Awareness Exercise

Step Beyond Your Fears and Limitations




I’m sure you’ve heard it before: you can’t love any one else until you truly love YOU. The main focus of my work is helping people achieve new thinking and behaviour so that self-love shines through.  It is that light that attracts the good things into our lives. It is the relationship with the SELF that always needs adjusting.

Any time we carry out a Relationship Reno, we start fresh. We learn to value the things about us that are authentic and true. The rest is quietly removed and forgotten – kind of like the boxes stored in the attic.

Self Renovation techniques can take a bit of time and attention to detail. Mostly a commitment is required and an acknowledgement that our internal SELF needs a bit of freshening up. The results are always worth it! When we have completed an interior renovation, we feel inspired and energized to redo the exterior too. There is magic here!

You can begin to renovate your relationship with YOU right now.   Operating from a different energy, you attract different people and opportunities into your world. This is how we manifest the changes we want to see in the world.  Those you love will instinctively respond to YOU differently.  They notice something new; can’t quite put a name to it…??  And they find inspiration to redo some of the colours they unconsciously show to the world as well.

I’ve discovered that our soul’s relationship with our environment manifests in our colour preferences.  Yet, we tend to be unaware how colour so clearly represents our moods and feelings. We also tend to devote our lives to colour ‘fashions’ of any era.  Isn’t it interesting?  We add a ‘dash’ or a huge, defiant ‘splash’  here and there in accessories or the car we buy.  That’s because a particular colour seems to say “ME”.  Colour then, expresses our emotional level OR the way we have come to see ourselves.

I designed Awareness in Living Colour as a free Relationship Reno tool that you can use on your own.  Similar to many habits and preferences, when we develop some awareness that change is possible, we are off and running on our own transformational power!

The five modules I call Awareness in Living Colour are offered below.  Go ahead! Take the first step to build a new framework…a new home for your Emerging soul.

By the way, something as simple and yet as complete as this is ALL IT TAKES to begin your own Pandora Process. Think about the box Pandora was warned not to open.  In my belief system it was a ‘tool box’ – the tools that would help us unlock that love safe! Or safe love.  In a world where it hasn’t always been the smartest thing to do.

And yet, all the tools we ever needed were always locked away in our hearts. When the time was right, the divine plan was laid out that we would discover that truth. So, have fun!


Excerpt from Relationship Renos©; part of THE PANDORA PROCESS© series– Created by Judy Watts


Do you sometimes open your mouth and words spill out that simply don’t belong to you? Not only is the emotion and tone all wrong. The content has nothing to do with you or the current situation either. That’s frustrating enough! But what about those thoughts that keep whirling around in your head? The ones that simply won’t go away.

There is no getting away from the power these invisible tapes have over you. They suck up energy and never seem to produce much of value to show for it. They take your life in negative directions. They keep you living in a dark place – far from the real YOU that you know is waiting in the next room – if only you could find a door to get there.

You are definitely NOT ALONE.  We are living lives of isolation and fear.  And you are also not alone when you think of the frightening prospect of making changes. Take heart! You can make that renovation – start a new life – right now.  You can rid your Self of the musty, damp basement stuff – effortlessly and forever! And you will begin to rediscover some of your personal treasures you forgot existed in the REAL YOU.

I have created a simple exercise programme that could be totally designed to fit your needs. You just will want to make a commitment to increase your awareness. BECOME AWARE of your thoughts and words for the next fifteen days. The rest will take care of itself.  So – that’s the commitment you need to make. Are you willing to do it? Sure you are!!

This work will take one other financial investment.  You need a few small tools: a notebook and transparent markers in several colours. Try to find colours that really speak to you.  Like looking through the paint samples and deciding on a few that you will want to take home and think about at your leisure.

You will need to carry your tool kit with you in a purse or pocket or briefcase or keep them in a handy place in your home or workplace.

There is a time investment too – you can always sneak in a few minutes here and there.  Trust me on that one.

This Process is quite simple.

