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WELCOME, My Friends

    There are so many unimaginable changes in our world in 2019.  Feel the power of you!  Your inner wisdom is telling you the truth!  We are headed toward an exciting destiny…


It is always darkest before the light” is one of those “truths” that takes some bravery to more deeply explore.  That is just because when we make an agreement with our self to acknowledge any sort of change, we put on our “fear gear”.  

According to philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, truth passes through three stages: It is ridiculed.  It is violently opposed.  It as accepted as self evident.

Ancient wisdom teachings have long predicted shifts of mind/body, emotion and spirit in an evolutionary surge forward.  What we didn’t know were details about the transition, the exact location of the power to enact it, or the ultimate outcome.  In early 1991, after a decade of far too much personal evidence to ever doubt the reality of this energy source, I was given the term Emerging Era and then Pandora Process.    

Accepting the truth that change of such a huge magnitude is happening created stressful denial. I felt what I had known and understood about life slip-sliding away. And if I allowed myself to believe I was part of this incredible shift, I was existing in a lonely reality. And so it was. The energy updates on my basic human life form were relentless.  I was feeling more alienated and yet I couldn’t continue to deny there was something happening that had a logical base.  But what could it possibly be?

Part of me wanted to run back and grab hold of the past. Part of me often existed within an intuitive aura that was totally fearless. The release of all the heavy burdens and worries became my world.  Although for many, many years that freedom didn’t feel like what I deserve!   As humans we weren’t taught to believe we are worthy of much.  

Throughout this time I read and studied and researched and worked hard to make a living as a single Mom, accepting open door career invitations that kept me going.  When I could find the funds, I took basic skills training for natural healing and traveled so I could affiliate with all nationalities. Little did I understand then how I had so many life memories from previous incarnations.

Past life regression sessions with my clients is one of the most natural and rewarding skills I have. Like so many I have met who have found themselves on a similar healing path, my intention was always to help others.  Yet somehow the time wasn’t quite right before to bring up the numerous realities still basically hidden in our 21st Century world.

For instance, what is the public opinion on crop circles, nuclear threats, or geoengineered weather that is creating this ceiling of chemicals descending upon us virtually every day in every part of the planet? The global weather anomalies are scarcely mentioned news headlines any day: earthquakes, volcanoes, flash floods, hurricanes, crop failures, land slides, global starvation scenarios for millions.     

Now my knowledge base has extended into helping with something far more “out there” than I could have ever foreseen. Earth is – and always has been – deeply engaged in extra-terrestrial visitations…and is a permanent home for walk-ins from galaxies “far, far away”! My own communications and interstellar experiences were cloaked from my conscious awareness for decades. They are now undeniable – given the truth I have learned and accept about the cosmos. 

Some Truths I Have Discovered?

Mother Earth (Gaia) is in final preparation stage.  Our souls are re-birthing through the shifting sands of time in a morphogenetic energy field. It is the invisible impulse that inspires fish to school and birds to flock. It is an unstoppable evolutionary surge that is moving humanity into a conscious awareness forever changing the status quo in our galactic neighbourhood.   

Our livelihoods, professional, social expectations, financial circumstances, gender assumptions, religious beliefs, financial status, cultural traditions – everything we have identified as our “self” is disappearing. To be immediately replaced by the New Earth unified force field. Barriers, negative patterns, limiting expectations are dissolving. The disintegrating systems we have come to expect of life are being unveiled.       

These energy shifts are referred to in many ways, according to roots of human existence on Earth: spiritual awakening;  transformation from 3rd to 4th and 5th dimensions; transcendence into Christ Consciousness; Kundalini energy awakening; Life Force rising; Cosmic Consciousness; opening of the Gates of Heaven…to name just a few…

We have so much wonder to discover within ourselves – and that is reflecting back in the form of awareness this Emerging Era is undoubtedly the time of the ultimate shift.  I know countless millions have experienced variations of these changes. For some the transitions are easier.

For too many the awakening signs implied mental illness and other life-altering stigma. A life-long misdiagnosis, medications, and alienation have been the results. For them and others in the early and later stages of spiritual (not religious) awakening, I have been deeply inspired to make my viewpoints public. 

The doors to love and light are opening around us on absolutely every level.  In our world of mass communication – which we literally hold in our hands – we see, hear and intuitively identify what is undeniable. Nothing is going to hold us back.  Check excerpts from my book The Pandora Process, to be published by Balboa Press (a Division of Hay House), available on this website. What I share touches people deeply as they recognize the energetic signs leading them along their own personal path.  

Individually – and jointly – as ONE all encompassing human Earth family! 


         Natural healing has come into our world, predestined at this time to make your transition easier.  Clearing emotional and physical symptoms of pain, stress, fear, sadness and remorse, leaves only love, understanding and forgiveness.   

So many evolving souls are here now, trained and qualified to take you through various blocks in your natural energy resources.  Trust us.

We are here to help you, individually and in groups, to discover that “peace which passes all understanding” and change your life forever.     


Judy Watts, BA       Spiritual Awakening Guidance Coach

Author, Speaker, Offering Human Transition Support since 1990  

705-888-9767  – Call me to discuss your current challenges.

Details on Individual sessions are located at THERAPEUTIC HEALING.  

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