ICR 33rd Annual Spiritual Conference and Retreat

Kundalini: Uniting Humanity in Troubling Times

Don’t miss the impressive array of presenters from North America and Europe who have offered to share their interpretation of the theme (Kundalini: Uniting Humanity in Troubling Times). There will be a workshop by Jennifer Mason associated with vocal presence, open forum discussions, as well as an opportunity to participate in Yoga and Tai Chi. There is still time to register and be a part of the festivities on Saturday, August 11, 2018 and Sunday, August 12, 2018.
Revised presentations include:

“Uniting Humanity in Troubled Times” by Alf Walker
“Solutions for Troubling times – Open forum” hosted by Michael Bradford
“Kindness: A Path That Can Be Walked By All” by Frances Stephens
“2018 Awakening: Humanity Reflects Kundalini Reality” by Judy Watts
“Nikola Tesla: Evolution’s Emissary – A Beacon of Kundalini” by Vitold Kreutzer
“The Stunningly Hopeful News of Kundalini” by Scott Hiegel

For more information concerning the ICR 33rd Annual Conference and Spiritual Retreat, itinerary, presenters and their topics, accommodations, and contact information, reference the Conference Brochure.

Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) conducts and encourages research and understanding of Kundalini and associated subtle energies as a normal part of the human evolutionary process and our spiritual awakening. According to this view, Kundalini is a psycho-physiological mechanism in the human body which, when activated, can bring about heightened states of mental functioning such as genius, creativity, inspiration, revelation, mystical experience, and paranormal faculties of mind. In cases where the process does not proceed in a healthy way it may present as certain forms of mental illness. ICR is actively promoting literary research into the lives of mystics and geniuses and actively promoting verifiable experimental research.

Why I don’t know.  However, my planned Saturday talk at this Conference didn’t happen.  I was having some unusual health issues earlier in the week and so I called and with deep regret, cancelled my attendance.  Inconceivably on the 10th of August – the day just before my talk had been scheduled – I was hospitalized after suffering an unexpected heart attack.   



A special invitation to my BDHS friends and classmates. Gosh! Has it been over 50 years?
Next Monday evening – May 28, 2018 (6:30-8:30) my friend Alda da Silva and I are presenting a free open discussion at Bradford Library about a topic that is so important to our world. For anyone noting the strange skies, as well as the obscure weather everywhere, it becomes obvious that things are definitely not the same as the ‘good old days’.
Our research is undeniable. The rising numbers of serious mental, physical and emotional illnesses are more than likely the result of countless chemicals being rained down on us each day from the peculiar white trails – that aren’t contrails – and form abnormal clouds. One cannot imagine the damage being done to the richness of Holland Marsh land – as well as the highland crops around our beloved hometown.
I have attached a flyer for this event and I urge you to invite friends, family, and neighbours.  We have presented our informative talks in several communities and Alda da Silva, has a personal story to tell about the loss of her precious homes in Portugal in the completely bizarre fires that swept through a broad spectrum of land near Star Mountain in October, of 2017.  Could it be merely coincidence that the horrendous California whiplash fires occurred  at the same time?  Mmmm?  There is obviously a bigger picture happening – from birds falling dead from the sky and volcanic activity, dying off of insects, permanent loss of trees, weather patterns far off seasonal norms… and, and…the list goes on.
Alda ( and I will be individually interviewed on a Toronto TV programme in the next weeks.  The truth must become common knowledge that the chemical trails we see overhead are NOT normal in any way. We are also planning meetings with representatives at all government levels to discuss the undeniable health effects from new 5G technologies and other ways our health and wellness are also being jeopardized without our knowledge – or permission. Do we have rights?  For sure!  We need to come together and speak up as caring Canadians!
These issues are so serious that many simply are unable to look at them. I understand completely. I can keep my head down, focused on anything that relieves me of thinking about the truth or of taking action.  Then I am reminded of world history around the years of my 1947 birth. Our generation knows and can sense danger because our parents survived it. Our beloved children and grandchildren were the future ‘hope’ they dreamed about. Come and share the love required to support our families forward through our current times…
We have some answers… And are always wanting to learn about other solutions.
Hugs – Judy -
The kid whose family owned Riverview Inn and Marina…Bet I scooped you an ice-cream cone or two in those teen years"</p

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