(1) You will be instructed to note certain words, expressions or ideas that seem to roll effortlessly off your tongue each day.

(2) You will start making notes about certain ideas that come to mind.  With all the thoughts we have each hour you may think this is an impossible task.  You’ll be surprised.  We keep nailing down the same old shingles on the roof (our head).  Try it and see!

People tend to take notes all over the place these days. So you can feel free to take out your bookbook and make your Note to Self about Self even if you are with another person in conversation. Just make up a reason or a typical excuse – which will certainly expose a few more nail heads you keep hitting!

Or, alternatively, do the exercise as soon as possible after the awareness hits you. Save the keyboard for other tasks. This exercise works because you are attaching a tool – in this case a pen – through your hand and arm, to your brain. That means you are working with the basic physical energy system and the tendons and nerves and all the original parts.  That’s where the DNA memories got locked in; that’s what we are going to change.

Quite naturally, you probably think this is ‘headquarters’.  Your personal supervisor directs all your activities from there.  Actually, no. Your heart is where the big boss of you hangs out…

The five exercises are all about colour – which will be explained as you go along. Using colour is ESSENTIAL. Adding colour to your mind’s eye – both inner and outer – will be shown to instantly trigger Self Awareness.

One other reminder: A new habit repeated five times replaces the old. It won’t take long before the Process becomes automatic. It gets easier all the time.  Have fun as you start becoming AWARE of how you colour your world each day.

EXERCISE OUTCOME? You will develop the eye of a gifted, wise internal decorator.  You will notice the nuances and shades in your thoughts and words that you MIGHT want to tone down or eliminate completely. You won’t even need to buy a brush or a roller.  That’s the magic!



For the next three days (or longer if you really need to get into the routine):  Begin identifying words and ideas that you particularly LIKE. They are probably kind, supportive, loving and non-judgmental. This is your mature, wise and evolved human voice speaking in you. It knows what to keep and what to send to the dumpster.

The ideas may be about yourself, your loved ones or strangers, your work or about any subject… even the weather! Imagine they are being heard by a deeply loved and respected grandparent. Your heart always knew the colour of authentic love.

Just a line or a couple of words is enough.  You can add to a growing list on a page.  Or use only a part of a page or an entire page for each thought.

Get your inner decorator’s eye involved immediately! Dash over it a transparent coat of your most favourite colour. Maybe it’s Deep Royal Blue or Sunshine Yellow or if it’s a colour not contained in one marker,  create a rainbow effect by combining.  Do it as soon as you have written a sentence or a few words in point form. This immediately transforms vague thoughts into visible, colourful, heart-filled words. You might want to use a pen in your favourite ink colour as well. Obviously, in defiance of the fashions of some eras, black isn’t going to quite do it!

It may take a while when you first begin this exercise, to actually remember to commit a few words to paper. So, it might be a slow process the first day. Maybe you should begin the exercise on the weekend or a day off.  Take as much time as you can without getting frustrated with yourself in any way. Whatever you can capture and colour blue will be all that you need to do. It’s all perfect!

Make some time at the end of each day to look back at what you’ve written and painted in your favourite colour. You’ll start to see some interesting patterns appearing already.

Note how these words or ideas make you ‘feel’. Is there a place in your body that seems to resonate when you see this idea? And then try to remember how you felt when you spoke or became aware of this particular idea.  Remember, we’re looking for all the good stuff – the stuff we want in greater abundance.

Start looking for these coloured words in your thoughts. Don’t worry about anything else you think or say. Don’t make a judgement on that at all.  Just notice the good stuff thoughts as often as you can for Three Days. Say a silent ‘thank you’ to your Self each time you find one. And see if more of them start to appear each day.

Be aware of something else.  Are you sensing some resistance in discovering these kinds of positive, loving thoughts?  Notice how often that restrictive energy comes up too. Ask your Self (you are booked into appointment time with your HEART BOSS) “Do I dislike doing this because I have to do a bit of work for my Self? Am I ‘wasting’ time on ME in order to keep my commitment to completing this exercise?”

