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 Some of the unusual events involve weather changes across the globe which are of particular notice to the growing numbers of us in awakening mode.  Is it all “JUST” global warming?  Or is there a deeper truth being hidden from us?  Like many who are doing serious research about this topic I suggest we all “look up”.  What happened to the blue skies? What is that white-silvery substance that often hangs over us for several days?  That isn’t any rain or snow cloud I grew up expecting to see overhead. It’s weather manipulation and it certainly isn’t secretly being done to us for a  good reason!

Some years ago, based on some travel adventures, I started to do research and am grateful for brave weekly news updates from Dane Wigington at  When I follow often maligned YouTube sources on weather modifications, chem trails etc., I also tap into my instinctual knowing to ascertain truth. Ruthless fires, hurricanes, power outages, nuclear threats, bombings of the innocent, starvation of the hopeless – all reminders we are collectively and individually dependent on the “the powers that be”.

When I at last accepted the fact the world is not at all based on what I was taught as a Baby Boomer, I felt deceived, frozen in disbelief and then all the roles I had played to maintain that injustice came up to haunt me for a bit. Something snapped inside my heart and spirit!  I found myself determined to take this “breaking open of the old lies” and ensure the world of the future is just and safe for every life form on the planet.  All the untenable, swept under the carpet world events over the previous weeks, had already brought me to a few days of crying out my compassionate pain for the world. 

And then as my 70th birthday recently came and went in December, 2017, I found myself expelling absolute rage!!  So unlike me…but thankfully my empty kitchen sink could withstand a few blows from the helpless strainer in my hand as the non-familiar “F” word flew out from my usual smiling lips. Thankfully my career as a communications professor and counsellor gave me skills to help others take the next step after that first burst of the confining human bubble.  We are all shifting into a different world – and as I have discovered when we progress, the good gets better and the bad simply disappears.    

So it’s up to each of us to do our part. Find out what is really going on in, what we must never forget, is OUR world. Our ancestors – for generations – made massive sacrifices so we could be the future they always heard was ahead…somehow…someplace.  We must honour their lives and because we ARE all starting to come together now as a planetary family, we can step forward and know we are never alone. What do you do?

Make your voices heard. Right now. Recent threats to tighten up the internet means shutting down valid reports of whistle blowers.  And if we don’t get more than a mere whiff of truth in “fifteen minute coverage of massive false flag incidents” we will be back in the age far before landlines.  And sadly, the pony express won’t be operable because the land upon which live stock depended for life is saturated with GMOs.    

It doesn’t take long to separate fact from fiction. It DOES take having the courage to think for yourself, however!  Listen to your own internal directive.  At the moment at least, scanning internet sources is what is helping us shift around the corner – off the historically powerful boulevards of lies and deceit – to the simple, uncomplicated paths of truth.  There are definitely ways to create a safe, positive and loving life for our grandchildren. 

Be sure to check out under That Healing Place Public Talks on this website,  all upcoming and recent Community Global Awakening Forum Discussions, sponsored with my friend and geoengineering weather alteration researcher, Alda da Silva ( 

We are booking and (willing to travel extensively) to speaking engagements to explain this as yet little known threat to every life form on our beloved planet.  This isn’t drama, my friends!  Or a potential issue to worry about  fifty or a hundred years from now!  Look up at the sky above you.  You’ll see the evidence for yourself – just as you and all you love are feeling the physical assaults on our natural healthy body functions.  


My article published on Golden Age of Gaia on August 15, 2017 ( offers some insights about how confusion can turn to a partial awakening.

AUGUST 15, 2017

An Insider Memory of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence

By Judy Watts, BA


June 22, 2017 - We can’t continue to just sit on our hands and ignore the truth.

Another fact-filled documentary to watch on weather modification and just how long we have been without choices in what has been happening to our world. Google: Frankenskies full length documentary matt landman.   

June 21, 2017 – Summer Solstice

This message was sent to CBC News online today.  I cannot simply sit back and watch what is happening to our glorious planet Earth.  I hope after reading it you will also spread the word about the Chemtrails being dropped around the world.  We CAN and we MUST stop it…before it stops us for good!! 


