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Perhaps You Recognize Some of These ‘Signs’ Too?

I lived a decade of what I now call these “times out of time”, surviving countless mysterious, disturbing, distorted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual signs of awakening. Repeatedly putting the pieces back together and then finding myself beckoned into what I now know were different dimensional experiences, those ten years (1980-1990) everything was beyond my limited third dimensional consciousness.  

Unbelievably, looking back from this 2017 perspective, as difficult and alienating as the experiences were, I never believed I was losing my sanity. (Okay! Okay! There may have been brief moments??)  And it took many years before I could connect the dots and fully comprehend that I had awakened the Kundalini energy and all aspects of my ‘being’ were involved. As the saying goes, “It was all Greek to me!”  

Anyway, I didn’t tell anyone what was happening.  To be honest, I didn’t have the words or the understanding to describe any of it!  And even more strangely as these “times out of time” repeatedly overcame me for a few days or maybe weeks, immediately after the bigger picture was always sort of stuffed away: out of sight – out of mind. Until the box opened again and more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were put in place for me. 

What I have learned through years of what could be seen as a lonely, expanding, and now identifiable paradigm shift, is that I am not alone at all!  My research has brought to light the rising numbers of normal, average folks in this extraordinary time on Earth who are shifting into higher levels of consciousness.  Each in our own way and time. 

 So, after this incredibly difficult decade when it was “all Crazy – even to me” I mysteriously found myself on a Greek island (Andros) for three months in the summer of 1990.  Maybe it was provided by the Universe as a time for me to just “chill” and rebalance on my own.  Given my current knowledge, I understand I was also returning to a location of one of many past lives where my “old soul” had reincarnated to progress on its journey of learning. The words rest, relaxation or holiday never seem to be part of my life plan!  

Back in Ontario, teaching at George Brown College in Toronto in January of 1991, I unexpectedly heard the words “Pandora Process” in my mind.  I had no idea what it could possibly mean!  Yet, I accepted the gift and continue to immerse myself in situations that stretch and challenge me. There is no doubt: whether they are the good, the bad, and certainly the ugly, all things happen for an important reason.  Trust me on this one.  You just need to patiently and gratefully “wait and see….” 

I learned the Pandora Process is the way to the long promised freedom, the path to ignite the heart light always waiting to widely shine from within. You will see and feel the love glowing inside yourself first – and then become aware of its existence in every other living energy field. 

To begin to understand why I am even here in the first place, after so much change and confusion to those nearest and dearest as I lived the Pandora Process, my first realization in 1991 inspired me to action. “If I could only have read what I can write now – what a difference it would have made!!”

And later came the transpersonal psychology courses and workshops and intense learning from mountains of books I read.  Many unexpectedly given to me because I just happened to be “at the right place at the right time”. And for several years now, I stay current with disclosures via YouTube interviews and audio programmes from various wisdom sources world wide.  

Being worthy isn’t something you earn.  It’s something you recognize.  You were born worthy. (TUT, The Universe)

So, by sharing my insights to confirm and support various stages of the That Pandora Process, I honour my purpose.  Just as virtually everyone I meet these days is doing – as Light Workers!  I never imagined that my own journey was so tightly tied into the larger global awakening in consciousness until I allowed myself to believe it. That took a lot of courage on my part, I must admit!  

Certain events were energetically woven into the fabric of my daily life. They weren’t just news stories; they became energetic ‘signs’.   In my era at least, we all remember where we heard the unimaginable news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They made the announcement over the intercom in my high school in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

As another personal marker for me, the news of Robert Kennedy’s assassination was delivered to my bedroom by my mother a few days before my June wedding in 1968. Change was obviously “in the air” and not just because I would be now moving to London, Ontario where I lived for the next 22 years.

More strangely, perhaps, I still remember precisely where I was standing in my home in the fall of 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and again early in 1990 when Nelson Mandela’s release from his South African prison cell hit the news. The impact on me was extraordinarily profound. It freed something so I could take a new direction in my own life. I cover all of these ‘awakening energies’ and more in That Pandora Process manuscript.

When our souls are free to be all that is possible as a human being,  we are living each day in the wondrous light of HOPE.  Most of us never believed in this happening in our current life times.  A magic DNA button implanted to release us from our protective shells, in this Age of Aquarius, humans worldwide are feeling the symptoms of shifts and understanding life from a totally new perspective.

 And beyond any doubt, September 11, 2001 was the strongest soul trigger ever!  I have experiences from that time period verifying the existence of ‘synchronicity’ .  It begins with the ‘incredibly unimaginable circumstances’ that found me employed for three months that summer as administrator and one of two Canadian ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors at the newly founded Georgian College language school in Tehran, Iran. 

So, on levels which I’ve recently started to think of as cosmic, I have been tuning into the news of the moment and freeze-framing it. The incidents seem to be collected on a higher shelf in my mental library than the passing information I held so precious in books, countless research notes and personal journals I’ve kept for decades.