Or maybe the question to the BOSS is, “When I think and speak from this loving place, do I feel vulnerable and fearful??

Listen and see what the BOSS says…You’re finding out some things about your Self already.




 If you did your best to take the first big step in the Awareness in Living Colour Exercise you have embarked on a stirring, stupendous TRANSFORMATION that is nothing short of miraculous!

How can something this subtle possibly be so powerful?  I’ll explain all that later.  In the meantime, have you noticed ‘new’ thoughts here or there?  You’ll recognize them as not part of the familiar crowd granted daily visitation rights to the lit corridors of your mind.

Any or all might have inspired you to take positive action for your Self in the last several days. These will appear more often as you gently move into Alteration Awareness.



As you dash a coat of your favourite colour – blue, yellow, turquoise, pink - in your inner and outer world some ‘old’ thoughts might keep you awake at nights.  You hear them – dripping through the foundations upon which you have built the truth about your life.

When you hear a Drip saying “How can ANY effort I put into this simple exercise be more than a waste of my valuable time?” -  Think again!  Don’t be passive!  Stick up for your Self!  Answer the Drip!

“How much time am I worth each day?” you can answer.

And if your DRIP/EGO responds, “Well, let me tell you…without ME – where would YOU be?” then you know it is certainly time to put the hammer and crowbar to the super structure. And rip away….it’s such fun…

SO – Are you ready to take the Self Renovation Process to the next level?

Think HAPPINESS for the next three days.

Continue  to identify happy thoughts and events, painting them your favourite colour in your mind’s eye. Notice how many you attract into your awareness as you write and paint over them in that colour in your little notebook.  And now we’re going to step up this renovation project a bit. 

Have you ever meditated? If not, are you willing to give it a try?  Nothing to lose! Everything to gain!  

Find a quiet place to be alone for about five minutes.  What about right now?

Feel your feet on the floor, sit up straight and put your hands on your lap.  Allow your eyes to close gently and start to relax: Foot or head first.  It doesn’t matter; just allow your body to go off line – one appendage at a time. Breathe deeply a few times.

Remember the HAPPIEST MOMENT of your life so far. This is YOUR call. It could have been due to any number of things. At any age! You were there, weren’t you? You are making the value judgment. Don’t labour over it.
First thought is usually the best one.


Allow your archival memory bank to pay you handsome dividends! Recapture HAPPINESS in all its glory and wonder! 

Flesh out your sensual pleasure of those PRECIOUS moments in time. When feelings flow it’s because your touch, sight, sounds, taste and scent instincts did their work well in that experience.

If you try not to smile while you’re recapturing the

When you’ve been there, immediately grab your notebook and make some WORDS or PICTURES. Point form, sentences or sketches – write or draw them all in another one of your favourite colours.

Don’t lose the feelings. Allow yourself to revel in them. Where do you feel the sensations in your body? Note that too.

When you’ve done all that, come back.





No one plays hide and seek with you

 but your own sneaky Self – ever!







OK?  Got it?
Welcome back!


Mind – Body – Spirit – are activated. Lock them in!!

Re-save this memory under a different file name.  How about one of these? It should be something you can sing or dance to when the mood prevails – and it will!


“Hee! Hee! HAPPY Is ME!


That reclaimed memory, forgotten, relegated to the basement of your Being most of the time is your unique emotional BLUEPRINT for HAPPINESS!

It’s your Visionary’s Cornerstone.

It’s an indication of how your RENOVATED SELF is going to look and sound. How you will RELATE to LIFE. How you will relate to every person, place and thing.

No one else shares these feelings.  They couldn’t.

Solely yours, unique DNA, this is the model to replicate.

If you take on the Renovation of your Relationship with your Life, would you want any other feelings?

Not sure?  Maybe that’s where the LIFE Anagram I  created:

L-etting I-nfernal F-ears E-scape has some importance to you. We’ll go over that later.

So now you have your Blueprint. Bits of thoughts and pieces of daily experiences – FEELINGS OF HAPPY – may be easier to identify now.

