New Blog

This is my first blog post. I welcome your input and perspective to questions I will ‘put out there’ for consideration.  I will continue to write longer pieces under Emerging Thoughts and invite you to take a look and post your comments about that here as well.

Each day I dedicate time to study and research how our planet is unfolding into 5th dimensional reality. I am delighted, amazed and can hardly wait for the truth to be out for everyone to know! The timing of daily synchronous events in the lives of so many of us is absolutely brilliant!

A thought or two for today : Who or what is in charge of this incredible Emerging Era on the Earth?  Could it be all part of a master plan…one that requires quick plot changes so we can stay up to speed?

Could it be our understanding of ’truth’ is shifting in the magnification of light from what I will refer to as “cosmic intelligence”. Off-planet forces, invisible in our 3rd dimensional limited understanding, are fully in action.  Could that be part of the answer?  

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