Disclosure? Yes…definitely…. But, when?

For many who are tuning into the higher energies on Earth in this Emerging Era, one deep, forbidden mystery incorporated into the contents of Pandora’s Box is extra-terrestrial reality. Although etchings of flying vehicles are discovered in ancient areas of civilization, it is customary third dimensional belief that Earth is the only populated planet. As we are now shifting in and out of multidimensional awareness, what was invisible and therefore unthinkable is more accepted.

There is a “safe time” attached to unfolding the full story. Something I would urge respected, dedicated Disclosure advocates like Stephen Bassett to consider. Here are the ideas he acknowledged receiving from me a couple of days ago….

As a supporter of the fact – beyond question – that life exists throughout countless galaxies I feel compelled to share some thoughts. Perhaps I simply have never read or heard these perspectives in the Paradigm Research information shared in recent months.

From various sources of information, including my own experiential awareness, the August 1987 Harmonic Convergence was the marker when the massive transition we are going through became not just possible but locked into deeply honoured contractual agreements. The Galactic Federation has been aware of Earth’s pressing safety issues since early atomic research, culminating in the bombings in Japan in August of 1945.

Future exchanges with Galactic neighbours will not merely consist of welcoming smiles on every street on Earth. Disclosure of the files long denied to Americans is tied into a shift from third into fourth and fifth dimensional awareness. This is the long-anticipated ascension process, also known as global evolution into multi-dimensional consciousness.

The premature breakthrough of any new truth would panic a large segment of a vulnerable global population. EMS backup for such a moment was never part of the larger plan. The higher levels need to be in order at which time the 3D barriers will simply fall away. The old, rotting foundational systems have been exposed: invaluable work you and your group are doing.

Based on population numbers alone, there was bound to be a necessary ‘hold ‘um’ until the higher energies could bring everything into alignment for Earth’s ascension. Several planning levels are clocking remaining 3D time, addressing issues like the following:

Uniting a central global leadership on New Earth
Establishing open links with multiple galactic neighbours
Setting up multi-dimensional transition gates
Educating post-ascension re-establishment
Raising natural transitioning population numbers
Planning compassionate living alternatives on Old Earth

Therefore, it seems logical that having the dark cabal stand down and/or agree to co-operate, or securing a totally open awareness of extra-terrestrial existence and their devotion and caring in Earth’s transition does not expedite the next phases. Not quite yet. But, it’s coming

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