Be Self Aware. Be Pro-active.

Begin to stock up your mental, spiritual and physical HAPPY ENERGY… so you can continue to effortlessly MOVE INTO RENOVATION MODE.

Like all natural, good, healthy things in LIFE
– they are all FREE! 






Two simple exercises so far and you have already profoundly altered your life’s direction.  A dominant control programme downloaded into your behavioural hard drive has been over-ridden. Or, in the language of Relationship Renos, you just built a new subfloor above your cellar.

Deciding to NOT dig up the dirt under the cellar is a smart first step.

No need ever to gut, strip or tear down.  That would require patience, suffering and sorrow you can safely let escape – forget it!

Remember that old saying: “Will it matter five years from now?  Twenty years from now?” So, what were those things that are essential to cast in bronze – last week even?

What is your personal legal responsibility for the historical facts – and fictions of your life? Let the decay, erosion and fungus in everyday thinking habits slip below your awareness. It was all illusion anyway.  How many of the fears and worries actually happened?

A quick time conversion could be called a “leap”.

 It is featured in new
energy for 21st Century living.

Your Self Creation Renovation Blueprint will be an award-winning project for you. Issue yourself a Work Permit – permission to go ahead and get involved – and follow me to your job site. Leave the hardhat behind.


 Awareness Activity

 The tools you need are your notebook and another coloured pen and marker. Relax and allow your body to slip into light meditation. Breathe deeply in and out about five times. Be ready to write ideas in point form or create simple sketches.

Once again, first thoughts are the richest. Don’t second guess your Self. All ready?

Wait a second!  I just remembered something. I’ve been pretty specific about changing your colours to designate positive feelings of happiness and joy. Why do you think? I’m not going to tell you.  You already know.

OH, OK!  It’s because each feeling state naturally wears a different colour wardrobe. That’s why you paint the kitchen one colour, the bedroom another and the bathroom…well?  That’s always an interesting conundrum…Maybe it’s more about the trim in there?

You’re in your own New World now.  I wanted to get you aware of a way you can assign importance to certain thoughts/feelings by dressing them up in colour.

It is IMPERATIVE to the changes (The Pandora Process) I’ve developed for Relationship Renos.  So, keep using the Awareness in Living Colour Technique to emphasize different emotional/feeling qualities…which means using colour as a representation of the feelings.

Except YOU are the master/mistress of your own destiny. Always – so use colours you resonate with on a soul level.  They are YOU!!! And if you want to use only one colour – well go for it!   

ACTIVITY STEP ONE: You are going to imagine we just time travelled to your dream home.

It could be the one you currently live in or not.  It could be in a totally different historical era or geographical place.

Expect to manifest your deepest desires here. 

This may not be easy. Are you hesitating?  Are you getting lost?

Dig down and ask for some help.

“Hey…you inside me there” (You’re looking for the part of you that feels it never gets a chance to make any real decisions.)  “Hey – wake up!  What do I REALLY prefer here?  I’ve GOT to have SOME ideas about what I want.”

You may be listening for a big, booming voice from that source.  Realistically you shouldn’t.  Put under the spotlight, our inner reality simply disappears. It isn’t accustomed to being acknowledged. So, just take whatever urgings you get and build your dream around it.


Imagine a door. What are the walls made of that support it?  Or, are there no walls? Maybe it’s a VERY open concept construction?

Create weather conditions and external structural features. You will begin to immediately see your dream house on a certain terrain.  It may be surrounded by vegetation, landscaping and walkways. Think Bali or Tibet. Think Venus or Saskatoon.

Nothing has to be logical. Make it big or make it small. It’s all free thought! Cost estimates don’t exist. Blow the budget!

The only restriction I’ll ask you to place on yourself as you create this dream house is the number of rooms. Limit them to five – each designated for a specific  purpose.  You eventually will design someplace to (1) sleep; (2) eat; (3) bathe; (4) relax; (5) work at what is your passion.

