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And since there are no accidents in life, you found this web page because the informative assistance you asked to have materialize on your personal journey was bound to appear! It’s a synchronous moment! Emerging energies freed on your homeward journey from 3rd to higher dimensions include

 Self-Empowerment and a Healthy Level of Self Esteem 

Feelings of Lightness, Joy and Peace in Alignment with Earth Energies

Understanding Support to Confirm Unusual Experiences

Discovering you are not alone, breath deep and notice what you are seeing and feeling is a shared global energy transformation. Feel your own rebirth. Embrace the end of burdens attached to lower vibration instincts. 

You are also probably aware of your physical, emotional and mental attention shifting to a more mystical perspective. For instance, today’s weather abnormalities guide us to a different perspective. The piece I submitted below is one example of how we learn to express our truth.  

In response to his May 22, 2018 post: Climate Engineers Cool Eastern US While World Burns.  Sent to Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org. 

The late May sun shining with little warmth overhead makes my hands, feet and nose cold – typical signs for me that my body is struggling to operate in the non-seasonal temperature. Here in southern Ontario there is nothing normal about skies, rain or the start of the growing season either.  With my friend, Alda da Silva, who lost two properties in the October fires in Portugal at the same time as the California catastrophe, spreading the truth about geoengineering and weather whiplash at public forums has become a way of life… and a daily blast of disbelief. A few people we urge to ” look up and see the evidence for yourself” are already aware. The world is going through so much stress and chaos as we are being deprived of healthy environmental energy.  However, most sadly lower their eyes in defeat.  What will it take to arouse our basic survival instincts? Not sure as yet.. but we won’t give up on the right to life.  We owe too much to the sacrifices of our ancestors since the beginning of evolutionary changes on Earth to sleep through what I call the Pandora Process. Thanks to you, Dane, the word is out.  It will be there for every mind to awaken to the message …sooner than later.



We have heard “It is always darkest before the light”.  It is one of those amazing “truths” that can take a bit of bravery to consciously accept.  That’s because change of any sort registers very high on the fear chart.  

According to philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, truth passes through three stages:

1. It is ridiculed 

2. It is violently opposed

3. It as accepted as self evident.

So accepting the TRUTH that CHANGE of such a huge magnitude is happening creates stressful denial.  If we allow ourselves to believe we are part of this incredible shift in reality, we may fear we are ‘losing it’.  We feel what we have known and understood about life slip-sliding away.

Part of us wants to run back and grab hold of the past. Part of us feels some inner calling that is totally fearless. And somehow the release of all the heavy burdens and worries we have carried becomes possible.  Yet that somehow doesn’t seem to feel like what we deserve! 

Why?  Because all that good born into every human emotional matrix has been fearfully torn away by bullying and control.  Fight, flight and freeze are still our basic methods of survival.       

However, ancient wisdom teachings have predicted the mass evolutionary  shift of mind, body and spirit. In 1991 I started to call this the Emerging Era noted throughout recorded history. 

Our career, professional or social circumstances, gender, religious belief, financial situation, cultural traditions – everything we have identified as our “self” is melding into one unified force field. Barriers and expectations are dissolving – and the process can feel more than just frightening; we are up to waist level in the disintegrating systems we have come to expect life to be all about.      

These energy shifts we are experiencing are referred to in many ways: spiritual awakening;  transformation from 3rd to 4th and 5th dimensions; transcendence into Christ Consciousness; Kundalini energy awakening; Life Force rising; Cosmic Consciousness; opening of the Gates of Heaven…to name just a few…

My article published on Golden Age of Gaia on August 15, 2017 ( http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/08/16/judy-watts-an-insider-memory-of-the-1987-harmonic-convergence) offers some insights about how confusion can turn to a partial awakening. We have so much wonder and peace to discover within ourselves – and that is reflecting back in the form of awareness that the world has reached the time of the ultimate shift.  

The doors to love and light are opening around us on absolutely every level.  My book “Pandora Process” explains how once the truth is out in the open as the PRESENT reality can never again be forbidden.  In our world of mass communication we see, hear and intuitively identify what is undeniable. Nothing is going to hold us back.  








