Mother Earth

I am really keeping up with the transformative changes in the world at the moment.  Picture this: the heat on the Earth demonstrated through this high temperature weather, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes are actually the waves of energy that are coming into our bodies and changing us up…so the emotional dross in our DNA memories from countless earlier incarnations are rising so we can work out the finer points.  It’s all good!

We are being equipped with some wonderful new human attributes that are essential parts of the transcendence and enlightenment shifts. These include forgiveness – mostly of the Self.  And a new understanding of what love and acceptance is about.  It’s hard sometimes; personally, though, getting to the other side seems to be a much easier project than it used to be.  And the feeling of relief from all those pains and stabs of ego anger when they are released is awesome!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!  And writing about it in the Pandora Process – which I will soon be making available in a brief version with further books to come out after.  Love the work!

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