And I’m asking you to be willing to put that colour that you would like to see assigned to each of those rooms…not what your mother, father, wife or husband, sibling or best friend wanted…what you always wished you could have made it! Just yours alone!

OK so far?  You’ve got the picture.  It might be best to go off and do something else now. Let the ideas percolate – while you sleep – while you work. Don’t abandon the project. Don’t abandon YOU!

You have three days again to get a good sense of this dream haven. Decorate it, furnish it, make it the most exciting and fantastic place totally filling all your unexamined fantasies.

Use materials if you want to create a colourful model. It’s all up to you…This dream home is your insides – turned out.

Have you ever heard of a ‘dream board’?  It’s something you actually create – usually on a big piece of paper or cardboard and you find pictures of things that really you would like to manifest in your own life/space/aura.  This might be the perfect project for you to make now – as you gather styles and colours from magazines and from the computer (maybe you can print some off). 

OR – just draw that internal home extended outward from your own creative expression – with pencil, pens and markers…. I’d love to be able to see what you’ve completed…





Shortly after moving to a new home, sharp memories of the old one fade. It’s like you are engaging LIFE from an alternative dimension. What becomes of the memories – the etchings on your soul  – some so painful – that you think you can never forget – or forgive?

Change any physical environment and all bound up energies caught up in that background come loose. They are free to reassemble in whatever way we wish them to. Our thought energies are the foundation of our feelings – and our attitudes and our beliefs.

That’s why we say “A change is as good as a rest.”

You may be mystified if you revisit your old home some years later.  Emotional and psychological ‘feeling’ walls are no longer standing in the structural space you vacated. Often there is a simple sense of dissociation that carries no energy at all.  Awesome!

In that heartbeat, you feel free. That’s when you sense joy – even for an instant. You experience the taste; you see the light. You hear silence. You can paint the colour of JOY.

Change your thinking.  Change your feelings.

Change your life.  It’s that simple!    ====================================

Awareness Activity

Become aware of any sweet, swift instant of joy now. You are sampling what’s ahead as you move through the Pandora Process – LIFE. Each in his/her own time; each in his/her own way.

You are in transition as you begin to ‘Let Infernal Fears Escape’. You are surrendering to LIFE!  Sure, time heals. Yet there are other ways to let fear get away…to let it escape. Funny to put it that way, isn’t it? Why would anyone want to hold onto fear? Duh!

Warning! Do not touch a hot stove. Keep anything you don’t want incinerated out of an open flame! That’s very wise. That is logical thinking. That is common sense thinking. It shouldn’t be necessary to incorporate fear into that thinking pattern.

Once you’ve got the idea, you could turn to universal wisdom like this for everything. That is positive energy incorporated into our everyday thinking. We all can do this.  We can learn. We can be fear-less!

It’s possible that about 99% of the fears instilled in your life – in therapeutic vocabulary – are introjections. We incorporate incredibly bizarre, unreasonable attitudes and ideas into our personalities unconsciously.

Attitudes and ideas are super-charged with fear because of our relationship to the person, place or thing where it was originally triggered.

So fear is nothing more than negatively super-charged feelings: borrowed or donated. It never belonged to you in the first place.  Why do you continue to carry it?

You can just say, “Thank you” for sharing my life.  “Thank you” for your interest in my welfare.  “Thank you” and I’m moving on - to a stronger feeling than fear now.  There are several available: faith in our own decision-making abilities based on love for our  Self come to mind right away.

You weren’t powerful when you accepted the introjections.  You are now. And ‘forgetting’ and ‘forgiving’ – which leads to even greater joy – enters your heart as fear exits.  Funny how things work out sometimes!


Oh! I forgot to mention one thing when you were building  your dream house in Module #3. When you can clearly see this place in all its wonder, imagine you will be living there ALONE for the next year.

Cool, eh?
Or…not!  It’s just a plan on paper… or a vision board… 

This is not a permanent break with anyone or anything in your life.  A kind of wave your magic wand moment is what we’re looking for.  You could even believe that you are both places at the same time.  Nobody will miss you because to them you are still there – fulfilling your responsibilities each day.