Please look at the few seconds of coverage from the solstice celebration at Stonehenge available today on CBC. Look up! Those white lines criss-crossing the sky are the trails of chemicals being left by planes around the world. They are NOT contrails from standard jet expulsion in flight. Countless millions are starting to awaken to this reality..including those of us living in the Wasaga Beach and Barrie area of our magnificent country. As Canadians we MUST make this news country-wide.

We are exposed to the intentional destruction of our planetary existence: modifying our weather; vastly increasing countless human illnesses; killing off of wildlife and vegetation…the list goes on. WHY? That is another unbelievable truth that needs to be exposed immediately! If you want sources please contact me at 705-888-9767 or go on line at and watch the available videos and news updates by Dane Wigington and others who are opening this dark can of worms most people cannot begin to consider.

So many unimaginable things are taking place each day – and being reported. It overwhelms our compassionate, loving hearts. It detracts us; we find ourselves unable to tune into the news. That is the biggest mistake we can make. We are engaged in maintaining at least some power over our daily lives. This refusal to know the truth isn’t the way to do it! Instead we have already created a perfect environmental combination for the trumpeting cosmic elephant to sneak through the room. It’s not too late…we just need to get brave and know – as a unified human family – we can put our future back in our own hands. Stopping the destructive chemtrails across the planet is the first imperative.
Judith Watts, BA – Retired college professor, author, human rights activist


We Can’t Go Back To The Dark Again!

In sharing the release of a new film “Project Light: From Rwanda to Newtown” Nick Ortner ( verifies my decades of “Pandora Process” work. Light is the transformative energy moving our beloved Earth forward.

Before instant global communications exposed the truth, we were warned to be blind to the existence of the Dark locked down in Pandora’s Box. Awakening to the new consciousness, the truth emerges in a mass field of loving energy uniting every human heart.  This was the divine power of love we had been taught to box up – to suppress in fearful life circumstance for untold generations.

The film also demonstrates how simple, alternative natural healing like Tapping (EFT) – as well as the BodyTalk System, Reiki, meditative breathing and so on – supports the safe awakening of the Kundalini or life force energy.

Freely stepping forward in small steps – one by one – awakening souls spread the light of higher consciousness.  Scientifically, we know light and dark can’t exist in tandem: photosynthesis changes everything.

Talk about being able to at last welcome clean, free energy resources on Earth!  Gosh! What a concept!!!   


May 29, 2017 – Judy Watts,


The Shift in Global Consciousness is Undeniable! 

The ancient Greek Pandora myth laid the groundwork.   The Pandora Process© explains how the Emerging Era© of  our human journey is being constructed.  Fear fabricated  limiting beliefs have always screened our true, unique magnificence. 

The most powerful foundation tool in the chest – LOVE – was locked in each heart. Until this time to expand the human dimensions by rebuilding and unifying the levels of cosmic consciousness.        

It is the Pandora Process© that we are experiencing as we are moving into a new awareness: feeling safe to recognize, express and receive love. 

Hello again, Susan : (client name used with permission)

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain.  As everything is related I can’t but think the apprehension and sadness of your mother’s final days is aggravating your physical health.  Of course it would.  And, it would also mean that your own Akashic knowledge is arising too, as you are working out some of the karmic issues you came into this lifetime to address.

From what we now understand about in-vitro awareness, I can’t but believe that even in this current lifetime  – without going into factors in past lives – we would have trepidation as that moment of our own birth approaches.  We would be so closely tied into our mother’s anxiety and huge FEAR.  Few are able to cross into those hours of labour without some sense of apprehension – even with the hoped for reward of that beautiful infant to hold. It doesn’t always happen that way and our own past-life memories would verify that fear factor.

You could be pulling together the experiences of your own cellular memories of what your mother was facing in your physical birth, combined with her anxiety as she faces her spiritual transition in her last hours on Earth…this time.  These are both intensified energy, trauma-producing life transitions.

