and widely respected scientist, Jose Arquelles, who inspired and named the world’s first globally synchronized meditation event which occurred on August 16-17, 1987.  He believed the meaning of the Harmonic Convergence extended into other dimensions as it closely coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in the Solar System. He concluded that what was occurring was a prophetic enactment on the third dimension of something foretold at a higher level in another dimension, at another time, by seers whose sole purpose was to monitor the karmic unfolding of Earth. (For more see: 2012 Biography of a Time Traveler: the Journey of Jose Arquelles.)

Was “WE DID IT” just one of those bizarre happenstance things locked away in a human memory bank?  Yes…because it is surreal. That entire era was riddled with “times out of time” for me. Was my awareness so broad that what I knew needed to be subdued until the right time?  That particular night marked an essential ascension portal opening for humanity.  Just as so many aware “on planet” Earth Changers are identifying this August, 2017 as a crucial star gate?

It has taken over thirty years for me to accept my own unique, synchronistic journey has been and continues to be dedicated solely to aiding this unfolding.  I am teamed with increasing numbers of “off planet colleagues” who I recognize in their sincerity of purpose – to awaken and fulfill our unified goals.  We took on modern human attributes and form, working through the burdens of former Gaia soul incarnations. Humanity will “slip the surly bonds of Earth” because Light Workers are spreading “insider insight” to “show the way”.

And what about my male travel companion with whom I spent hours – no, make that endless, seamless eons – telepathically communicating via higher dimensional energy?  There are many stories to tell about that guy.  One comes to mind from the late 1990’s when one of those less frequent middle of the night summer driving adventures took me (OK – along with Mr. Invisible passenger) to the deserted Horseshoe Valley Ski resort near Barrie, Ontario. I had been teaching at the local college there since 1991.

Over the years I could almost imagine Mr. Invisible/Invincible was away on business trips and then, back on Earth time, he needed my full attention to share the latest information. And as soon as I parked in the empty lot, for the first time ever, I could hear my determined, passionate response – silently and vehemently protesting in my head. “WE HAVE TO GET MORE PEOPLE OUT!!”  “WE CAN’T STOP HERE!”  I wasn’t giving an inch on this one. “WE HAVE TO DO MORE!”  “WE HAVE TO GET MORE PEOPLE!”

Keep in mind, throughout all of these “meet-ups” I NEVER heard his voice or knew the ideas I was responding to due to my limited consciousness communication techniques.  With little effort, I can still feel myself there that night – in my driver’s seat – having one of the most important silent disagreements one can imagine….without moving my lips.  All the while keeping my awareness focussed on the darkness around…in case a security guard would suddenly find me pretending to just be parked alone.

Protecting my invisible life partner to whom I’m obviously joined at the hip – at least the guy invisible and still unknown to me!  The average Joe who had the authority and ways to change the world and who I guess has popped into my life in various male personas – like a Shaman or Avatar – to reassure me he exists.  And that is the other part of this story.


Spurred forward with the primal instincts of newly hatched sea turtles, average homo sapiens are being collectively swept into the evolutionary flow. We are never alone. A benevolent guidance urges us to respond to a divinely timed invitation from universal consciousness.

Nested on Earth, unconscious to the fact we would eventually shift to the source energy of the cosmos, we intuitively turn on our GPS signals. An eternal light is calling each individual soul home as we approach the incoming tides.

We land turtles – the genesis of Real People – needed to simply break free of the shell of confinement…ascend….and BE HAPPY!


September, 2018

My higher purpose was always to personally experience, identify and note the shifts in human galactic consciousness on Earth. Then share with readers and audiences the powerful, beneficial signs of awakening. Welcome to the Home Team of millions of evolving souls. 

If you know a publisher who will find my experiences uniquely interesting – to say the least – please pass along what you have just read.  I have lived it, shielded it, and after the heart attack on August 10, 2018, realize I have been served a “Stop Procrastinating Warning”!  I obviously need to get this book published….sooner than later…  Thank you for any available help….


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