So, they won’t even notice you’re gone. Aren’t there times when you aren’t “really there” anyway? Aren’t other eyes you glance into occasionally vacant too?  So don’t give that slight hiccup in your big plan a second thought.

Just get into that consciousness where you will be on your own, pursuing your own dreams, living your life the way your want in the kind of environment that will create the most joy for you.

STEP TWO:  So what exactly would you imagine doing in each of these five rooms for a year?

To get into the exercise, start by imagining two weeks there. Detail the occupations or past-times you would carry out for fourteen days on your own in your dream home with no way to communicate with anyone else in your current world. You have music, books, food, movies, hobbies – toys of any kind. But no electronic gadgets to check anything at home.  That alone can be a great challenge for those attached to a cell phone or computer in most waking hours!

Remember you’ve got nature as the sixth room too. What season is it?  What is the ideal temperature? What would you do outdoors? Everything is possible.  Enjoy your quiet time alone and start to really understand internal peace.

As you begin to feel that peace, again check out your body and fine the places where the peace feels so awesome!  Draw a stick figure  – or take a real full figure photo of YOU – or a line drawing of a human form. 

 See how the colours you’ve already used are falling into place now and attach or chart that feeling colour – or create a new hue or tone.  Once you start integrating peace and joy and happiness something quite wonderful occurs.  A different embodiment will happen. 

There is energy in every colour.  It literally speaks to a certain part of us…that’s why black is down and dusty and dirty! And why red is vibrant and heart-felt and audacious!  You will start feeling how your true colour is beginning to emerge. 

Feel it!  Breathe it!  Sleep it!  Think it!  Talk it!  That’s the unique, inspiring YOU…nobody ever like you now….nobody ever like you…ever…  






In this Module, remember you are working from a place where you have the absolute ultimate life…it’s all yours! You’ve dreamed it up to suit all your desires, needs and goals. Just step over the threshold – you’re there! You’re you – carrying yourself into that inner marriage of strength/compassion and love. 

And we didn’t even talk about gender differences in there.  Or the soul mate we have each believed exists.  Yes….that other is the part of us we have been longing to discover.  And now you have found him or her…inside you already.  And eventually you will see that reflection in a sensitive partner/spouse.  We always mirror back what’s inside – that’s why we need to be as loving and happy and joyful as we possibly can.

Did you find Module Four an easy task? Free-thinking or magical thinking – to imagine your ultimate level of happiness in a home environment?  Did it stretch and reshape your former personal boundaries around expectations and possibilities?

Imagining is sort of like conscious dreaming. It is dream-making…in dynamic, multi-dimensional, living colour. When we tap into any creative expression we are accessing magical thinking.  Consider computer animation, Shrek, Avatar, or a Disney kind of existence.

What’s ahead as we are evolving into an unprecedented era of human growth potential? Quite simply, we become free in ways we hadn’t imagined possible. It’s true! Positive emotions are lighter. So we become light beings – or as some futurists are calling us – light bringers.

Have you ever been moved to tears like I have – imagining the sacrifices of our ancestors? You and I are living the HOPE – we are the light at the end of every dark tunnel throughout history. What a wonder-filled responsibility we have each been given!

Your personal journey will manifest in ways so uniquely perfect that even magical thinking won’t begin to cover it all!


Awareness Activity

If you really got into the spirit of working through the last module you might have come up short. How long before it dawned on you that even the ultimate lifestyle of the rich and famous can take on all the trappings of a Robinson Crusoe existence – pretty dang quick!

Someone was missing. Or many were missing! How many activities work better with more than one body in attendance? “Gosh, the moon and stars are lovely tonight!”  Merely hearing those words in the voice of another makes you feel confirmed – somehow very real. A lonely planet is…well…lonely!

A holiday week in quiet solitude might feel nice – or maybe two weeks? Beyond that most of us would find the entire experience almost surreal – eerie – fightening even!

So if you sometimes (or often) think you would be happier on your own in this world, odds are extremely high you are basing that ‘personalized truth’ on fear.