Frequently before then, however, still feeling the need to categorize and intently study everything that happened in my past, I wondered what really happened on that Friday in January of 1980 when my own Pandora Process journey began!  Twenty-five years later I read on an internet source this date – the winter solstice – the 21st of the month – was the official start of the Age of Aquarius.

Who knew what was really happening!! More specifically, who truly understands how every decision may be already planned in our individual Akashic Record?  My vantage point now shows me there were no choices for me on that date.  The setup of circumstances, the cast of characters from our beloved family of soulmates are agreed upon….apparently as we are relaxing between lives. (Ah!  That’s where we get to rest!)  

Reincarnated, we take on the tasks in order to learn various lessons. Sometimes we simply can’t do as we hoped. Some small or huge occurrence comes up that we hadn’t foreseen: a war or plague or other side-plots suddenly ruin the best laid plans or honorable intentions. I’ve learned it’s all meant to be. Nothing by chance! Nothing to regret! All things in their appropriate time and circumstance!



We move from 3rd dimensional awareness to higher states of consciousness with the awakening of Kundalini energy in our human body. To explain what I might call the Kundalini ‘miracle’ please refer to the website for the Institute for Consciousness Research (www.icrcanada.org).

An excerpt from the website:

Their New Discoveries, Surprising Insight.

For more than 30 years, members of the Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about Kundalini – a discovery that could be the most important scientific breakthrough of our time.

What is Kundalini? The rediscovery of a hidden but powerful mechanism that is helping us solve the riddle of consciousness.


That Pandora Process© has no choice but to expose the greatness of us all!

My own discovery that I had been experiencing a Kundalini awakening took many years to fully comprehend. If you put yourself in my place it would be easy to understand. Could you imagine being “worthy” of the eventual outcome? It would be like being naive enough to believe in your favourite fairy tale. And my personal sense of worth never measured up to such an eventuality.

My stunning realization I was ONE with the world as events like the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall and the 1990 release of Nelson Mandela impacted me to the core of my being: free at last! After three months blessedly resting in Greece and Ireland in the summer of 1990, the synchronous way I was connected with members of the Institute for Consciousness Research (www.icrcanada.org) in early 1991 was an essential key to the larger mystery.

That’s when I began to learn about Kundalini, the awakening I had been unknowingly experiencing for a decade by this time. And I was honoured to meet Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D. (www.kundaliniguide.com. and www.adyashanti.org) at a conference after the 1990 publication of her seminal book Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process. Although to be honest, I hadn’t heard of her and knew nothing much about what was being spoken about at the conference. A few months later I was asked to provided information on a research questionnaire for people experiencing unknown symptoms which could prove the phenomenon was happening in greater numbers in the Western world. Of course I did. Perhaps only imagining I would be the one on the “non-viable” list.

And yet the signs kept coming up in my life and continue to with greater frequency today. I was already on a designated path when I much later awakened to the significance of my conversations from the late 1970′s with my dear friend, Susan Maynard. Appreciating nothing about Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke and Cosmic Consciousness, another seminal book in the evolution of the human mind, I shared her delight when she received a Canadian grant to write his life story. He opened the door to important changes in mental health care way back at the turn of the 20th Century in London, Ontario where Susan and I were neighbours. Sadly, one summer day in the early 1990s, I received a phone call from her daughter in New York City to tell me Susan had passed away, a victim of cancer.


So, slowly, over many years I started to extricate myself from the 1984 bi-polar diagnosis. It was erroneous, painful and it caused fear and anxiety to so many people I knew. And it is THIS task to relieve and clear up the mystery of what is actually happening on our beloved planet that is my life’s purpose. Of that I have no doubt…

(My personal experiences over all these 37 years are written about in my book:That Pandora Process©.)


The following article was published on the Golden Age of Gaia website on July 25, 2014.

Judith Watts: Kundalini Energy in 21st Century Terms>
Posted by Steve Beckow

Longtime reader Judith Watts looks back on her life as a lightworker.

As the Annual Kundalini Conference in Flesherton, Ontario (ICR – Institute of Consciousness Research) approaches in a few days, I have been sending out information encouraging attendance. Many folks, to be honest, have not heard the word.

Those involved in energy medicine practices such as the BodyTalk System are familiar with the term as it is essential in understanding that ultimate healthcare and healing was always a basic component of the bodymind. You cut your finger, your body goes into action and begins to heal itself.

That kind of ‘magic’ was born in each of us. It is time for it to really show itself now as so many are experiencing physical, emotional and mental changes affecting everyday lives. It is stress-inspired and in my belief this was precisely the sort of “hurry up” mechanism that was needed in order for the Kundalini energy to fully bloom.

The individuals who were noted for their genius, remarkable insights and spiritual advancement through human history were the inspirational roses that suddenly appeared as cultural landmarks far and wide. Something about the mysterious human manifestation of a higher energy source has been discussed, written and wondered about for centuries – as far back as Socrates.