Our entrance and exit into physical existence are the most dramatic and the normal place to feel the ties of compassion with the members of our soul family who are playing the supporting roles in our lifetime.  Yes…every life truly is played out on the Shakespearean stage.

In this Emerging Era, evidence of just how widespread our global love and heart connections reach, proves “we are not doing this alone”. The following article I wrote was published on the Golden Age of Gaia website ( on AUGUST, 12, 2014. It is just one of those ‘signs’ that many individuals throughout history who have become household names were doing their part to move us forward. It may remind you of certain times – and they are becoming ever more frequent – when we awakened as a major change has taken place in our Pandora Process. It wasn’t just Robin Williams who moved on…


The Robin Williams’ Gift to Ascension

I was sitting between two mothers at my granddaughter’s season’s final soccer game last evening. I heard it from two sides – in less than two minutes – as cell phones vibrated to attention, announcing the death. The shock each woman expressed aloud – to no one in particular – was palpable as shadowy rain clouds hung above our neighbourhood. At game’s end I looked back at the field, seeing it bathed in a rather toxic yellow hue.

Inconceivable synchronistic events manifest in our world each day. These ‘signs’ may be inconspicuous or seemingly unhelpful when seen through the limited lens we own when it comes to the future. And yet, similar to when the 9/11 news broke we are living through another one of those global turning points this summer. Undoubtedly, over the first days of August, 2014, the weight of the global state of affairs has been extraordinarily heavy for our evolving souls to bear.

And then the news broke: Academy Award Winner, Robin Williams, has taken his own life. In some mysterious way the impact of this surprising announcement has the power to unite us. That’s because there’s a much deeper meaning to the life and times Robin Williams shared with us. His death and the emergence of the real truth around the causes of what has been labelled mental illness could be the final act in the Old World playbill.

Once each human heart breaks free from its security enclosure – the Pandora Box we have been warned never to open – everything in human existence will transform. Empowered and fearless in the overflowing adoration, compassion and joy, we will never be able to envision or re-enact a heartless role again. We’ll be all consumed in love light. That victimized, muted, tiny brain will be forever gone with the wind of transformation. “Good Morning, Vietnam”, indeed!!!

The dark forces that have prohibited, threatened and crucified us for centuries will simply and effortlessly wash away in the deluge. This powerful love energy is the ultimate shape-shifter in the transformation in human consciousness – what I have termed the Pandora Process
So how exactly does the sacrifice of Robin Williams figure into the Emerging Era’s 3D movie plot? First he exposed his personal fears around addictions and depression while accepting the load of his mastermind talent for over four decades. We responded to the depth of human compassion he mirrored for us in his roles. We laughed at ourselves as he stood on his head and luxuriated in his own joy.

As other artists, musicians and creative minds in their respective eras, Robin Williams is a Light Bringer. He incarnated on this planet with a specific task and I suspect he has truly surpassed even his own hopes and expectations. Don’t recall Picasso, Mozart, Michelangelo or Tesla ever winning an Academy Award. Maybe I missed that day’s news, though.

The vitally important gift Robin Williams did give us lies clearly in the reality he discovered the WAY – to the opening of his own Loving Heart. That awareness will extend far beyond the humour, humbleness, honour and humanity he showed in each of his memorable roles. Addictions, depression, and so called ‘mental illness’ with many attached stigmatic titles, are based on reactions to fear factors being acted out on a world stage of seven billion players.

Was it Robin’s time to exit stage right? Is this part of a greater plan? To act out for us how current human third dimensional existence can manifest the shift in body, mind and spirit? How it can look like mental illness and be something quite different after all. So we can get to the bottom of that compartmentalized human heart and figure out how it needs to be freed. Take a moment to think about it. It’s doesn’t take brain surgery to see things from a different perspective. Does it? Imagine not being locked into the ancestral rules and regulations revolving – not evolving – around wars and self loathing?

In its current physical, mental and emotional form, a human BEING can only take so much ‘shock and awe’ before it needs to shut down. Life’s emotional negative realities are toxic substances, polluting more than just the physical world. Sometimes the sensitively functioning body/mind can reboot itself. Or get some fast oxygenating fuel through any substance that temporarily diminishes insightful awareness. “Too much information”, I believe, is the modern way to express it! Techie game players of any age who constantly have their fingers on plastic keyboards go that route. Blocking out what is happening around us, keeps us able to at least get up and move into the next day.