We stubbornly hold on to a fear-filled existence – formed in experiences when we weren’t able to see through misperceptions and assumptions. We can awaken. We can learn to depend on the safety and comfort of authentic love to fill our emotional needs – in EVERY MOMENT!

And these Five Introductory Relationship Renos Modules  (Awareness in Living Colour) extracted from my LIFE Spirit Mentorship Programme, are all about Letting Infernal Fear Escape.  Just like that!

 As you begin unearthing positive influences on your life you will immediately shift your overall awareness. More and more good memories will seep through. Fast-freeze them, renovate details so that they blend into a new understanding and you have super energy free to hit the happiness trail.

The transformative energy released in the Pandora Process is powerful! You are a beautifully functioning mature human being. You have everything confidently under control.


Everything that comes along in life is for a reason. When you feel gratitude for each experience something wondrous happens. A lesson – upon which more inner freedom and happiness rests – becomes evident.

A process of alchemy can change fear into greater knowledge and understanding that frees you.

You can learn to stand outside the dramas.

ACTIVITY STEP ONE:  Imagine you are comfortably living in that dream home. Everything is absolutely perfect –  just the way you want it to be.

Set aside a good hunk of quiet time to think about the choices you made in order to flesh out your five rooms and the external landscape. You’ve already created furnishings, the inside colours – and the way nature blended – as well as the favourite past-times you have selected.

Now – beside each item note where you learned to appreciate or desire the choice you made.  Was it from a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, the media, a course of study, a magazine? You might have included a piano in your dream home.  Was it your parents’ gift of childhood lessons that influenced your preference?

That’s the sort of memory work you’ll need to do here. This isn’t an easy thing to do but well worth the concentrated effort. You have to be really honest.  There will be some resistance in being that truthful about where credit is due.  That’s to be expected. The Process frees you…

STEP TWO: More Note Taking: – The Colours will just automatically flow when you conjure up the following faces in your New Awareness! 

OK…this is really the fun part!! You are in a mellow frame of mind; imagine you can get on the magic ‘phone – telepathically invite anyone you wish to your dream world home. Here are a few suggestions – don’t be limited by them in any way.

1. Invite some people you will want to entertain for just a minute or two – so you can say a few things you might have wanted to before!
You can listen to their responses or not. You might be surprised to see how few fall into this category.  That’s because you have learned to forgive!  To not take anything personally and have truly learned to love yourself.  What others do and think about you is not your business!  Guess you’ve heard that one before…

(You can actually MAKE THIS FORGIVENESS SHIFT HAPPEN through exercises I incorporate in International Relationship Renos Workshops.)

2.  You may really want to invite people you have never personally met. Their work or ideas – originating in a different era even – were somehow important in shaping the person you are now. Religious teachers, political leaders, artists, athletes, explorers, celebrities, performers, scientists – historical figures of all sorts – have served humanity by sharing with us their access to creative energy.

3Keep working your way up your love chain.  Finish with the folks whom you would like to have around on a constant basis…forever as far as you can see it. You have the power to include any and all of the people you have ever admired, respected and loved.

You could imagine them living in a nearby community – across the lake or valley. You could visit them any time you want – for a chat, to share a favourite game, or to celebrate a smile when you see them sitting on a front porch.

4. Think of ONE person – it won’t be hard to do this at all – whom you would welcome with a completely open heart to share your dream home.

Assume everything you’ve chosen will manifest…it’s all up to you!


Make a plan! Powerful LIFE Spirit Mentoring and Healing opportunities are safe, affordable and liberating. Finish rebuilding your solid emotional foundation to support your new life.

What kind of emotional, psychological and physical structure is left after your Relationship Reno with Your Self? How do you feel about joy, peace and happiness? And best of all – LOVE – that you can see and share with everyone else!

Hope you can feel that big hug from me too…

Judy Watts, BA

Life Spirit Coach, Author, Editor

Transformational Growth Specialist

Founder – Emerging Era Communications

Headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada                      


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