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We Are Not Alone…EVER!

I had lived a decade of what I now call “times out of time”, surviving countless mysterious, disturbing, distorted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences. It all was immensely beyond my limited third dimensional consciousness. So I didn’t tell anyone what was happening. When in January of 1991 I unexpectedly heard the words “Pandora Process” in my mind, I had no idea what it could possibly mean either. Now I do. It is the human illumination journey promised at the completion of our life membership on planet Earth.

Thankfully, as difficult and alienating as the shift had been, I never believed I was losing my sanity. Okay! There may have been brief moments?? Advancing beyond ancient beliefs and societal expectations, one can’t help but see things from a different perspective. And that essential purging is the dynamic increasing thousands are reaching now. In a peaceful, unimaginable place of LOVE for self and others, the truth flows, freeing us from fears implanted in our DNA fortress.

We’ve heard about and have a deep understanding of the Pandora Process. Through incarnations, the eventual exodus from third dimensional limitations has been known and revered in all languages and religions: spiritual transformation; Transcendence into Christ Consciousness; Kundalini energy awakening; Life Force rising; Cosmic Consciousness; the Gates of Heaven…to name just a few at the top of my head.

When the deep, core perspective in any topic resonates and you get that “goose-bump” feeling in your arms, you know you have found a truth others are experiencing too. That seems to be one of those common physical signs your higher awareness is open for business. The invitation to Come and Get IT!

Other ‘Signs’ You May Not Have Recognized?

Over recent years have you found yourself becoming interested in some new past-times? For instance meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, tarot cards, massage, healthy diet and exercise, and/or a broad spectrum of natural healing modalities? You may have attended retreats, signed up for internet courses, or studied to be a practitioner of massage, BodyTalk or Reiki yourself. Because there was something different happening within your mind, body and spirit that you couldn’t ignore.

Does your life take on meaning when you hear the energy concepts of researchers like Nicola Tesla and Einstein or read books and website content of Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, Louise Hay…and so many others I couldn’t even begin to list them all?

Do you already subscribe to GAIA (formerly GAIAM TV), intrigued by the informative interviews of professionals who aren’t afraid of speaking the truth on countless subjects? And do you keep updated on Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project? And Stephen Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group, both working to fully disclose the facts about extraterrestrial intelligence and its historical impact on our home planet? Because you also wonder why the United States refuses to open their UFO files? Are we are the only (brightest, wisest) life forms in the universe? And perhaps you don’t believe the “facts” around 911 either? Even if all of this seems like Hollywood movie plots, you sure aren’t alone! (www.GlobalOutlook.ca – False Flag Operations)

These questions have proven we are ready to find the real truth – about ourselves and in the world in which we live. According to Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer truth passes through three stages:

1. It is ridiculed
2. It is violently opposed
3. It as accepted as self evident.

So many of us have evolved past the stage 3 level of truth now: a sure sign that 4th and 5th dimensional awareness is here. Where does logic come in? Where does justice and compassion and enormous changes in every level of life come in? In these first few weeks of 2017, we will not be denied the truth much longer. So many of us can’t tolerate watching TV news or listening to any media feeds – including weather. None of it makes any sense. It comes from a few bundled sources. When I hear the truth from Dane Wiggington (www.geoengineeringwatch.org) because I’ve seen hundreds of those chem-trail laden skies overhead during these last few years, I start to understand. You don’t need to dig too deeply into your wisdom and intelligence to know there are some massive changes happening even as I write this on February 10th, 2017.

Research of ancient wisdom traditions from various areas on the planet is unlocking the truth, long hidden from generations of human life: we are successfully and rapidly evolving in this Age of Aquarius. On January 20, 1980, I began experiencing an intricate awakening into the complexity of this life force energy field. I was a Canadian Baby Boomer born in 1947 with a typical third generation Anglo Saxon mindset. I had no words to describe what I was seeing and feeling in every aspect of my being. And I had no idea what lay ahead. After ten years of a solitary, frightening journey ‘coincidences’ (synchronicities) began showing up in several areas of my life.

Key in my personal learning challenges, I can provide first hand knowledge and support for countless others who are living in fear they are losing their sanity. Quite far from it!!

We are so far advanced. Our former human paradigms are expanding even further. Our souls rebirth through the shifting sands of time in a morphogenetic energy field. It is the invisible impulse that inspires fish to school and birds to flock. Mother Earth embraces us in love, beauty, tranquility and peace beyond compare.

For over thirty six years I have been researching to understand so many extraordinary experiences on my personal Pandora Process time line. It has not been an easy journey. I remember vividly my relief when I at last began to make sense out of what was happening to me. My first thought was, “If I could only have read what I can write now – what a difference it would have made.” So, by sharing my insights in my writing and personal sessions to support the various stages of clients I am honouring my purpose.

Judy Lake Muskoka

August 2016 – That’s me! Feeling the joy of nature on a 3 Hour Lake Muskoka Cruise out of Bracebridge, Ontario.


Fond regards,
Judy Watts, BA

Transpersonal Communications Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Writer, Speaker

Founder (1994) – Emerging Era Communications





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