BELIEF July 20, 2013

So much energy-related happenings these days that I feel forced to just sit and wait it out. From what I’m reading on various sites this powerful part of the awakening process is not just affecting me.  Personally, however, after more than thirty years on the track – as the shifting of planet Earth into fifth gear occurs – I’m relieved the time has come! So ‘unusual’ global weather and disclosures of cover-ups are the ‘quickening’ pattern before the new Earth baby is born. In religious teachings, we were told the world recovered after a great flood – in wave form? What if the real story was about a future deluge of emotional tears, waves of happiness when the eternal truth arrived?

So, now as we push beyond old low gear anger, the planet comes into balance. Many are dealing with overlapping issues in many dimensions. Incidents that happened in a past life soul existence are coming up. Revelations of what is imminent appear in visions and a simple feeling of intuitive wisdom. These fleeting insights sometimes seem too far out.  I believe we are given important information to clear as positive help – and galactic signs – from the loving energy that surrounds us.

If it is relevant to our greater transformation in this end of the play, with the help of our soul family, we are gifted with opportunities to cleanse and clear.  We can quickly motor through the energy fields that linked us for many lives – not just here – but in other galactic neighbourhoods.

We are undergoing the final chakra tune-up. We are being given ‘time’ to dislodge emotional blocks hampering the free flow of spiritual energy through the mind and body complex. We have the key to love and joy: a calm Formula One drive to eternal peace. We just need to turn the ignition to BELIEF…. Drivers…start your engines…

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