After my own Kundalini awakening in 1980, after years of shoving it to the back burner because it came packaged in a misdiagnosis of bi-polar illness, I got my life somewhat into a manageable framework. (1) So much had changed and yet I was determined to hold onto the old ideas and customs which included the stigma of mental illness.

That certainly kept me feeling crazy and untouchable and silent about what I had experienced. So many things I had never shared with another soul kept me positive and yet forewarned. I recently have felt the changes in the air, as frequent and dramatic as our extraordinary weather patterns.

And, beginning in 1990, I’ve been reading and integrating the truth as it is starting to become more available and the universe somehow has so often put me in direct line with contacts who were making a difference in these areas. All these synchronous events have gradually made me braver; I am owning my power and confidence.

After years of “spiritual emergencies”, hospitalizations and travels to various destinations, the need for this incredible journey is clearer to me now. Facts I’ve come to learn and appreciate about Kundalini are being assembled in the book I’ve been writing: The Pandora Process: It’s About Love.

Kundalini is commonly known as the evolutionary energy leading to cosmic consciousness for humanity. Various sources suggest the shifting or awakening in the world we are currently experiencing seems like the manifestation of this in an ever increasing number of us.

Most religious teachings speak of visions and light and changes in physical appearance at some future moment. Many people today still can’t believe their luck! They accept the prediction – as long as it is tied into a happening at least a hundred years down the pike!

It is more comfortable to believe that hope, which was the last element left in the Pandora Box according to the Greek myth, is always for the future. Why end suffering, pain and fear we have all come to understand as part of our human condition.

If past generations could withstand the heartache, muster up courage and continue into the fray, then who are we to believe we shouldn’t continue the traditions? Besides, what would the end of misery leave us to complain about?

It seems clear to me that as a human family we haven’t been taught to appreciate our own greatness. Would it be arrogant or egotistical to suggest we are truly the “change in the world we’ve been waiting for”. I don’t see why not. I never used to feel that way…until I started to learn to love and accept myself.
Undoubtedly as a result of the Kundalini energy turning me upside down and giving me a good shake more than a few times.

Using my always positive personal metaphor, in the Pandora Process when the forbidden Box opens these days it is impossible to shut it down and forget what exists inside. Actually is has always been love. And yet love doesn’t pay the armies or support the crucial segments of any society that hold power and vengeance. In today’s media coverage the compulsive attention to international weather and extremists incidents will soon bring the greater energy field on the planet into synchronous movement.

We are ALL ONE; we are a Global Village. Air travel and Twitter and Skype and texting and emails and all that technology, literally in our own two hands, manifests a deep, soul level human entanglement.
When I was teaching English and administering the college campus in Iran during the summer of 2001, television and media reception from other sources were forbidden in Tehran. Watch the local news…that’s all you needed to know. North Korea undoubtedly still maintains that vigilant watch over global information.

Gradually, as we know, cell phones appear to be growing as third thumbs on hands of all colours. Perhaps a daily reminder for the actual awakening of the ‘third eye’? This tiny pineal gland in the brain expands mind functions and gifts us with intuitive and other sentient abilities. As the Kundalini energy links the body chakras, the higher level unites with the cosmic source.

Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children, babies born since the 1970′s, are already functioning at a higher level of universal consciousness. Consequently, they don’t quite ‘fit in’ with standard cultural, gender, religious and educational motifs we’ve fought countless wars to hold onto. I think they may have something there…. Ya think!!

I see Canada as having a global reputation for solid scientific research in many fields and perhaps the freedom to continue to pursue the truth in biophysics, quantum theory, non-invasive medical procedures, neurophysics and psychology. Notwithstanding “big pharma” may often interfere with NRC grants; no evidence, just wondering?

Without conjecture, however, integration of body, mind and spirit, Far Eastern cultural wisdom for thousands of years, is finally accepted in Western consciousness. Some examples? Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, reiki, Tai Chi, BodyTalk and other natural wellness techniques were either unknown or bullied until the last decade or so.

In the same evolutionary adjustment in consciousness way, many reputable, contemporary voices discuss Kundalini – the life force energy – under pseudonyms: higher power, innate wisdom, higher self, God Self, Chi energy, source field, enlightenment, ascension…a New Earth…just to name a few.

The humanitarian shift perspective is endless as each cell and organism in the human body is affected by the changes that manifest once the Kundalini energy is awakened. I like to think of what is happening inside each of us living on the planet as a third dimensional seeding that is at last coming into fifth dimensional flower.

When we are away and unaware for only a few days and come home, startled to see the radiance and strength of our spring garden blooms, we experience just a small glimpse into the changes in store as the life force energy manifests.

Enjoy the many aspects of the Kundalini experience you are having now. The rough spots have been softened because disclosure and transparency make all things viable. You will only feel lighter and happier and totally supported in this next leg of the journey. What lies ahead is not just meant for your children’s children. It’s all been intended for the loving, energetic child in you….and you…and you….


Judy Watts

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