 Some of the unusual events involve weather changes across the globe which are of particular notice to the growing numbers of us in awakening mode.  Is it all “JUST” global warming?  Or is there a deeper truth being hidden from us?  Like many who are doing serious research about this topic I suggest we all “look up”.  What happened to the blue skies? What is that white-silvery substance that often hangs over us for several days?  That isn’t any rain or snow cloud I grew up expecting to see overhead. It’s weather manipulation and it certainly isn’t secretly being done to us for a  good reason!

Some years ago, based on some travel adventures, I started to do research and am grateful for brave weekly news updates from Dane Wigington at www.geoengineeringwatch.org.  When I follow often maligned YouTube sources on weather modifications, chem trails etc., I also tap into my instinctual knowing to ascertain truth. Ruthless fires, hurricanes, power outages, nuclear threats, bombings of the innocent, starvation of the hopeless – all reminders we are collectively and individually dependent on the “the powers that be”.

When I at last accepted the fact the world is not at all based on what I was taught as a Baby Boomer, I felt deceived, frozen in disbelief and then all the roles I had played to maintain that injustice came up to haunt me for a bit. Something snapped inside my heart and spirit!  I found myself determined to take this “breaking open of the old lies” and ensure the world of the future is just and safe for every life form on the planet.  All the untenable, swept under the carpet world events over the previous weeks, had already brought me to a few days of crying out my compassionate pain for the world. 

And then as my 70th birthday recently came and went in December, 2017, I found myself expelling absolute rage!!  So unlike me…but thankfully my empty kitchen sink could withstand a few blows from the helpless strainer in my hand as the non-familiar “F” word flew out from my usual smiling lips. Thankfully my career as a communications professor and counsellor gave me skills to help others take the next step after that first burst of the confining human bubble.  We are all shifting into a different world – and as I have discovered when we progress, the good gets better and the bad simply disappears.    

So it’s up to each of us to do our part. Find out what is really going on in, what we must never forget, is OUR world. Our ancestors – for generations – made massive sacrifices so we could be the future they always heard was ahead…somehow…someplace.  We must honour their lives and because we ARE all starting to come together now as a planetary family, we can step forward and know we are never alone. What do you do?

Make your voices heard. Right now. Recent threats to tighten up the internet means shutting down valid reports of whistle blowers.  And if we don’t get more than a mere whiff of truth in “fifteen minute coverage of massive false flag incidents” we will be back in the age far before landlines.  And sadly, the pony express won’t be operable because the land upon which live stock depended for life is saturated with GMOs.    

It doesn’t take long to separate fact from fiction. It DOES take having the courage to think for yourself, however!  Listen to your own internal directive.  At the moment at least, scanning internet sources is what is helping us shift around the corner – off the historically powerful boulevards of lies and deceit – to the simple, uncomplicated paths of truth.  There are definitely ways to create a safe, positive and loving life for our grandchildren. 

Be sure to check out under That Healing Place Public Talks on this website,  all upcoming and recent Community Global Awakening Forum Discussions, sponsored with my friend and geoengineering weather alteration researcher, Alda da Silva (www.whitebearhaven.com). 

We are booking and (willing to travel extensively) to speaking engagements to explain this as yet little known threat to every life form on our beloved planet.  This isn’t drama, my friends!  Or a potential issue to worry about  fifty or a hundred years from now!  Look up at the sky above you.  You’ll see the evidence for yourself – just as you and all you love are feeling the physical assaults on our natural healthy body functions.    

Individually and as ONE -  all encompassing human Earth family – we are advancing so fast!

Our souls are re-birthing through the shifting sands of time in a morphogenetic energy field. It is the invisible impulse that inspires fish to school and birds to flock.  

             Contact me to learn more.  Details on Individual sessions are available on the THERAPEUTIC HEALING page…. 

There are so many changes in our world, yet when we feel our personal truth, our inner wisdom is reassuring us we are headed toward a new destiny…and we will be fine!  

Clear emotional pain, stress, fear, sadness, remorse and misunderstanding. Forgive and Love.   It’s all NATURAL HEALING. And you naturally own it as your birthright… 


Judy Lake Muskoka

August 2016 – That’s me! Ah – the magnificence of Mother Nature! Lake Muskoka Cruise, Bracebridge, Ontario.  


Shine: With Love and Light

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