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Ground Crew Members Reporting for Duty

March 12, 2015.

It’s been quite a while since I posted to ‘Our Blog’. It has never felt so perfectly titled as lately when I am recognizing so many other Ground Crew Members from all over the world are also feeling and seeing what I am. Today, Sierra Roberts, posted a second piece to the Golden Age of Gaia and we exchanged some confirming words. This is what I wrote to her.

Just wanted to congratulate you after reading your latest piece! And yes…it is time to stand up and be counted…in all seriousness.

Thank you for your honesty…and in particular the part about not being hesitant now to stand alone in your truth…if necessary. Because those who truly love you will understand and support you through all things. My own life has strongly evolved in this way over these past brief weeks too.

I can’t prove it, but on some level I truly believe my daughters and their families and other important souls in my life know what is happening…but of course aren’t conscious enough to speak it yet. I’ve been the one on the ‘fringe’ for decades and now they are being gently extracted to stand shoulder to shoulder with all Light Bringers.They are also awakening to as yet unknown truth as our souls evolve in community.

That’s my take on this. Obviously that was always the plan. And yet it still amazes me when you somehow get an inside perspective and know it rather than just believe it. And without my sharing how I am feeling so much stronger, I can see the love light glowing in them. I know it is a reflection of my own expanding internal love energy. And yet? So wondrous!!!

I also have had this fleeting image that someday I would be standing confidently beside galactic emissaries…in a news conference. Strange coincidence, eh? What’s most peculiar of all – being a person who always seemed to need to have all the angles figured out well ahead of time, I have simply let all thoughts of the future elapse. Perhaps they are all now merged together in that multi-dimensional energy matrix?

It doesn’t matter how it turns out because all will be precisely perfect and ideal. I feel my internal strength growing every day as I am ‘lightening up’ – rapidly diminishing worry, concern and stress.
Bon Voyage from another Ground Crew Member.

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