My question about why we don’t eliminate war once and for all, often elicits a response like “That’s just the way it’s always been.” B…….t!!! Pardon that too much information stance! No really…How long are we expected to ignore horror movies that replay the ugly and grotesque, and not just in some distant foreign land? The rotten stuff happens down my Canadian street every day: blatant elder abuse, maltreatment of inquisitive children, leashed dogs yanked around by power hungry owners. And the homeless pulling around a sleeping bag and a few personal items on a wagon, prohibited from sitting on park benches by municipal bylaws.

Factor in blatant discrimination of female rights, taunting racial prejudice, and the ever popular, pressing necessity to celebrate weekly victories on the religious high grounds. Oh…and did I forget a few other crazy making realities in our everyday existence like drug wars, police brutality, invading nationals, bickering, rude and totally mindless political adversaries, auto recalls, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other naturally occurring catastrophes like passenger planes being lost or shot down. No one ever seems to quite know what happens…mmmm….

So based on this sort of circumstantial evidence alone, attention to the passing of Robin Williams could be the key needed to open limitless doors of discovery. Yet there’s more!!! Much more for us to acknowledge and own at this time!! It’s always in the timing – to deliver the best punch line of all. The evolutionary shift we are experiencing now is undeniable to so many of us who have at least partially awakened.

Someone like Robin Williams, who had such amazing ability to deliver spontaneous, rapid fire lines, was clearly sensitive to living in the moment. He used every detail and feeling and lived a heart responsibility to bring out the joy in every situation. As we all do as we free our souls to reflect the universal love energy – just so close to being fully visible now!

Introducing symptoms and signs of evolutionary change into the global spotlight will seal the deal! It’s not mental illness we keep pretending doesn’t exist in the world. It’s mental wellness! It’s the knowledge that we are surely evolving! It is information that is simply beyond the realm of possibility. Particularly when you are tied into a belief system that keeps reassuring you how useless and undeserving you are. As long as we accept that we don’t have the right to make the crucial changes to enlighten our world, ignoring the example of a real human role model like Robin Williams, we will stay hidden underground.

Where I’m going with this is when enough of us become aware that another world exists, the shift will occur. We simply need to get out of our own way, take down the barriers and see things differently. I have no idea what the transformed world will look like or where it is currently located. Could it be on another planet? Does it exist in another dimension?

Personally, I don’t care. All I do care about is that all of the horror movies we keep rerunning on Earth will go into the dustbin with the old 8-tracks and tapes and DVDs – all those already ancient technologies.

The shifts in thinking and feeling – all the temporary transit routes as we ascend through the Pandora Process – are transitory. Think of it as a standard 120 volt lighting system being rewired to accommodate a higher energy. On the new High Way the old reel to reel signs don’t work anymore. Renovated into vast human potential, we will dance and laugh and fearlessly enjoy our multi-talented Being – precisely as Robin Williams showed us.

Judy Watts,
Educator, Author, Editor
Transformational Healing
Barrie, Ontario, CANADA

Creator:The Pandora Process


This is my first blog post. I welcome your input and perspective to questions I will ‘put out there’ for consideration.  I will continue to write longer pieces under Emerging Thoughts and invite you to take a look and post your comments about that here as well.

Each day I dedicate time to study and research how our planet is unfolding into 5th dimensional reality. I am delighted, amazed and can hardly wait for the truth to be out for everyone to know! The timing of daily synchronous events in the lives of so many of us is absolutely brilliant!

A thought or two for today : Who or what is in charge of this incredible Emerging Era on the Earth?  Could it be all part of a master plan…one that requires quick plot changes so we can stay up to speed?

Could it be our understanding of ’truth’ is shifting in the magnification of light from what I will refer to as “cosmic intelligence”. Off-planet forces, invisible in our 3rd dimensional limited understanding, are fully in action.  Could that be part of the answer?  

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